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Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 2

Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 2
Jordan Matthews

Jordan Matthews was the NFL’s second most targeted player Week 1

R.C. Fischer discusses players to start and those to sit in Week 2 matchups.

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Non-top 12 consensus ranked players at their positions who could wind up top 5 in Week 2

Danny Woodhead (SD): vs. JAC

Last week Woodhead took 16 carries to Melvin Gordon‘s 14. Woodhead saw seven targets to Gordon’s zero. Woodhead played 50 snaps to Gordon’s 23. It wasn’t a game that was out of hand, nor did Gordon do something to get into the doghouse – this game was a message that Woodhead is more important than Gordon. The Chargers made the mistake of believing the opposite last season, and it appears they’ve righted the ship.

Woodhead is a key in the red zone, so I do not fear Gordon coming in and vulturing TDs on a consistent basis like we saw Week 1. If Gordon gets one, that’s fine – I want the heavier touches…the five-plus catches, etc. with Woodhead.

In Week 2, the Chargers face a tough run defense in the Jacksonville Jaguars. It’s the kind of matchup better served by the Chargers getting the ball outside the box via swing passes – and Woodhead is the master at that. Woodhead is the west coast version of the Dion Lewis apparition that appeared briefly last season…only without the respect, and without all the injuries. And he’s more talented all-around as well.

Jordan Matthews (PHI): vs. CHI

Matthews was the second-most targeted player in Week 1. He’s on his way to becoming a version of Keenan Allen target-monster – a faster, more agile, taller, thicker, stronger and less injury-prone version of Allen. Matthews is the main target of his offense, even with a rookie QB thrown to the wolves on short notice/preparation. I’ll take Matthews with another golden fantasy performance in Week 2 versus whatever coverage a depleted Bears secondary can throw at him.

Virgil Green (DEN): vs. IND

The state of fantasy tight ends is brutal. I assume you didn’t start Jack Doyle this week? Everyone is feeling the weak TE economy in fantasy. In the NFL 2016 opener, Green was wide open in the end zone for an easy TD pass, but Trevor Siemian threw a pass right into a defender’s hands – something he should have avoided. Had the pass gone through, Green would have wound up tied for seventh among all tight ends in receptions for the week, and he also would have landed among the top 10 fantasy producers at his position. That catch would have also pushed him as the leader among all Broncos in receptions in Week 1 (with five). Denver is finding ways to use Green.

This week, Denver faces a depleted Indianapolis defense. Trevor Siemian should have more time to throw against second-rate coverage, and Green will not need to stay in to block as much – and he should be a decently targeted option again for Denver this week…especially if Demaryius Thomas is limited.


Top 15 ranked players at their positions that are going to make you whine and say “I can’t sit my studs!” and then will make you wish you had:

Todd Gurley (LA): vs. SEA

I love Gurley like we all do, but after watching that abomination from the Rams on Monday night – how can you have any confidence here? Especially facing Seattle. Not only is the box stacked by opponents, but it looked like the Rams put zero effort into finding ways to get Gurley the ball in the passing game (one catch for -5 yards on three targets in Week 1).

You will think I am making this up: Gurley has ONE 100+ yard game in his last nine games. He has just six catches in his last seven games. Why would anyone think any of this changes radically against Seattle this week? You think Jeff Fisher has a fresh plan?

You’re probably asking, “How can I sit Todd Gurley?” I don’t know, but I’ll bet you wish you had last week.

Jameis Winston (TB): vs. ARI

I know he had the exciting four-TD start in Week 1, but he doesn’t get Atlanta this week – he gets Arizona. He travels coast to coast to face a very angry, humiliated, talented Arizona defense. I think Winston comes back to earth with a thud this week. He’s not a QB1 this week. He may not be a QB2.

Mike Evans (TB): vs. ARI

I love Mike Evans as a talent, I really do. I also love Patrick Peterson in coverage. Peterson has shut down many of the top wide receivers to have ever played this game. Evans was shut down from many touchdowns last year due to Winston’s lack of ‘preciseness.’ There’s always a chance of a Winston-to-Evans lightning strike big play on a ball thrown up for grabs — and against most NFL CBs, I’d say it’s likely to happen because Evans is so good at it – but not as likely against Peterson. I fear a two-catch for 33 yards and no TD day here.

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