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Jock MKT: Where Fantasy Sports Becomes a Stock Exchange

by Matthew MacKay | @Matt_MacKay_ | Featured Writer
Aug 30, 2021
Tom Brady

Have you ever wanted to play fantasy sports in a stock exchange format? If yes, then Jock MKT is the platform you’ve been waiting for.

Jock MKT mirrors how the real stock exchange operates, featuring valuations, IPOS, and live trading. Let’s take a deeper dive into one of the newest and most unique applications available within the fantasy sports market. It’s available for download on both the App Store and Google Play.

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Each player’s share is paid out at the end of a game based on final rankings. Jock MKT allows users to submit a bid based on their expectations of where a player will finish, regardless of whether or not the game has started. There are two game types available for users to play. Market games are less restrictive and could be a preferred option for users with ambition or a tight schedule. This is due to the ability to buy in at any amount and cash out at any moment, versus the contest game type, which requires the same buy-in and size prize structure for all users.

Player Profile

The Player Profile contains important information on each player, including current points, projected points, and their live price. Breakeven rank is an interesting metric within the Player Profile that measures the rank that a player needs to finish at in order to pay out his live price. Swiping up reveals more details, including open bid and ask pricing, scoring details, news, and game logs.

IPO (Initial Player Offering)

Instead of an initial public offering, users are introduced to the initial player offering (IPO) whenever an event opens up. The IPO prices update in real-time and close right before the beginning of a game. Once the IPO is closed, shares get distributed to the highest bidders.

It’s important to note that not all of your Jock MKT chips need to be invested during the IPO window. Users are free to save however many chips they designate for bidding in the live event. This creates a similar environment to using one’s FAAB (Free agent auction-based) money on a waiver wire acquisition. The difference is that Jock MKT allows users to buy and sell player shares during a live game, which ushers in an entirely new strategy for playing fantasy sports.

Live Trading

The ability to trade player shares during a live game directly influences the in-game pricing, which is completely driven by user activity. Offers to buy or sell affect the pricing of a share, especially when a trade is completed. As long as you have chips to spend, player shares can be bought or sold until the conclusion of the game. After the end of the game, scores are finalized, updating the final price valuations based on player rankings. These valuations yield a final chip count, which ranks users and pays them out accordingly.

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Matthew MacKay is a featured writer and editor for FantasyPros and BettingPros. For more from Matthew, check out his archive and follow him @Matt_MacKay_.

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