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Matt Okada

Redshirts Fantasy Football
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Matt Okada


Matt Okada is a co-host of the Redshirts Fantasy Football Podcast and an editorial researcher at the NFL Network. He has been playing fantasy for nigh on a decade, writing fantasy content for half that time, and working for the Network since last fall. Okada (as most of the fantasy community calls him), is a Southern California guy — without the surfer hair — but grew up a diehard Patriots fan. He started playing fantasy football in college with dorm-mates and friends and it quickly became an obsession. He launched multiple leagues, commissioning most of them and making Week in Review videos for this league mates as an excuse to talk fantasy football. Eventually, he found an opportunity to talk even more fantasy as a writer for, and later transitioned that into writing opportunities with several other top fantasy sites. Still not satisfied with the amount of fantasy content in his life, Okada helped launch a podcast with a couple fellow TFA writers. He and Matthew Betz now co-host the Redshirts Fantasy Football Podcast on a weekly basis, covering all facets and formats of the game and wavering constantly between hard analysis and completely nonsensical tomfoolery. By a strange combination of coincidence, luck, and passion, Okada has now turned his fantasy “career” into an actual career as a researcher at the NFL Network. He works with players, coaches, NFL legends, and network talent, churning out stats and nuggets and arguing with his coworkers about whether Julian Edelman will be Hall of Famer. You can find Okada on Twitter @MattOkada and check out the Redshirts podcast anywhere Podcasts are found.

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