Founded in 2009, FanDuel allows fantasy players to earn cash prizes by playing daily and weekly fantasy games. The site offers daily fantasy games for baseball, basketball and hockey as well as a weekly contest for football.



  • Games Available Every Day, Year Round
  • NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL Game Options
  • Salary Cap or Auto Draft Options
  • Head to Head, 5 Player and 10 Player League Settings
  • Facebook/Twitter Integration for Friend Challenges
  • Real Time Scoring & Tracking
  • Pre-Set Scoring Rules
  • Access to Historical Contest Performance
  • Site Leaderboard and Community Forum
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Money Any Time Using PayPal


Fees & Prizes

FanDuel collects a 10% commission on the entry fees for their fantasy games and redistributes the remaining amount to the winners of its contests. Below is a table that displays the various buy-ins and prize payouts for league winners.


Buy-In   Head to Head Payout   5 Team Payout   10 Team Payout  
$5 $9 $22.50 $45
$10 $18 $45 $90
$25 $45 $112.50 X
$50 $90 X X


In addition to the figures above, FanDuel offers a $20 deposit bonus for new members to its site.