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Who Should I Draft?

Nolan Arenado or Yoan Moncada (2021)

Who Should I Draft? Player Summaries
Experts' Pick
  Nolan Arenado
3B - STL
Nolan Arenado
Yoan Moncada
Yoan Moncada
Recommended by
49 of 51 experts
Recommended by
2 of 51 experts
ECR# 30# 53
Best Rank# 9# 25
Worst Rank# 60# 99
Composite# 33# 95
Best Rank# 30# 68
Worst Rank# 42# 106
Home Runs3123
Stolen Bases28
Batting Average.274.259
Injury Alert--
Expert Ranks 
Andy Behrens
Yahoo! Sports
# 32# 64
Scott Pianowski
Yahoo! Sports
# 28# 45
Steve Gardner
USA Today
# 31# 52
Site Projections
# 29# 99
Grey Albright
# 34# 35
Greg Smith
The Fake Baseball
# 37# 51
Jeff Boggis
Fantasy Football Empire
# 31# 48
Beast Dome
# 9# 60
Fantasy Team Advice
# 39# 80
Luke Gloeckner
Mr. Cheatsheet
# 41# 55
Dave McKay
The Fantasy Sports Brain
# 29# 55
Andrew Gould
# 29# 48
Tim McCullough
Baseball Prospectus
# 30# 60
Rudy Gamble
# 60# 67
Wayne Bretsky
# 20# 50
Jake Ciely
The Athletic
# 41# 62
Joe Bond
Fantasy Six Pack
# 33# 59
Chris Meaney
# 26# 57
Andy Singleton
Expand The Boxscore
# 37# 55
Heath Capps
Fake Teams
# 19# 58
Adam Ronis
Fantasy Alarm
# 31# 41
Mario Mergola
# 24# 61
Nick Pollack
Pitcher List
# 47# 58
Nick Mariano
# 36# 42
Mike Maher
# 32# 57
Michael Waterloo
# 26# 57
Donkey Teeth
# 41# 55
Dan Harris
# 29# 50
Pierre Camus
# 29# 32
Andrew Seifter
# 32# 86
Max Freeze
Freeze Stats
# 38# 43
Jorge B. Edwards
Fantasy In Frames
# 18# 53
Dennis Sosic
Fantasy Six Pack
# 15# 26
Mick Ciallela
# 29# 52
Michael Petropoulos
BRoto Fantasy
# 45# 58
Ariel Cohen
# 41# 67
Ryan Amore
Pitcher List
# 53# 81
Todd D Clark
The Fantasy Fix
# 29# 60
Brendan Tuma
# 20# 37
Jacob W. Dunne
New Life Fantasy
# 17# 56
Carmen Maiorano
# 31# 74
Jordan Eisen
Field of Vision Sports
# 37# 70
Nate Miller
# 19# 77
Brad Camara
# 14# 53
Staff Rankings
Roto Ranks
# 31# 55
Corbin Young
# 51# 67
Chris Clegg
# 33# 48
Joe Pisapia
# 29# 57
Nicklaus Gaut
# 42# 48
Dalton Del Don
Yahoo! Sports
# 36# 25
Lucas Spence
Pitcher List
# 40# 36
Who Should I Draft? Player Statistics
  Nolan Arenado
3B - STL
Nolan Arenado
Yoan Moncada
Yoan Moncada
2020 Stats 
At Bats182200
Home Runs86
Stolen Bases00
Caught Stealing00
Batting Average.253.225
On Base Pct.304.320
Slugging Pct.434.385
On-base Plus Slugging.738.705
Who Should I Draft? Player Projections
  Nolan Arenado
3B - STL
Nolan Arenado
Yoan Moncada
Yoan Moncada
2021 Projections 
At Bats571555
Home Runs3123
Stolen Bases28
Caught Stealing13
Batting Average.274.259
On Base Pct.345.335
Slugging Pct.494.453
On-base Plus Slugging.839.789
Who Should I Draft? Player Notes
  Nolan Arenado
3B - STL
Nolan Arenado
Yoan Moncada
Yoan Moncada
 Nolan Arenado went 2-for-3 with a walk and a two-run home run in a 5-2 win over the Brewers on Monday night.
Lucas Spence
Mon, Sep 20th
Yoan Moncada went 2-for-4 in Tuesday's loss, hitting a single and a double while also drawing a walk and striking out once.
Ethan Biddle - The Work of Ethan Biddle
Tue, Sep 21st
 Nolan Arenado went 2-for-4 with a two-run home run in an 11-4 rout over the Mets on Wednesday.
Lucas Spence
Wed, Sep 15th
Yoan Moncada actually had two hits on the day, finishing 2-for-4 with a solo home run in the fourth inning to tie the game.
Ethan Biddle - The Work of Ethan Biddle
Thu, Sep 16th
 Nolan Arenado went 1-for-3 with a two-run home run in a 2-0 win over the Reds on Sunday.
Lucas Spence
Sun, Sep 12th
Yoan Moncada went 3-for-5 on Tuesday night, hitting two doubles along with a single and scoring once. He would also strike out once.
Ethan Biddle - The Work of Ethan Biddle
Wed, Sep 8th
 Nolan Arenado went 2-for-3 with a triple, two runs scored, three RBI, and the go-ahead, two-run home run in the bottom of the eighth inning to give the Cardinals a 6-4 win over the Reds on Saturday.
Lucas Spence
Sat, Sep 11th
Yoan Moncada was just 1-for-4, striking out three times. But his sole hit was a big one, as it drove in Chicago's only run.
Ethan Biddle - The Work of Ethan Biddle
Thu, Aug 26th
 Nolan Arenado went 1-for-3 with a pair of RBI in a loss to the Dodgers on Tuesday.
Lucas Spence
Tue, Sep 7th
Yoan Moncada went 3-for-5 in total, singling each time while also scoring a run.
Ethan Biddle - The Work of Ethan Biddle
Wed, Aug 25th
 On the bright side, Arenado struck out just 10% of the time, a career-best. On the down side, there was everything else. Arenado batted just .253 and put up a 162-game pace of 27 home runs, 78 runs, 88 RBI, and zero steals. Those numbers won't kill your fantasy team, but considering Arenado's worst numbers over the previous five seasons were 37 home runs, 97 runs scored, and 110 RBI, they were a disaster. The good news, at least from the standpoint of projecting Arenado into the future, is that he was dealing with an injured AC joint in his shoulder for most of the season. In other words, fantasy managers can largely ignore Arenado's poor 2020 numbers, and focus instead on how he will perform now that he's been traded to the Cardinals. Although there's likely to be some dip in his numbers, we've seen hitters leave the Rockies and largely retain their value (or, in the case of DJ LeMahieu, increase their value), The best part is you won't have to pay that first-round price anymore, and if his ADP drops after the trade to St. Louis, it should be easy to turn a profit.
Dan Harris - FantasyPros
If you're looking for reasons to throw out a player's 2020 season, Moncada's battle with COVID-19 offers you just that for him. His quality of contact dropped like a stone, he struck out a ton, and he went back to his old passive approach, rather than the aggressive one that had led to such gains in 2019. Moncada detailed his struggles after suffering from the virus, so it's a legitimate excuse and surely led to his struggles. Moncada is likely to hit about 25 home runs, and help you everywhere except perhaps batting average (though his .315 mark in 2019 shows his upside). Although he won't be a superstar, at a third base position that gets shallow quicker than expected, he makes a fine option you can wait on but who will offer plenty of production.
Dan Harris - FantasyPros
 The concern around Arenado leaving Coors may seem a bit overstated, but it is a legitimate concern. He has always been a superior hitter playing in Colorado and his statcast data has been on a steady decline for several years now. He is not someone I have been targeting in drafts.
Michael Petropoulos - BRoto Fantasy
Moncada had a very rough 2019 after dealing with Covid, and now is dealing with some arm soreness. Luckily the injury does not seem to bad. His ADP has dropped several rounds since last season and if he gets back into form, he will make those who passed on him look silly. He is not someone I am targeting in every single draft because spring training injuries are tough to gauge, but I have my fair share of Moncada.
Michael Petropoulos - BRoto Fantasy
 Arenado suffered a shoulder injury in his fifth game of the year in 2020. He played through it, and it clearly affected his power stroke. Instead of crushing doubles and homers over the heads of opposing outfielders, Arenado was weakly flying out. He was later shut down with a week left in the year, and I think it's fair to attribute his poor production to playing through injury. However, there will always be analysts knocking down Arenado for his move away from Coors Field. Yet savvy fantasy managers know by now that playing half your games in Coors hurts your road numbers more than any other park, so we can't simply view Arenado's road numbers as "who he truly is." For example, Matt Holliday's road OPS while with the Rockies was .803. While with the Cardinals? .853. I'm aggressively targeting Arenado anytime he lasts until Round 3 of drafts this spring, and I'll be sure to get some shares late in the second as well.
Brendan Tuma - FantasyPros