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Keelan Cole Sr. or DeAndre Carter

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ECR# 140# 198-
Best Rank# 106# 197-
Worst Rank# 146# 199-
Fantasy Points 
Season Total50.962.5-
Avg Game3.63.7-
Avg Projection39.611.0-
SOS Rank128-
Injury Alert-
Expert Ranks 
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Site Rankings S. Rankings
FFToday FFToday
3 d
Pat Fitzmaurice P. Fitzmaurice
FantasyPros FantasyPros
4 d
Morgan Colby M. Colby
The Fantasy Champions The Fantasy Champions
5 d
Kyle Richardson K. Richardson
The Fantasy Headliners The Fantasy Headli...
6 d
Tim Metzler T. Metzler
FantasyPros FantasyPros
7 d
Tommy Garrett T. Garrett
Pro Football Network Pro Football Network
7 d
Joe Bond J. Bond
Fantasy Six Pack Fantasy Six Pack
1 w
Jon Jeune J. Jeune
Fantasy Football Diagnostics Fantasy Football D...
1 w
Clayton Cadieux C. Cadieux
Fantasy Football From Up North Fantasy Football F...
1 w
Nick Zylak N. Zylak
Fantasy Football Advice Fantasy Football A...
2 w
Nathan Groot Nibbelink N. Groot Ni...
JWB Fantasy Football JWB Fantasy Football
2 w
Francisco (Chato) Romero F. (Chato) ...
Estadio Fantasy Estadio Fantasy
3 w
Kevin Wheeler K. Wheeler
The Draft Zone The Draft Zone
Ryan Weisse R. Weisse
Footballguys Footballguys
Jorge B. Edwards J. B. Edwards
Fantasy In Frames Fantasy In Frames
2 w
Player Game Logs Comparison
2022 Schedule 
Week 1 at LAC vs. LV
Week 2 vs. ARI at KC
Week 3 at TEN vs. JAC
Week 4 vs. DEN at HOU
Week 5 at KC at CLE
Week 6BYE WEEK vs. DEN
Week 7 vs. HOU vs. SEA
Week 8 at NOBYE WEEK
Week 9 at JAC at ATL
Week 10 vs. IND at SF
Week 11 at DEN vs. KC
Week 12 at SEA at ARI
Week 13 vs. LAC at LV
Week 14 at LAR vs. MIA
Week 15 vs. NE vs. TEN
Week 16 at PIT at IND
Week 17 vs. SF vs. LAR
Week 18 vs. KC at DEN
Player Projections Comparison
Rec Yards295.678.2
Rec TDs1.70.6
Rush Attempts0.00.0
Rush Yards0.30.0
Rush TDs0.00.0
Fantasy Points39.611.0
Player Fantasy Points Comparison
2021 Points 
Week 10.0
Week 20.2
Week 33.00.0
Week 49.28.4
Week 53.87.3
Week 60.0
Week 70.63.1
Week 82.511.1
Week 96.6
Week 101.812.0
Week 110.07.9
Week 122.44.6
Week 130.6
Week 142.71.2
Week 150.92.4
Week 162.52.0
Week 173.50.6
Week 1811.41.1
Player Targets Comparison
2021 Targets 
Week 10
Week 20
Week 320
Week 441
Week 538
Week 61
Week 721
Week 856
Week 98
Week 1066
Week 1113
Week 1225
Week 131
Week 1466
Week 1523
Week 1622
Week 1750
Week 1831
Notes for Player Combination