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Jason Katz

Jason Katz



Fantasy guru who has mastered the art of the picking from the 11 slot. Cowboys fan. Fantasy sports player since 2003. Once lost a fantasy semi-final on a Ryan Longwell shanked extra point. Once won a fantasy semi-final on a Justin Tucker 61 yard field goal. Still think kickers and defenses shouldn't be in fantasy leagues. The Giants are the luckiest team in NFL history. Dez caught it.

Articles From Jason
Auction Drafts: How to Handle Positional Scarcity (Fantasy Football) photo
In snake drafts, you have a bit more control over how to handle positional scarcity. If you are concerned about a particular position, you ...
by Jason Katz in FantasyMon, Feb 24
Trading: How to Successfully Land a Megastar (Fantasy Football) photo
When it comes to trading, especially in a fantasy sport like football that has far fewer of everything than baseball, it can be difficult ...
by Jason Katz in FantasySun, Feb 23
Five Mistakes Auction Players Make On Draft Day (Fantasy Football) photo
I never want snake drafts to go away permanently, nor would I ever suggest I don't enjoy them. I like a healthy balance between ...
by Jason Katz in FantasyThu, Feb 20
Fantasy Football: 4 Myths You Should Ignore On Draft Day photo
How do you build a successful fantasy football team? The process starts as early as you want it to, but the first affirmative step ...
by Jason Katz in FantasyThu, Feb 20
2019 Season in Review: Top Values (Fantasy Football) photo
We hear this word thrown around a lot during the draft season: "value." Everyone is looking for great value, and rightfully so. Finding value ...
by Jason Katz in FantasySun, Jan 5
2019 Season in Review: Top Busts (Fantasy Football) photo
The most dreaded word in fantasy football: "bust." We draft busts every year. We try our best to avoid it, but in a game ...
by Jason Katz in FantasySat, Jan 4
2019 Fantasy Football Awards photo
Who doesn't love a good awards show? The 2019 season has reached its conclusion. Before we jump into the process of looking towards the ...
by Jason Katz in FantasyTue, Dec 31
2019 Season in Review: Fantasy Football Hits & Misses photo
Another NFL season has come and gone, and while the research and preparation never stop, it's always healthy to take a break from the ...
by Jason Katz in FantasyWed, Dec 25
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