Fantasy Football Mock Drafts

Our Draft Simulator is the easiest way to prepare for your draft. Practice now with quick fantasy football mock draft simulations, and then use our Draft Assistant during your real draft. You’ll get expert recommendations while you’re drafting, and an instant analysis once you’re done. Just click on the “Start Mock” button below to give it a try.

The easiest way to prepare for your draft.
Fast. No waiting for opponents to pick.
Fun. Draft against the top fantasy experts.
Free. You don’t even have to register.

Fantasy Football Mock Drafts powered by FantasyPros

Why should I do a fantasy football mock draft?
If you’ve done mock drafts before, you know how invaluable it is to practice drafting against opponents before your big day. Not only will you get a feel for when players will be drafted (including when your coveted sleepers are likely to be taken), but you’ll also be able to test out different draft strategies. Want to know what will happen if you load up on RBs early…or wait on taking WRs until the middle to late rounds? No problem, just mock draft your way to a solid plan of attack.
The Draft Simulator takes mock drafting to a whole new level. Not only does it speed up the process by automating your opponents’ picks, but it also offers you in-draft advice to help you make solid decisions. And it follows up the completion of your mock draft with an instant analysis of how you performed.
Why should I do mock draft simulations when I can do live mock drafts instead?
We love doing mock drafts on sites like Yahoo and ESPN, but we created the Simulator to help fill some of the gaps that we see with traditional mock draft sites. Namely…
Live mock drafts take too much time.
How painful is it to wait for 11 other guys to make their picks when the draft doesn’t “count” for anything? Our tool lets you finish a complete draft in minutes!
Live mock draft results aren’t realistic.
Don’t you love when half the teams are on “auto-pick” and end up taking four QBs in a 1-QB league? Many sites use no logic to determine the opponent picks (other than taking the next guy on their ADP list). Our tool’s pick algorithm makes realistic picks for each team.
Your opponents don’t take the practice draft seriously.
How annoying is it when one of your opponents drafts a kicker in the first round just to be funny? Your draft is pretty much ruined from that point forward. Our tool doesn’t allow any bozos to pick against you.
Live mock draft sites may not offer post draft analysis. Who won the draft?
Wouldn’t it be nice to see the league’s projected standings immediately after the mock draft is finished? Our tool lets you instantly see the results based on your cheat sheet or a consensus of experts.
Give the Draft Simulator or one of our other fantasy football draft tools a try. It’s free and you can draft as many times as you want. Enjoy!
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