Daily Fantasy Games – Salary Cap



What’s a salary cap game?

Salary cap is the most widely played format on ‘daily fantasy sites’ where players compete each day or week for cash prizes. In addition to the appeal of winning money for doing something you love (playing fantasy sports), salary cap games offer several advantages over traditional fantasy leagues:

    • No season long commitment. Contests usually last just one day or week.
    • Level playing field. There’s no draft, so everyone can pick the players they want (within the salary cap)
    • Less luck involved. The short timeframe minimizes the impact of unpredictable factors like injuries.

In a salary cap game, the object is to select a team of players – within the total budget allowed – that you believe will score the most fantasy points. The best players tend to have the highest salaries, so it’s not possible to pick all the top studs for your lineup. Your team will need to include some players with low salaries that you feel will perform well. In other words, you’ll need to find undervalued players and sleepers to stay within the team’s salary cap.

What’s the best daily fantasy site?

Although there are many places to play daily and weekly salary cap games, we encourage you to stick with the most respected and well funded sites. The top 3 companies, in our opinion, are DraftStreet (backed by IAC/InterActiveCorp), FanDuel (backed by Comcast Ventures), and DraftKings (backed by Atlas Ventures). You’ll find the most players, largest prize pools, and best games on these sites. Click on the logos to check out the sites:

DraftStreet_140x106         FanDuel_140x106        DraftKings_140x106

Each site offers similar games but it’s important to know the differences in scoring settings and roster requirements. While DraftStreet and FanDuel use a Half Point PPR format (0.5 points per reception) for fantasy football, DraftKings goes with full PPR and also includes yardage bonuses. In terms of roster requirements, DraftStreet is unique in that you start 2 QB, 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE), and no kicker (finally, someone realizes that kickers ruin fantasy football!).

Is advice available for salary cap games?

We offer a number of tools to help give you an edge in daily fantasy competitions. As always, we focus on expert consensus advice, accuracy ratings, and automated custom analysis to help give you simple but accurate advice.
If you’re looking for a simple daily fantasy cheat sheet, check out our weekly Salary Cap Highlights. You’ll see the most undervalued players at each site and the players expected to score the most fantasy points. From this simple report, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices for who to play for the week. Here’s an example (click to view the full report):

Salary Cap Highlights Report available for DraftStreet, FanDuel, and DraftKings

Salary Cap Highlights Report available for DraftStreet, FanDuel, and DraftKings

Another valuable tool we provide is a weekly Salary Cap Analysis. The report analyzes our Expert Consensus Rankings against the Salary Rankings of each site. Through simple filters you’re able to see which players are the most over and undervalued for the week. We also provide projected fantasy points and cost per point to help you optimize your lineup. Here’s an example (click to view the full report):
Use our Salary Cap Analysis Report to filter and sort players to uncover the best values.

Use our Salary Cap Analysis Report to filter and sort players to uncover the best values.


Who are the top daily fantasy experts?

DFAC BadgeAs you probably know, we track the accuracy of all the top fantasy sites and experts, based on the accuracy of their fantasy rankings. Since the salary cap game requires more than an accurate set of rankings, we conduct a separate competition for the best daily fantasy experts called the FantasyPros DFAC (Daily Fantasy Accuracy Cup). Experts simply play against each other in a weekly salary cap game. We total all the points scored across the course of the season to determine who the best expert is. Check out our leaderboard for fantasy football. We encourage you to visit their sites, follow them on Twitter, and even combine the most accurate experts’ advice into a single consensus by using our daily fantasy tools.

What type of salary cap contests are there?

There are a lot of choices for games at these three sites. You can play heads up against one other player, play against a large field of players, or even take on experts like ESPN’s Matthew Berry (on DraftStreet). Some contests are free to enter while others can cost hundreds of dollars. And all three sites offer games for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and even college sports!

310x100_dsfc_6000_lite         310x100_dsfc_1000_lite

We’ve teamed up with DraftStreet to offer two exclusive fantasy football contests for our readers. The FantasyPros Challenge lets you compete against the experts for up to $6,000 in weekly prizes. The winner receives $1,000 and anyone that can beat all the experts shares a $1,000 ‘Beat the Experts’ bonus pool. It’s only $11 to enter. You should also enter our weekly Start’em or Sit’em Contest (a pick’em style contest, not salary cap). It’s completely free to play and has a weekly $1,000 prize pool. Click on one of the contests below for more information:
Looking for even more action? Here are the three biggest salary cap contests for fantasy football 2013. Each has a top prize of $1 Million and each offers qualifier tournaments to give you a chance to get into the competition without being a high roller. Click on the images to view more details about the contests.
DraftStreet_Championship_200px     FanDuel_Championship_200px     DraftKings_Championship_200px