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Chase Edmonds Week 7 Outlook - Texans at Cardinals

By Kyle Yates (FantasyPros), Wed, Oct 20th 2021, 6:18pm EDT

Edmonds has a fantastic matchup on paper, but this actually might be more to his detriment than benefit. With the projected game script that Arizona is going to be able to run the ball for the entire second half with a big lead, Edmonds probably isn't going to be needed all that much. Especially if he's still dealing with his shoulder injury, we could see the Cardinals rest him in a game that they'll be able to win practically with their eyes closed. Edmonds receives more value in tighter game scripts where he's needed more as a receiving outlet out of the backfield, but that's simply not the case here. He can be viewed as still a solid start due to the other available options at the RB position, but there's not a ton of upside here when you take a closer look.

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