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Marc Mathyk

Marc Mathyk



Love analytics. Love statistics. Love football. Love fantasy football. Love fringe players. Love fringe people. Love hot takes and contrarian views. Love being right but when I get it wrong, love learning from it. I am an artist, designer, musician, teacher, writer, world traveller and best of all, a proud dad.

Articles From Marc
Chris Godwin Will Ascend in 2018 (Fantasy Football) photo
Last year was a very strange year for wide receivers. There were only 13 that recorded 1,000 yards or more in 2017. That is ...
by Marc Mathyk in FantasyMon, Jun 25
Cooper Kupp Will be a Stud (Fantasy Football) photo
Last year was not a banner year for rookie wide receivers. First rounders Corey Davis, Mike Williams, and John Ross failed to live up ...
by Marc Mathyk in FantasyTue, Jun 19
Christian McCaffrey Will Be a Dud (Fantasy Football) photo
Now that I have your undivided attention, please let me explain. Do I think Christian McCaffrey is athletic? Most certainly. Was he productive in ...
by Marc Mathyk in FantasyTue, Jun 12
Aaron Jones Will Take Off in 2018 (Fantasy Football) photo
Aaron Jones is going to be a sophomore scud this year. Yes, I said scud. That isn't a typo. So what is a scud you ...
by Marc Mathyk in FantasyWed, Jun 6
Joe Mixon Will Be a Sophomore Stud (Fantasy Football) photo
In the fantasy football community, a stud is universally known as a player who dominates his position. He is a player who is expected to ...
by Marc Mathyk in FantasySun, Jun 3
Kenyan Drake: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Truth (Fantasy Football) photo
As the NFL fantasy community starts to prepare for upcoming months of mock drafting, it is clear that 2018 is favoring Kenyan Drake. In ...
by Marc Mathyk in FantasySat, May 19
Jordan Howard Will Be an RB1 This Year (Fantasy Football) photo
Let me start off by saying I am a huge fan of analytics. I believe that athletic players tend to have a greater chance ...
by Marc Mathyk in FantasySun, May 13
Jerick McKinnon Will Be A Bust (Fantasy Football) photo
Some great football players are great athletes. David Johnson is an example of this. He had workout metrics above the 77th-percentile on Player Profiler ...
by Marc Mathyk in FantasySun, May 6
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