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My Playbook Multi-League Assistant: A bird’s eye view of all your teams and players

by Andy Hahn
Oct 26, 2017

Multi-League Assistant: A bird’s eye view of all of your teams and players

If you play in more than one fantasy league you know difficult it can get to manage everything. I know I get confused when looking at how the latest fantasy news affects my teams. Hot waiver wire add this week? Ugh, have to click through each league and figure out where he’s available. David Johnson is hurt?! Oh no, I need to find a player on waivers or start aggressively firing trade offers… now only if it were easy for me to remember which leagues I have him in. Was it one of my Yahoo leagues? Or my ESPN league?

One of my favorite features of My Playbook (and a favorite of many users, based on their feedback) is our Multi-League Assistant. This high level overview of all of your imported teams shows you how many teams a specific player is on, centralizes all relevant player news into one location, and helps you easily find free agents/players across leagues.

It also lets you look at all of this information across league hosts. So, if you play in multiple Yahoo leagues but also have a long running keeper league on ESPN and a work league on, you can now see all data in one place.

Personally, it also makes it easier to root for a certain player knowing I have him on a lot of teams (I have more shares in Travis Kelce than any other player, so go Chiefs!)

The Multi-League assistant is available for our premium users at the MVP and HOF levels.

Multi-League Dashboard: All of your players, from all of your teams, in one location.

This is the main view in the Multi-League Assistant. It shows you every player you have, grouped by position, across all the leagues you have imported into My Playbook.

For a player that you have on multiple teams, it will show you how many teams you have him on, along with quick links to the league’s website.

You also get quick matchup information: day the game is being played, the opponent, and the opponent’s points against rank. This lets you make some start/sit decisions around that information (don’t put the Thursday player in your Flex!). It also gives you a condensed news headline view.

Cheat Sheet: Complete roster and available player info on one screen.

The initial view here shows you the complete rosters of all of your imported teams along with positional rank, based on the scoring type of each team. Our weekly expert consensus rankings are done by Standard, .5 PPR, and PPR scoring systems, so you’ll see that applied to your team’s positional rankings in this view.

Putting your mouse over each player also highlights the same player across leagues, so it’s a great way to identify spot starts, players on bye that you need to make sure to bench, and more.

The alternate view here is to show the top available players in each league based on rankings. Great way to quickly see if there is a free agent stash in multiple leagues or if you need to find a spot start for bye weeks.

Free Agent Finder:

This is a great way to see ownership information for player across your leagues. With filters to see if they’re available, taken, or on your team, and quick links to take you to that league’s website to add/drop/trade for a player, you can easily manage your rosters and pick up widely available players.

I frequently use this tool to do sneaky adds across all leagues once waivers have processed, as well as locate players that are trade targets. Amari Cooper not doing too hot through week 5, but you think he’s going to turn it around? Easily find the other teams in your leagues that own him and quickly fire off trade offers.

It’s also a fast way to drop a player in the unfortunate circumstance that one of your widely owned players suffers an injury.

Standings: See how you are doing across all of your leagues

A quick snapshot of where your teams stand across all leagues.

News & Notes: Single source for all of your relevant player news

This is one of my daily visited pages. Instead of swiping through a bunch of player cards in an app or clicking on individual links on the web, I come here to see all relevant news and expert notes for the players that are on my rosters.

Check out the Multi-League Assistant today.

If you’re a premium MVP or HOF user, you can access Multi-League assistant here. It’s currently available for the web only and works with all leagues you can import into My Playbook.

If you aren’t a premium MVP or HOF user, upgrade to MVP now to get immediate access to the Multi-League Assistant along with the complete suite of My Playbook in-season management tools.

If you have any feedback on the League Analyzer, or any ideas for enhancements to the tool, let us know at We’re consistently looking to improve our tools and always take your feedback into account.

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