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Melvin Upton Jr. (CF)

Atlanta Braves

By Steve Painter, Braves Correspondent, Fri, Feb 27th 4:33pm EST

The formal diagnosis is Sesamoiditis, which is an irritation of the Sesamoid bones, which are located inside the tendons that run to the big toe. It's a definite setback for Upton, who has done poorly his last two years. He will start the year on the DL. (Source: David O'Brien on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: Eury Perez, Eric Young and Zoilo Almonte are options to fill in for Upton in center field. It remains to be seen how Almonte will do, but he is a favorite, not necessarily for Upton's position, but LF as well. None are worthy of a draft pick as of yet.

By Wyman Faison, Braves Correspondent, Thu, Jan 29th 11:28pm EST

New hitting coach Kevin Seitzer has spent 3 straight days working with BJ Upton on his swing. (Source: Tomahawk Take)

Fantasy Impact: Upton is sure to have a starting spot in the ever changing Braves outfield and the new batting coach is putting in the hours helping Upton's swing. Seitzer says that Upton's best days are ahead of him and thinks that he can get him back to All-Star levels. There is potential with Upton, as he hit 20 or more home runs three times with the Rays, but he needs to listen and learn from the lessons of Seitzer and the coaching staff.

Melvin Upton Jr. News & Advice

news | Feb 28th, 6:45pm
Supported by crutches and burdened by a cast that runs halfway up his left shin, Melvin Upton Jr. returned to Braves camp on Saturday morning to begin a rehab process that will delay his attempt to prove he is capable of rebounding from the two consecutive miserable seasons he has experienced with the Braves.
Rotoworld | Feb 27th, 8:54pm
Melvin Upton has been diagnosed with sesamoiditis and is expected to miss all of spring training.
Rotoworld | Feb 27th, 6:42pm
Melvin Upton has been sent for X-rays on his ailing toe.
news | Feb 27th, 6:19pm
Braves center fielder Melvin Upton Jr. missed Friday morning's workout because of a right foot ailment that might prove to be more significant than what the club had envisioned when it sent him to undergo an MRI.
news | Feb 23rd, 10:45pm
So now, he's Melvin Upton Jr., of the Braves, a franchise that twice has changed its first name. Of course, we'll all go along with this latest change of identity in the big leagues. The adjustment won't be too difficult.
news | Feb 23rd, 6:54pm
Outfielder Melvin Upton Jr. hopes his third season with the Braves goes better than his fist two, and he has the support of president of baseball operations John Hart and manager Fredi Gonzalez.
ESPN | Feb 23rd, 6:13pm
Atlanta Braves outfielder Melvin Upton Jr. said Monday that his decision to change his first name has nothing to do with his struggles over the past two seasons.
news | Feb 23rd, 2:15pm
The man formerly known as B.J. Upton reported to Braves camp early Monday morning, and he said his decision to go by his birth name, Melvin Upton Jr., had nothing to do with wanting to distance himself from the miseries he has experienced during his first two seasons in Atlanta.
ESPN | Feb 23rd, 2:31am
Braves outfielder B.J. Upton, after hitting .208 last season, will be no doubt be searching down many avenues for ways toward a resurrection. Among those will be a name change back to Melvin Upton Jr.
news | Feb 22nd, 6:15pm
B.J. Upton has opted to appease those Braves fans who have said they "don't want to see B.J." in the lineup again this year. Now, the veteran outfielder can only hope that he is capable of altering his production as easily as he has the name he will use this season.