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Fantasy Football Draft Advice & Strategies: IDP Leagues

Fantasy Football Draft Advice & Strategies: IDP Leagues

Today we’re diving deep into the fascinating and complex world of leagues that require Individual Defensive Players (IDP). This type of league adds another layer of strategy to the game, and it’s crucial to understand the ins and outs if you’re planning on drafting a winning team. We’re going to tackle everything from basic concepts to advanced strategies in this IDP guide.

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Fantasy Football Strategies for IDP Leagues

The Basics of IDP Leagues

Before we dig into strategy, let’s ensure everyone’s on the same page about what an IDP league is. In addition to the offensive players that you’d draft in any fantasy league, IDP leagues require you to draft individual defensive players as well. Instead of drafting a team’s entire defense, you’ll be choosing specific linebackers, defensive linemen, and defensive backs. These players earn you points based on their stats, such as tackles, sacks, interceptions, and forced fumbles.

Draft Strategy: Balancing Offense and Defense

One of the first questions that come up in IDP leagues is how to balance drafting offensive players with defensive players. If you’re new to IDP, you might be tempted to put all your focus on those big-name offensive players. However, seasoned IDP vets know that a solid defense can be just as valuable.

As a general rule of thumb, it is good to focus on offense in the early rounds of your draft. The points discrepancy between top-tier offensive players and middle-tier players tends to be much larger than the discrepancy among top defensive players. However, don’t sleep on defense entirely. Keep an eye on the board, and if a top-tier defensive player is available in the middle rounds, don’t be afraid to snatch them up.

Know Your Scoring System

It’s crucial to understand your league’s scoring system before your draft. Not all IDP leagues are created equal. Some may heavily weigh tackles, while others might place more emphasis on big plays like sacks and interceptions. If tackles are king in your league, for instance, middle linebackers and safeties are typically a safe bet. On the other hand, if big plays are rewarded, a sack-master defensive end might be more valuable.

Value of Positions in IDP

In IDP leagues, not all positions are created equal. Linebackers are usually the workhorses of your IDP team, often accumulating the most tackles and, thus, points. Defensive backs can be a gold mine, especially in leagues that award high points for interceptions. Defensive linemen can be a bit more hit-or-miss, but a good one can generate a lot of points from sacks.

Be Prepared and Know Your Players

This may seem obvious, but in IDP leagues, you need to know defensive players as well as you know offensive ones. Look at projected starters, learn each team’s depth chart, keep an eye on injury reports, and watch pre-season games to see which players are performing well.

The Art of Streaming in IDP

Just like in standard leagues, the strategy of streaming can be an effective way to handle your IDP slots. This means choosing players based on their match-up for any given week. For instance, you might select a defensive back who’s going up against a team that throws a lot, increasing his chances for an interception.

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Advanced Strategies

Late-Round Fliers on Defensive Rookies

One of my favorite IDP strategies involves taking a late-round flier on a promising defensive rookie. Defensive rookies tend to have a more immediate impact than offensive rookies and can often provide significant value. Look for rookies who are stepping into starting roles and could offer high tackle numbers or big play potential.

Exploit Favorable Matchups

This is a common strategy for offense, but it’s often overlooked on the defensive side. Some offensive lines are more porous than others, leading to more opportunities for sacks. Similarly, some quarterbacks are more interception-prone. Studying matchups and trends can help you pinpoint which of your defensive players might have big weeks.

The Late-Round IDP Strategy

Just as in standard leagues, where late-round quarterbacks can provide excellent value, the same can be true for IDPs. Many fantasy owners tend to jump at defensive players too early, leaving them thin at key offensive positions. Being patient and waiting until the later rounds to fill out your defensive roster could pay dividends, especially if you’ve done your research and identified some sleeper picks.

Understand Offensive Schemes

This advanced strategy involves diving into the nitty-gritty of NFL offensive schemes. Some offenses favor short, quick passes, which can lead to a higher number of tackles for opposing linebackers and defensive backs. Others may hold onto the ball longer, leading to more sack opportunities for defensive linemen. Understanding these nuances can help you make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing your IDPs.

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