We Make Fantasy
Sports Better

For many, fantasy sports is a hobby; for us, it's our mission!

We build one of the most visited sites on the web and, as a fully remote company, we hire from all over North America (and work from anywhere we can find Wi-Fi).

We're looking for talented, passionate, hard-working people to help us build the most innovative and user-friendly experience in fantasy sports. Want to join our roster?

What We Believe In

Being Transparent

Being transparent

From sharing our company goals and performance with the team, to the way we interact with customers, we believe that open, honest, and empathetic communication is always the best approach.

Being yourself

Being yourself

We believe that the best companies are ones that support and encourage diverse mindsets and backgrounds. Whether you're in front of the camera or tinkering with databases, you should feel comfortable and confident being your authentic self.

Supportive Accountability

Supportive accountability

Being accountable and learning from mistakes is important to our success both as people and as a team. That shouldn't mean pointing fingers, though. We promote a supportive environment with an emphasis on employee growth and development.

Working hard

Working hard

There's no getting around it...working in fantasy sports is fun; but we never forget the "work" part of the equation. We know that innovating is never easy, and care deeply about giving our users the best experience in fantasy sports.

Freedom to live and work how you want

Freedom to live and work how you want

Our team is spread across five different timezones in North America (hello, Atlantic time), and that informs the way we work. People are free to work from home, from the beach, or wherever is most productive for them.

Having fun

Having fun along the way

While we take our work seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. From trivia nights and trips to live sporting events, to the conversational smörgåsbord that is our #random channel, we like to think of ourselves as real-life friends who happen to live in different cities.

Perks And Benefits

  • 🏕️   Fully Remote: We’ve been a fully-remote company from the beginning. Our employees live and work from anywhere.

  • 🗒️️   Flexible Schedule: While most work is done during core business hours, people are free to work when it’s most convenient.

  • 🏖   Flexible Time-Off: We don’t have a formal time off policy. Just be responsible and take time-off when you want or need to.

  • 📊   Competitive Compensation: We offer strong market-based salaries, yearly performance-based bonuses, and a long-term incentive (LTI) program for all employees.

  • ⚕️   Health Insurance With No Premiums: Fully paid medical plans for all US based employees and their dependents.

  • 🕰️   Generous Retirement Plan: Employer funded with no employee contribution required.

  • 💻   Quality Equipment: Every employee gets a fast computer and the devices they need to be at their best.

  • ⌨️   Workstation + Ergonomics Stipend: Make sure you’re productive and comfortable in your home office.

  • 📱   Phone/Internet Reimbursment: A monthly allowance to offset cell phone and Internet costs.

  • 💪   Wellness Reimbursement: Get and stay healthy with reimbursements towards gym visits.

  • ✈️   Travel Stipend: A yearly allowance to allow team members to get together for work/social meetups.

  • 👋   Annual Team Trip: Once-a-year, we all get together in person for 3-4 days of work and social activities.