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Fantasy Baseball Trade Chart: Week 3 (2021)

by Dan Harris | @danharris80 | Featured Writer
Apr 15, 2021

Ramon Laureano is stealing bases at will.

We are still far from the point in the season where you should be looking at the standings. At a minimum, you should consider your place in the standings irrelevant until at least May 15th, if not June 1st. There’s just too much noise in the data to draw any meaningful conclusions prior to that point.

But that does not mean that you should refrain from examining your team’s strengths and weaknesses just because it is only mid-April. Perhaps your rotation looks weaker than you expected because of injuries or perhaps now that Ramon Laureano is stealing bases at will, you’re more confident in your position in steals than you were coming out of the draft.

Your focus should always be to try to make a realistic assessment of your team and to determine how to fix any problems even before they’re visible to the naked eye. To that end, you should always be scouring the trade market for ways to improve.

And to help you in that endeavor, you should consult our rotisserie-league trade chart. As always, we’ll continue to update the values each and every week until your trade deadline passes, pointing out how the values have shifted over the last seven days.

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