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Shane McCormack

Shane McCormack

NFL Correspondent

Articles From Shane
Early Overvalued/Undervalued Players for 2018 (Fantasy Football) photo
Free agency has about wrapped up as the NFL's 32 teams turn their focus towards the upcoming draft, but that doesn't mean the dust ...
by Shane McCormack in FantasyFri, Apr 20
Early Overvalued/Undervalued Players for 2018 (Fantasy Football) photo
We've gone nearly a month without football now, so this rendition of Early Overvalued/Undervalued should seem a little bit less premature than the last ...
by Shane McCormack in FantasySat, Mar 3
Early Overvalued/Undervalued Players for 2018 (Fantasy Football) photo
Welcome to the first offseason edition of "Overvalued/Undervalued." This one is for the real addicts who already have next year's fantasy football season on ...
by Shane McCormack in FantasyTue, Jan 30
Fantasy Football Overvalued/Undervalued: Week 16 photo
Is it just me, or does it seem like the NFL schedulers have been back-loading divisional matchups more and more each year? For example, ...
by Shane McCormack in FantasyFri, Dec 22
Fantasy Football Overvalued/Undervalued: Week 15 photo
In case it isn't painfully obvious, there is no science to this process. I'm not just talking about making the selections, but in terms ...
by Shane McCormack in FantasyFri, Dec 15
Fantasy Football Overvalued/Undervalued: Week 14 photo
It's finally time to go all-in. Whether that means going all-in on your season-long team because you're in the playoffs or all-in on daily ...
by Shane McCormack in FantasyFri, Dec 8
Fantasy Football Overvalued/Undervalued: Week 13 photo
Week 13 is fascinating in that it's either the most or least important game of the season for fantasy players. For some, this is ...
by Shane McCormack in FantasyThu, Nov 30
Fantasy Football Overvalued Undervalued: Week 12 photo
My memory isn't perfect, but Week 11 might have been the ugliest slate of games we've had all season. Nearly all of the close ...
by Shane McCormack in FantasyThu, Nov 23
Latest News From Shane
Detroit Lions D/ST provides fireworks for 2017 finale photo
Detroit's defense held the Packers to 11 points and 256 total yards en route to their sweep of the Packers. They were firing on all cylinders, accruing four sacks, two interceptions, and two fumble recoveries.
Mon, Jan 1
Theo Riddick receives only six touches in final game photo
Theo Riddick ran the ball four times for 10 yards and caught two passes for 12 yards in the Lions' win over Green Bay.
Mon, Jan 1
Tion Green is quiet in season finale photo
Tion Green rushed nine times for 21 yards in the Lions' Week 17 win over the Packers. He also caught two passes for 14 yards.
Mon, Jan 1
Ameer Abdullah caps of disappointing season with meaningless touchdown photo
In the final game of the Lions' 2017 season, Ameer Abdullah carried the ball eight times for 18 yards. He scored a seven yard touchdown in the fourth quarter after the game had gotten out of hand. Abdullah also caught one pass for 11 yards.
Mon, Jan 1
Detroit Lions D/ST crumbles at the hands of yet another bad offense photo
Detroit's defense allowed 26 points and over 350 yards to one of the league's most anemic offenses. They managed to intercept Andy Dalton once and sack him three times, but it wasn't enough.
Mon, Dec 25
Tion Green is a glimmer of hope in crushing loss photo
Tion Green only carried the ball seven times, but he turned it into 43 yards and a touchdown. His score was a goal-line carry.
Mon, Dec 25
Theo Riddick unproductive with healthy workload photo
Theo Riddick led the team in carries with eight, with which he only accrued 16 yards. He caught three passes as well, which amounted to 23 yards.
Mon, Dec 25
Ameer Abdullah unimpressive in limited showing photo
Ameer Abdullah only had six carries for 21 yards and one reception for five yards in Sunday's loss to the Bengals. He had the fewest carries out of Detroit's three backs.
Mon, Dec 25
Detroit Lions D/ST feasts on rookie Trubisky photo
Detroit's defense managed to intercept Mitch Trubisky three times in Saturday night's divisional skirmish. They also sacked the rookie twice, and held Chicago's offense to just 10 points.
Sun, Dec 17
Theo Riddick regresses to his usual self in divisional bout photo
Riddick ran the ball eight times for 49 yards and caught three passes for another 12 yards through the air. He led the team in touches but was out-carried by rookie Tion Green.
Sun, Dec 17