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Remembering Mike Tagliere: A Special Podcast Event (2022)

Aug 12, 2022

Join us as we remember the life and work of our dear friend and colleague Mike “Tags” Tagliere. Friends from around the Fantasy Football industry will join us to share their thoughts and fondest memories of a life well-lived but cut drastically too short.

In honor of our colleague and friend, we have started a GoFundMe to help support his wife, Tabbie, and their children, Alyssa and Jonathan. If you have the means, please consider donating.

Tags Rising Star Award

Mike Tagliere left a lasting impression on everyone who met him and everyone who consumed his work.

“Tags,” as he was affectionately known, was a loving, devoted husband and father. He was a beloved colleague to everyone at FantasyPros and a true-blue friend to those who knew him well. After he passed away from complications of COVID-19 last fall, many of his fans said on social media that Tags seemed like a friend to them even though they had never met him.

Tags loved being a fantasy analyst. It was truly his calling, and he excelled at it. He had a passion for trying to help people win their games and leagues. There was little Tags enjoyed more than digging into stats, trying to solve the mysteries of fantasy football, and conveying his findings in his articles and podcasts. The Primer, his massive weekly preview of each week’s NFL games, became an iconic feature, and in recent years he gave it a personal touch by writing a weekly introduction that often had little or nothing to do with football — just personal stories or musings on life.

FantasyPros is dedicated to preserving Tags’ legacy and ensuring that his positivity and his dedication to his craft are not forgotten.

To that end, FantasyPros is pleased to announce the Tags Rising Star Award.

Every year, FantasyPros and a committee of respected members of the fantasy industry will identify an up-and-coming fantasy analyst who, like Tags, works hard to produce high-quality, actionable fantasy content and also exudes the sort of kindness and positivity for which Tags was known. The award winner will receive a cash prize and opportunities for exposure and networking on the FantasyPros platform.

We are pleased to announce that Kevin Coleman (@Daboys_22) is the first recipient of the Tags Rising Star Award.

Kevin, who recently joined Footballguys, is a teacher who began creating fantasy content in 2020 and has quickly established himself as a respected, dedicated analyst.

Congratulations, Kevin, on receiving the first annual Tags Rising Star Award. And our thanks to Andy Behrens, Joe Bryant, Jamey Eisenberg, Scott Fish and Liz Loza for helping us select a worthy recipient.

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