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Derrick Gore or DeeJay Dallas

Who Should I Draft?

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Derrick Gore
DeeJay Dallas
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28 of 36 experts
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8 of 36 experts
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Fantasy Points 
Season Total48.439.1-
Avg Game5.42.3-
Avg Projection8.620.9-
SOS Rank1421-
Injury Alert-
Expert Ranks 
Derrick GoreDeeJay DallasAdd Player
Dennis Sosic D. Sosic
Fantasy Six Pack Fantasy Six Pack
12 h
Pat Fitzmaurice P. Fitzmaurice
FantasyPros FantasyPros
24 h
Brandon Murchison B. Murchison
RotoBaller RotoBaller
1 d
Bo McBrayer B. McBrayer
Going For 2 Going For 2
1 d
Jeff Boggis J. Boggis
Fantasy Football Empire Fantasy Football E...
1 d
Craig Phillips C. Phillips
FF Prophet FF Prophet
1 d
Matthew Freedman M. Freedman
FantasyPros FantasyPros
2 d
Kyle Richardson K. Richardson
The Fantasy Headliners The Fantasy Headli...
2 d
Tyler Orginski T. Orginski
JWB Fantasy Football JWB Fantasy Football
2 d
Tim Metzler T. Metzler
FantasyPros FantasyPros
2 d
Tommy Garrett T. Garrett
Pro Football Network Pro Football Network
2 d
Jon Jeune J. Jeune
Fantasy Football Diagnostics Fantasy Football D...
4 d
Benjamin Klotz B. Klotz
Touchdown Squad Touchdown Squad
4 d
Robby Jeffries R. Jeffries
The Fantasy Authority The Fantasy Authority
4 d
Clayton Cadieux C. Cadieux
Fantasy Football From Up North Fantasy Football F...
5 d
Austin Amandolia A. Amandolia
Club Fantasy FFL Club Fantasy FFL
6 d
Derek Brown D. Brown
FantasyPros FantasyPros
6 d
Richard Savill R. Savill
Fantasy Six Pack Fantasy Six Pack
6 d
Dave Kluge D. Kluge
Footballguys Footballguys
6 d
Drew DeLuca D. DeLuca
QB List QB List
1 w
David Heilman D. Heilman
Gridiron Ratings Gridiron Ratings
1 w
Pierre Camus P. Camus
RotoBaller RotoBaller
1 w
Smitty S.
SleeperU SleeperU
2 w
Nathan Groot Nibbelink N. Groot Ni...
JWB Fantasy Football JWB Fantasy Football
2 w
Site Rankings S. Rankings
FFToday FFToday
2 w
Andrew Erickson A. Erickson
FantasyPros FantasyPros
2 w
Francisco (Chato) Romero F. (Chato) ...
Estadio Fantasy Estadio Fantasy
2 w
Mike Maher M. Maher
FantasyPros FantasyPros
3 w
Matt Donnelly M. Donnelly
Dynasty Vipers Dynasty Vipers
3 w
Seth Miller S. Miller
Crossroads Fantasy Football Crossroads Fantasy...
3 w
Bart Wheeler B. Wheeler
Hail to Fantasy Football Hail to Fantasy Fo...
4 w
Kevin Wheeler K. Wheeler
The Draft Zone The Draft Zone
4 w
Andersen Pickard A. Pickard
Prime Time Sports Talk Prime Time Sports ...
3 w
Ryan Weisse R. Weisse
Footballguys Footballguys
Derek Lofland D. Lofland
FantasyPros FantasyPros
Jorge B. Edwards J. B. Edwards
Fantasy In Frames Fantasy In Frames
2 w
Player Game Logs Comparison
Derrick Gore
DeeJay Dallas
2022 Schedule 
Week 1 at ARI vs. DEN
Week 2 vs. LAC at SF
Week 3 at IND vs. ATL
Week 4 at TB at DET
Week 5 vs. LV at NO
Week 6 vs. BUF vs. ARI
Week 7 at SF at LAC
Week 8BYE WEEK vs. NYG
Week 9 vs. TEN at ARI
Week 10 vs. JAC at TB
Week 11 at LACBYE WEEK
Week 12 vs. LAR vs. LV
Week 13 at CIN at LAR
Week 14 at DEN vs. CAR
Week 15 at HOU vs. SF
Week 16 vs. SEA at KC
Week 17 vs. DEN vs. NYJ
Week 18 at LV vs. LAR
Player Projections Comparison
Derrick Gore
DeeJay Dallas
Rush Attempts7.316.1
Rush Yards30.966.9
Rush TDs0.30.6
Rec Yards26.379.8
Rec TDs0.20.5
Fantasy Points8.620.9
Player Fantasy Points Comparison
Derrick Gore
DeeJay Dallas
2021 Points 
Week 11.0
Week 20.0
Week 30.0
Week 40.0
Week 53.9
Week 65.0
Week 70.70.0
Week 810.80.6
Week 91.9
Week 101.90.0
Week 118.7
Week 123.1
Week 130.0
Week 1414.91.6
Week 1511.2
Week 1610.43.8
Week 174.50.1
Week 183.00.1
Player Targets Comparison
Derrick Gore
DeeJay Dallas
2021 Targets 
Week 11
Week 20
Week 30
Week 40
Week 52
Week 65
Week 710
Week 800
Week 91
Week 1000
Week 112
Week 125
Week 130
Week 1420
Week 154
Week 1634
Week 1710
Week 1810
Notes for Player Combination
Derrick Gore
DeeJay Dallas
Andrew Erickson
The most appealing part about the KC backfield is identifying the potential goal-line back. And there's a scenario where that guy is Derrick Gore. New Cardinals RB Darrel Williams played that role last season, and Gore flashed red-zone usage last season in Week 8 with six red-zone touches. Many will point to Gore's undrafted status as a reason to believe he won't be a factor in 2022. But the team's belief in fellow UDFA Williams suggests that the team won't shy away from Gore if he is indeed the best option for the job. He was superior to both Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Ronald Jones last season in PFF rushing grade and yards after contact per attempt. Gore was also uber-efficient in the passing game, finishing fourth in the NFL in yards per route run. It's a small sample size with just nine targets, but it's encouraging that he shows proficiency in the receiving game.