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My Playbook Start/Sit Assistant: Start your optimal lineup every week

by Mike Vu
Oct 5, 2017

Every single week, the most important decision you can make for your fantasy football team is who to start and who to sit. And, without fail, week after week, so many fantasy footballers don’t set the optimal lineup that would yield the most fantasy points. There are so many factors to consider – such as defensive matchup, game time decisions, and weather – that it can be challenging to make the right moves week in and week out.

This is why we created the Start/Sit Assistant – to empower you with the best intel so you can make the best possible decision. Each start/sit decision that you make compounds together and is a huge factor in determining your chances of taking home that trophy at the end of the year. Take some pressure off yourself and rely on the collective wisdom of the best fantasy experts to optimize your lineup.

In one of my Yahoo leagues, I decided to deploy the 2 QB strategy so I didn’t have to waste an early pick on a top tier QB. While they haven’t been among the elite performers, Carson Palmer and Phillip Rivers have been more than serviceable. Deciding who to start each week isn’t exactly trivial, though; especially when you consider that Yahoo projections have been wrong most weeks so far. The Start/Sit Assistant has come in handy so far and fortunately for me, has been right more often than not.

Here’s a deeper look at the features we offer with the Start/Sit Assistant:

Quick Access

To use this tool, simply locate it in the left sidebar of My Playbook, right below the Multi-League Assistant, which is also a fantastic tool for those of you who are in a bunch of leagues.

Expert Voting %

Based on a weekly poll from our experts, you’ll see the % of experts that would start each player on your roster. If you’re faced with a difficult decision, it’s wise to use this data and start your players accordingly.

Pick Experts

Choose the most accurate experts (or your favorites) experts to see what the consensus says. This is a useful feature that is implemented across most of our My Playbook tools and rankings pages. Not every expert is created equally and this has become a favorite option among hardcore fantasy players.

Submit Lineup to League Hosts

To make things even easier for you, we offer the ability to submit your optimal lineup to your league host directly, without leaving My Playbook. We’re not just here to just help you win. We’re here to make your life as easy as possible, too.  This particular feature currently supports the following league hosts: Yahoo, ESPN,, CBS, and

The Start/Sit Assistant is a premium tool for PRO, MVP, and HOF users on the web, iPhone, and Android devices.   Be sure to upgrade now and give yourself an edge on the competition.  If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know at:

For even more help, don’t forget to check out our new Auto-Pilot feature which automates your team management so inactive players and optimal lineups are taken care of for you. It’s a perfect safety net in case you don’t have time to follow the latest game-time decisions or need to go on vacation with your family. (Because family is more important than fantasy football…right? ;))