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Star Wars Fantasy Football Team Names (2022)

Jahan Dotson

Should you draft Jahan Dotson for the sole purpose of naming your fantasy team name “Jahan Solo”?


Who doesn’t love Star Wars? The popular franchise has created a crazy fan base similar to that of the fantasy football community. Coincidentally, many Star Wars fans are also fantasy football managers, so I took the liberty of trying to come up with the best Star Wars team names I could think of. Some are better than others, but thanks to contributions from many sources, I was able to create a solid list that should prompt a few chuckles.

These team names contain a vast range of content from across the Star Wars universe. The terminology is incorporated in many different ways, such as within the NFL team name itself, as in the cases of the Seattle Ewoks, the Baltimore Reyvans and the Las Vegas Vaders. In other cases, a player’s name comes in handy, as with The MileLe’Veon Falcon or, in a nod to a certain rookie receiver, Jahan Solo.


There are plenty of other veterans who can be thrown into the mix. When you have a guy like Saquon Barkley, how can you not just call him Sa-Quon Ginn? The name rolls off the tongue and has a nickname based on a Jedi knight primed for a comeback season with the Force strong in him.

Then there’s the Wookie of the Year award. QB Kenny Pickett is the betting favorite, but don’t rule out RB Kenneth SkyWalker or WR Jedi Skyy Moore. My favorite long shot is the RB Rachaad White Saber.

My personal preferences are still the Star Wars team names that contain a play on words. Jedi Mind Pick-Six, Attack of the Mac Jones, and Let the FAAB Be With You are all great in my opinion. But the real question is not if these names are significant or not, but what is worse? Attack of the Clones, or Attack of the Mac Jones when you see him in your opponent’s lineup. Not to worry though, if your league has not Let the FAAB through your veins, then a simple Jedi Pick-Six should fool your opponent into thinking the Millennium Falcons have a bye this week. They barely show up anyway.

Sure, it would seem like a rebel move on your part, but remember it’s Star Wars. When you find out your opponent is about as smart as JuJu Binks-Schuster or Marquez Valdes-Pod Race Gambling, you take advantage. When somebody offers you garbage trades for WR Tyler Boyd, you say you want at least four Wookie Draft Picks, The Ashes of Uncle Ben, and Master Linebacker Quay Skywalker, or it’s no deal. If they are not willing to pay up the Parsec, you merely reply, “Brees Aren’t The Tyler Boyds You’re Looking For!”

Without further ado here is your complete list!

Star Wars Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Sith Happens
  2. Travon Skywalker
  3. Jahan Solo
  4. This Is the Quay
  5. Going for Jakku
  6. In a Galaxy Ja’Marr, Ja’Marr Away…
  7. Storm Cooper
  8. Marquez Valdes-Pod Race Gambling
  9. The Pierre Is Strong in This One
  10. DeVonta Smith Lord
  11. Leonard Boba-Fett
  12. Jedi Skyywalker
  13. Master QuayWalker
  14. Brady Yoda
  15. Kenneth Skywalker
  16. The MilLe’VeonFalcon
  17. Wookiee of the Year
  18. Obi-Wan Jakobi
  19. The Death Carr
  20. Boba Feta Cheese
  21. Rachaad White Saber
  22. Zamir White Saber
  23. Chase Windu
  24. Force and Goal
  25. Ashes of Uncle Ben
  26. The Seattle Ewoks
  27. Baltimore Reyvans
  28. Las Vegas Vaders
  29. Jedi Mind Pick-Six
  30. Revenge of the Jonnu Smith
  31. Let the FAAB Be With You
  32. Attack of the Mac Jones
  33. Sa-Quon Ginn
  34. JuJu Binks Schuster
  35. Brees Aren’t the Tyler Boyds You’re Looking For
  36. Star Wars: The Nick ReChubblic
  37. Millennium Falcons
  38. Wookie Draft Picks
  39. Jabba the Hunt
  40. May the Fourth & Goal Be With You
  41. Captain Picard (for the Trekkie who didn’t agree on the league’s theme change)
  42. Lukkeee! I am Your Jared Goffer
  43. Obi Saquan Kenobi
  44. Darth Gallman
  45. Help Us OBJ, You Are Our Only Hope
  46. David Montgomery Fighter
  47. Deebo-Fett
  48. The Houston Empire Strikes Mack with Dameon Pierce
  49. Obi Wan’Dale Robinson as provided generously by Joey P.
  50. Luke Skyy Moore-ker


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