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James Esposito


I was less than a year away from graduating from Temple University Business school when I had a health scare and near death experience that completely flipped my perspective on everything in life. I was coasting through school and life with no motivation or inspiration to do anything outside of the bare minimum. I will happily discuss my experience more thoroughly if given the chance, but the main point I need to deliver is that I was blessed with an opportunity to see life from a new angle at such a young age. I now wake up every day with a relentless passion to become the best I could possibly be. I now have so many things I want to accomplish in life when I had almost nothing to strive for just a year ago. Working in the world of sports isn't my sole dream in life, but it has been an obsession of mine forever. I check all the reference sports pages to compare and track stats as often as the average person my age checks their social media apps. When I was about 11 years old I had an account on that I used to go into the message boards and debate whatever topics were present. My roommate and I just recently turned one of the rooms in the house into what we call "the office". We have 4 TV's, 1 projector, and 2 monitors in here so that we can gamble on and enjoy as many games as physically possible. I've lived on this Earth for 23 years and I can say confidently that I am in the top tier of sports nerds. I can tell you where the most obscure bench warmers attended college, I can give a very close estimate on any players stats due to how much time I spend on sports reference. But, what's more important than just knowing about sports, is the ability to apply the proper logic and reasoning into projections and gambling picks. These two writing samples aren't the exact format or quality that I will consistently provide, it was my first attempt at putting some work like this together. What the samples do show is my ability to provide coherent and logical arguments to supports the opinions that I do have. What I lack in experience I promise I will make up for in relentless desire and faith that I'm still alive for a reason. And that reason isn't to live somebody else's dream, it's to live mine and if you help me accomplish this I will go above and beyond in ways that other sports writers won't. Thank you for your time and consideration

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