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DRAFT Best Ball Leagues Strategy (Fantasy Football)
By Josh Shepardson on August, 15th 2017

If you’re new to DRAFT Best Ball Leagues, welcome, and get ready for some fun! First things first, though, check out the NFL Best Ball rules here. If you have general questions about DRAFT, you can check out their FAQ … read more »

DRAFT Best Ball Round-by-Round Selection Strategy (Fantasy Football)
By Nick Johnson on August, 13th 2017

August is here and it has brought one of our best friends with it: draft season. Dynasty startup drafts have likely been completed by now. So too, have most dynasty rookie drafts. With the preseason having barely begun, most re-draft … read more »

Boom/Bust WRs in DRAFT Best Ball Leagues (Fantasy Football)
By Mike Randle on August, 12th 2017

One of the most exciting ways to enjoy fantasy football is by participating in “best ball” drafts. In this format, there are no weekly lineups and no waiver moves during the season. Also known as “draft only” formats, these leagues … read more »

Fantasy Football: How to Approach Best-Ball vs. Season-Long
By Mike Tagliere on August, 8th 2017

Raise your hand if you have a hard time doing new things. I am one with you. Whether it be a new sleep schedule, new cellphone, new lawnmower, or new baseball glove. We reject change, for whatever reason. I didn’t … read more »

DRAFT Best-Ball Fantasy Football Rankings
By Mike Tagliere on

Over the offseason, I’ve shared my personal thoughts on each player from a season-long standpoint, but I’ve never released my best-ball rankings. That is, until now. With a lot of our readers/listeners signing up for DRAFT, we thought it’d be … read more »

Overvalued Players in DRAFT Best Ball Leagues (Fantasy Football)
By Josh Shepardson on

Let me start by pointing out that I’ve previously covered players to avoid drafting in DRAFT best ball leagues. I don’t dislike the following players as much as that group, and if they were to fall below their ADP, they’d … read more »

Undervalued Players in DRAFT Best Ball Leagues (Fantasy Football)
By Josh Shepardson on August, 4th 2017

An undervalued player isn’t necessarily a player who can be had cheap. Only two of the players highlighted below are being selected outside the top-100 picks. They’re not the same as sleepers or late-round targets (who I’ve already tackled in … read more »

Late-Round Targets for DRAFT Best Ball Leagues (Fantasy Football)
By Josh Shepardson on August, 3rd 2017

Hitting on a value pick late in the draft can be the difference between finishing in the middle of the pack and winning a league. Instead of using an ambiguous term and calling the guys below sleepers, I’ve opted to … read more »

Stacks to Target for DRAFT Best Ball Leagues (Fantasy Football)
By Josh Shepardson on July, 31st 2017

Stacks aren’t a totally foreign concept to standard leaguers. However, the best comparison of the value of stacks in DRAFT best-ball formats is seen comparing it to daily football GPPs. Stacks are the lifeblood of daily football GPPs because they … read more »

Players to Avoid in DRAFT Best Ball Leagues (Fantasy Football)
By Josh Shepardson on

Under most circumstances, every fantasy-relevant player is draftable if they fall far enough. The following group of players are more than merely overrated, though. Sure, some of them could be draftable if they fell a round or two beyond their … read more »