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Devy Trade Value Chart (2022 Fantasy Football)

by Christian Welch
Apr 22, 2022
Bijan Robinson

Trade charts/calculators have been a staple in dynasty fantasy football for most of the format’s existence. These tools have long helped Dynasty managers gauge the value of current players and future draft picks. We’ve shared our dynasty trade value chart each month, and now we’re providing a devy fantasy football version.

Devy leagues are just dynasty leagues with an additional asset class, the NCAA players. Regardless if you are brand new to devy or are an experienced player, it’s always helpful to have a set of tools to assist you. Here’s some more info on devy leagues, and you can check out our overall devy league fantasy football rankings here.

Here is the newest tool in the FantasyPros toolbox for Devy players, the Devy Trade Value Chart.


Devy Trade Value Chart: Quarterback

The majority of Devy leagues are in the SuperFlex format, so these rankings reflect being able to start up to two quarterbacks. If you are in a single-QB Devy league, adjust the quarterbacks’ values down by 40-45% to reflect that format accurately.

B. Young 56
C. Stroud 54
C. Williams 50
Q. Ewers 48
J. Dart 44
A. Richardson 32
D. Allar 24
T. Buchner 20
C. Klubnik 18
D. Brown 17
T. Van Dyke 16
G. McCall 15
H. Hooker 14
W. Levis 13
S. Rattler 12
C. Ward 11
C. Weigman 10
T. Simpson 9
J. McCarthy 8
D. Maye 7
K. McCord 6
D. Leary 5
P. Jurkovic 4
K. Slovis 3
E. Prater 2

Devy Trade Value Chart: Running Back

Bi. Robinson 60
T. Henderson 57
J. Gibbs 55
Z. Evans 44
T. Bigsby 42
S. Tucker 40
W. Shipley 40
B. Allen 40
D. Edwards 38
N. Singleton 34
R. Sanders 32
J. Blue 30
Br. Robinson 28
K. Milton 26
B. Corum 24
T. Citizen 22
D. Neal 20
J. McClellan 18
D. Achane 16
Z. Charbonnet 14
L. Nichols 12
D. Vaughn 10
I. Abanikanda 8
J. Williams 6
T. Thomas 4
K. Miller 2

Devy Trade Value Chart: Wide Receiver

J. Smith-Njigba 55
K. Boutte 50
J. Addison 44
M. Harrison 42
X. Worthy 42
J. Downs 40
P. Washington 37
Q. Johnston 36
J. Burton 34
J. Brooks 30
L. Burden 30
M. Wiliams 29
E. Egbuka 28
J. Earle 27
E. Stewart 26
R. Jarrett 25
M. Mims 23
B. Collins 21
K. Grayes 20
T. McMillan 18
J. Reed 16
A. Smith 14
C. Marshall 12
A. Mitchell 10
T. Shettron 8
S. Preston 6
C. Williams 4
M. Golden 2


Devy Trade Value Chart: Tight End

M. Mayer 34
B. Bowers 32
M. Trigg 12
E. Arroyo 9
T. Johnson 8
O. Delp 7
J. Skinner 6
B.J. Johnson 5
A. Gilbert 4
J. Billingsley 3
J. Bell 2


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Christian Welch is a featured writer at FantasyPros. For more from Christian, follow him @EvilEmpireFF.

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