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Fantasy Hockey Buy/Sell: Week 11
By Mat Vilcek on December, 10th 2019

Is there anything more exciting than hockey around the holidays? I didn’t think so. Sports have been a staple around the holiday season in the United States for many years, the love has only grown with the introduction, and sustained … read more »

2019 Fantasy Hockey Busts
By Mat Vilcek on September, 9th 2019

NHL teams will be on the ice this week as preseason fires up and we inch ever closer to the opening games. Finally, we get our first look at some of the players we drafted or are hoping to draft. … read more »

DraftKings NHL Lineup Advice: Thursday (10/26)
By Jeremy Maw on October, 26th 2017

Tonight we have 11 games on the slate with one game overshadowing the rest as a six and a half game total. There are a couple of options in goal tonight, but just one netminder Vegas has fallen in love with. … read more »

FanDuel NHL Lineup Advice: Wednesday (11/16)
By James Capone on November, 16th 2016

Well, it looks like the NHL really has to hire new people to write their schedules, having a two-game slate after a huge 13 game slate the night before is mind boggling. I am here to try and help you … read more »

DraftKings NHL Lineup Advice: Saturday, Jan. 2
By Robert Klein on January, 2nd 2016

Last week my fears were correct as teams were coming off of a three-day break, which made it difficult to gauge performances since I like to ride the hot players when it comes to setting lineups. The best thing about playing … read more »

Fantasy Hockey: Metropolitan Division Preview
By Julius Bzozowski on September, 28th 2015

The Metropolitan Division sent four teams to the Stanley Cup Playoffs last season, including the Presidents’ Trophy-winning New York Rangers. This division has everything – elite talent, newly acquired veterans, top-flight goaltending and young talent looking to become household names. … read more »

Fantasy Hockey: Defensemen Position Primer
By Robert Klein on September, 24th 2015

While centers, forwards and goalies get most of the attention, selecting the right defensemen can be the difference in you winning a fantasy championship or missing the playoffs. The top defensemen will get the most ice time on the team … read more »