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Ryan McMahon
9 Biggest Rankings Movers (2019 Fantasy Baseball)
By FantasyPros Staff on March, 20th 2019

The final big drafting weekend is fast approaching. While fantasy owners shouldn’t put too much stock in spring training performances, it’s always wise to have a general idea of who dominated or fell flat over the last month. This would … read more »

Lottery Tickets to Target Late in Drafts (2019 Fantasy Baseball)
By Michael Waterloo on March, 18th 2019

Merriam-Webster defines lottery as “a drawing of lots in which prizes are distributed to the winners among persons buying a chance.” When applying this to fantasy baseball, the players you pick toward the end of the draft have a chance … read more »

10 Players to Watch in Spring Training
By FantasyPros Staff on February, 19th 2019

The season draws nigh with spring training right around the corner. Baseball has returned, folks! In about a month, most of us will be either drafting our squads for the season or already have at least one fantasy team that … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Rankings (If 2018 rookies were still prospects)
By Bobby Sylvester on February, 16th 2019

Most fantasy baseball drafts take place in March so we are still a month away from the big wave of fantasy baseball content. For those of you who play in (much better) dynasty leagues, however, you are likely in the … read more »

2019 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft (10 Team NL-Only)
By Tyler Watts on February, 11th 2019

The MLB regular season begins full throttle on March 28 with all 30 teams in action. That means less than two months remain until the games count. Spring training is also almost here, and the 2019 season is truly right … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Minor League Report (8/2)
By Eric Cross on August, 2nd 2018

Remember last week when I said, “Get ready for prospect promotions up the ying yang?” I wasn’t kidding folks. There have been prospect promotions as far as the eye can see this week. And I’m not talking about your average … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Pickups: Week 18
By Nick Mariano on July, 31st 2018

Remember the good ol’ days when we were barely a month into the season and there were hot starts to question and cold starts to wait out. Well, the time is (and has been) nigh for you to weigh how … read more »

Hitters to Target in Deep Leagues (Fantasy Baseball)
By Andrew Gould on May, 28th 2018

At this stage of the season, fantasy managers should know their team’s strengths and weaknesses. The deeper the league, the harder it is to remedy those shortcomings on the waiver wire. These players are by no means perfect solutions, which … read more »

Draft These Late-Round Targets (Fantasy Baseball)
By FantasyPros Staff on March, 18th 2018

You’ve all but finished your draft but there is one pick left. What you do with that pick could mean nothing, or it could mean snagging the potential steal of the draft. Unlike real team drafts where the last pick … read more »

2018 First Basemen Tiers (Fantasy Baseball)
By Andrew Seifter on March, 16th 2018

First base is loaded again this year with big-time sluggers. Any of the top-11 at the position could conceivably end up as top-20 hitters overall, and there’s no shortage of options available later in drafts to fill your corner infield … read more »

24 Deep League Targets (Fantasy Baseball)
By Bobby Sylvester on March, 15th 2018

If you play in a deeper league than the standard 12-team 23 player roster settings then you’ll need to dig a lot deeper than most articles will point you towards. Their version of a sleeper is anyone drafted between 150 … read more »

Spring Training Risers and Fallers (Fantasy Baseball)
By Andrew Gould on March, 10th 2018

After going four bitter months without baseball, fantasy players will devour any new stats they can get. Even if they are just from Spring Training. No matter how often it backfires, drafters will keep reacting to spring happenings. It’s not … read more »

10 Team NL-Only Mock Draft (Fantasy Baseball)
By Eric Cross on February, 26th 2018

After analylizing a 10 team AL-Only mock draft last week, we switch over to the senior circuit this week and do the same exact thing. Got about 15 minutes free? That’s all you need to complete a mock draft with the … read more »

Prospects to Draft and Stash (Fantasy Baseball)
By Eric Cross on February, 10th 2018

The last few rounds of fantasy drafts can either be very boring or the reason why you win your league championships. Last season is a picture-perfect example of this. If you drafted Cody Bellinger and stashed him on your bench … read more »

7 Prospects to Stash in 2018 (Fantasy Baseball)
By FantasyPros Staff on January, 25th 2018

2017 saw multiple prospects get called up and due to their play, were just too good to send back down. All you have to do is look at early draft rankings and you’ll find Aaron Judge, Cody Bellinger, and Rhys … read more »

2018 First Base Prospects (Fantasy Baseball)
By Josh Shepardson on January, 4th 2018

The intro for catching prospects highlighted the many responsibilities catchers have and the difficulties that creates. First base has its own issues. It’s the lowest spot on the defensive spectrum, and organizations often try to avoid moving a player to … read more »

Top 5 Third Base Prospects for 2017
By Gavin Tramps on January, 4th 2017

Third base is the elite position in fantasy baseball with four of the first 12 picks off the board likely to be players applying their skills at the hot corner, so deep this season. In last year’s drafts, Miguel Sano was … read more »