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Ethan Sauers

Ethan Sauers


Articles From Ethan
Fantasy Football: Week 8 Injury Updates photo
Halloween Weekend is upon is in the NFL and Week 8 is sure to inspire some fright when looking at fantasy lineups as injuries ...
by Ethan Sauers in FantasySun, Oct 29
Fantasy Football: Week 6 Injury Updates photo
In Week 6, if you're not dealing with the injury bug plaguing your fantasy team then you must be impervious to the pitfalls of ...
by Ethan Sauers in FantasySat, Oct 14
Fantasy Football: Week 5 Injury Updates photo
Roster management is a central pillar of success in fantasy football. Week 5 marks the beginning of this season's roster management battle, as bye ...
by Ethan Sauers in FantasySat, Oct 7
Fantasy Football: Week 4 Injury Updates photo
Week 3 is in the books and teams are starting to show their true colors as far as strengths, weaknesses and general tendencies. The ...
by Ethan Sauers in FantasySun, Oct 1
Fantasy Football: Week 3 Injury Updates photo
As last week proved, injuries are a large contributor to the fluidity of fantasy football. All of our plotting and preparation and listening to ...
by Ethan Sauers in FantasySun, Sep 24
Fantasy Football: Week 2 Injury Updates photo
Nobody likes injuries. They are the bane of our existence, as Fantasy Football players. To think that any of our prized draft picks could ...
by Ethan Sauers in FantasySat, Sep 16
Preseason FanDuel Guide: Week 4 DFS (Fantasy Football) photo
All good things must come to an end, friends. As quickly as it came, Preseason is now nearing its conclusion. Week 3 gave us ...
by Ethan Sauers in FantasyWed, Aug 30
Preseason FanDuel Guide: Week 3 DFS (Fantasy Football) photo
Enter stage left: Starters. Week 3 is the most popular week in NFL Preseason as it provides dress rehearsals for all 32 teams and ...
by Ethan Sauers in FantasyThu, Aug 24
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