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Jon Anderson

Jon Anderson



Pittsburgh Guy, Data Scientist, Lover of Baseball

Articles From Jon
Lucky 2020 Hitters To Avoid in 2021 (Fantasy Baseball) photo
"If there weren't luck involved, I'd win 'em all" - Phil Helmuth The great thing about fantasy sports is that when you win, you can ...
by Jon Anderson in FantasyThu, Feb 4
Hitters That Start Cold (2021 Fantasy Baseball) photo
You know how it goes, the first few weeks of the fantasy baseball season you are glued to the box scores every night, watching ...
by Jon Anderson in FantasyWed, Jan 27
Hitters That Start Hot (2021 Fantasy Baseball) photo
Hitting a baseball is all about timing. Sometimes, it can take a player some time to get their timing down. You hear a lot ...
by Jon Anderson in FantasyMon, Jan 25
Using K/BB To Spot 2021 Breakout Pitchers (Fantasy Baseball) photo
In this mini-series, I am doing my best to bring hitting and pitching down to the nuts and bolts, putting aside the nuanced statistics ...
by Jon Anderson in FantasyWed, Jan 20
2020 Draft Recap: Round 5 (Fantasy Baseball) photo
Gear up for your draft with our MLB Draft Simulator >> 5.1 George Springer (OF - HOU) Springer was one of the few Astros hitters who ...
by Jon Anderson in FantasyMon, Jan 18
2020 Draft Recap: Round 4 (Fantasy Baseball) photo
We are back to review the fourth round of the average 2020 fantasy baseball draft and see what we can learn from it. Check ...
by Jon Anderson in FantasySat, Jan 16
Using Two Statistics to Spot a Breakout Hitter (2021 Fantasy Baseball) photo
Given the richness of the data Major League Baseball generates, it is easy to get bogged down by numbers as fantasy players. We are ...
by Jon Anderson in FantasyThu, Jan 14
2020 Draft Recap: Round 3 (Fantasy Baseball) photo
We are on to round three in our look back to the 2020 draft. So far, we have covered 20 players, reviewing how they ...
by Jon Anderson in FantasyWed, Jan 13
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