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2024 Fantasy Baseball Rankings (AL)

Expert Consensus Ranking (19 of 26 Experts) -

Rank Player (Team, Position) Overall Notes
1 Bobby Witt Jr. (KC - SS) 1 1.0
Bobby Witt Jr. showed up for his second season and made strides across the board. The 24-year-old played in 158 games and hit 30 home runs. He also stole 49 bases, scored 97 runs, drove in 96, and slashed .276/.319/.495. The sole knock against Witt is the team he plays for, but that seems like splitting hairs, considering he almost managed to go 100/100 anyway. Witt should be the first shortstop off the board in 2024, and if he's not someone else's, he should be yours.
2 Julio Rodriguez (SEA - CF) 2 3.0 +1.0
At the end of June 2023, no one would have said Julio Rodriguez should be a first-round pick in 2024 fantasy drafts. The 22-year-old had a slash line of .238/.302/.407 through the first three months of the season. Yet, his post-July performance was remarkable, hitting .312/.364/.561, contributing 32 HRs, 37 SBs, and over 100 runs and RBIs. Despite a 24.5% strikeout rate, his overall .279 average and balanced stats make him a strong OF1 for fantasy managers.
3 Kyle Tucker (HOU - RF) 3 2.0 -1.0
Kyle Tucker nearly achieved a 30/30 season and topped the American League with 112 RBIs last year. His walk rate hit a career-high of 11.9%, while his strikeout rate dropped to 13.6%. In 5x5 leagues, his .284/.369/.517 line was impressive. Tucker's consistent underlying metrics hint at sustained production, and he is poised for a 35/25 season in 2024. Don't forget about him in the first round on draft day.
4 Aaron Judge (NYY - CF,RF,DH) 5 5.0
In 2023, Aaron Judge played 106 games, the least since 2019. Despite this, he delivered impressive stats: a .267/.406/.613 slash line with 37 homers. While remarkable, these figures probably disappointed those who expected more from a Top 5 pick. Statcast ranks Judge at the absolute top of several metrics, including xwOBA, xSLG, avgEV, Barrel%, HardHit%, and BB%. Judge remains an offensive powerhouse, but some health risks put him at a better value as a second-round pick in 12-team leagues.
5 Juan Soto (NYY - LF) 4 4.0
Juan Soto delivered an impressive 2023 season, overcoming a sluggish start to finish with 35 homers, 109 RBIs, 97 runs, and 12 steals. His outstanding .410 OBP and .519 slugging, highlighted by a stellar 18.6% walk rate, underscore his advanced plate discipline. Despite a slightly higher strikeout rate at 18.2%, Soto remains a top pick, particularly in OBP leagues. Chances are good that the 25-year-old will be playing somewhere other than San Diego before hitting free agency in 2025; however, he is easily a Top-10 draft pick in all fantasy formats.
6 Jose Ramirez (CLE - 3B,DH) 6 7.0 +1.0
Jose Ramirez turned in another stellar season in 2023, hitting 24 home runs and stealing 28 bases while slashing .282/.356/.475. His other counting stats took a hit due to a subpar lineup around him. He only knocked in 80 and scored 87 across 156 games. Ramirez will be in his age-31 season, typically a time when stolen bases begin to slow down, but his superb batting skills will continue to have high fantasy value. If Cleveland does not improve the lineup around him, he is a first-round talent in a later-round situation that will leave fantasy managers wanting more.
7 Yordan Alvarez (HOU - LF,DH) 8 8.0
Despite missing 68 games in 2023, Yordan Alvarez showcased his exceptional batting skills. He posted a .293/.407/.583 line with 31 home runs and 97 RBIs, mirroring his 2022 RBI count in fewer games. Statcast ranks him in the 99th percentile for batting run value, underscoring his undeniable value in four fantasy categories. While his 18.5% strikeout rate is notable, his 13.9% walk rate compensates well. Alvarez is an excellent second-round choice for fantasy teams, especially if you're flexible with stolen bases.
8 Rafael Devers (BOS - 3B) 9 9.0
At 27 years old, Rafael Devers remains a linchpin in the Red Sox lineup. His 2023 season saw him at the plate 656 times, where he notched 157 hits, including 33 home runs and 100 RBIs, and scored 90 runs. His performance slightly dropped in batting average to .271 from .295 in 2022. Still, he maintained a solid on-base percentage of .351 and a slugging percentage of .500. Devers always seems to be overlooked in fantasy drafts. Still, he is a set-and-forget third baseman who will play 150+ games.
9 Marcus Semien (TEX - 2B) 10 13.0 +3.0
Marcus Semien excelled in the 2023 season with a .276 batting average across 670 at-bats. He demonstrated notable power, hitting 28 home runs and driving in 100 RBIs. Over his career, Semien has a .258 average with 215 home runs and 120 stolen bases. For the 2024 season, fantasy managers can look to Semien for consistent power and run production in a powerful lineup that should get even better as the young hitters come into their own. His ability to contribute in multiple categories and projections in the 25 HR and 100 RBI range, along with double-digit steals, should make him the top 2B off the board after Mookie Betts.
10 Corey Seager (TEX - SS) 12 11.0 -1.0
Corey Seager had an outstanding 2023. His rankings in the American League in batting categories were a batting average of .327 (2nd), OBP of .390 (3rd), SLG of .623 (2nd), and OPS of 1.103 (2nd). Seager's power was on full display, as he smashed 33 home runs, tying him for 5th in the AL, and he led the league in doubles with 42. Even with slight regression in store, the 29-year-old offers exceptional power numbers from a tough position and should be a Top 3 shortstop off the board.
11 Luis Robert Jr. (CWS - CF) 13 17.0 +4.0
In 2023, Luis Robert Jr. finally delivered on his potential, playing 145 games and hitting .264 with 38 homers, 20 steals, 90 runs, and 80 RBIs. Despite Chicago's weak lineup, Robert's performance was a bright spot, showcasing his power-speed blend vital for fantasy outfielders. His limited walks (5.0 BB%) and injury history remain concerns, but his healthy season boosts his draft appeal for 2024.
12 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (TOR - 1B,DH) 14 12.0 -2.0
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. played 156 games and raised his walk rate while lowering his strikeout rate. Those were the highlights. Unfortunately, his other numbers took a fall across the board. The good news for 2024 is that Vladdy's expected numbers were more in line with what fantasy managers were looking for when they drafted him. For his age-25 season, he should see a bounce back to mid-30s in homers and close to 100/100 in runs and RBIs. The biggest discrepancy was his .264 average compared to his xBA of .295. Vladdy should be an asset, but he is now a Round 3 or 4 guy.
13 Gunnar Henderson (BAL - 3B,SS) 16 16.0
Gunnar Henderson had an atrocious start to the 2023 season. He ended April with a .189 batting average and 29 strikeouts in 92 plate appearances, and May wasn't much better. In June, however, the stud prospect version appeared, and fantasy managers everywhere were rewarded for their patience. Henderson should continue his growth in his second full year in the majors, and a powerful Orioles lineup should keep his counting stats up. He is going to cost you, but the rewards could be league-winning.
14 Bo Bichette (TOR - SS) 17 21.0 +4.0
Bo Bichette had a down year in 2023, which kept him in line with more than one of his Blue Jays teammates. He batted .306, albeit with an inflated .355 BABIP, and hit 20 home runs. However, he scored only 69 runs and knocked in 73. He only swiped five bags in a year when stolen bases went up across the board. Since counting stats in the lineup are dependent on production around him, Bichette should see a bounceback in 2024 and land somewhere in the 90/90 range. The 25-year-old will help with batting average and could end up a steal in the fourth round, but the allure of him having first-round value is no more.
15 Randy Arozarena (TB - LF) 20 23.0 +3.0
Randy Arozarena stands out for his reliable performance, appearing in over 140 games for three consecutive seasons and achieving a 20/20 in each. While he has a solid walk rate of 12.2%, his batting average and strikeout rate rank in the 35th percentile. While these stats limit his reach as a comprehensive fantasy contributor, his power at the plate is undeniable. Arozarena is a dependable choice, and fantasy managers can bank on another 20/20 season in 2024.
16 Jose Altuve (HOU - 2B) 19 19.0
Jose Altuve began the season dealing with an injury he sustained in the World Baseball Classic. Upon his return, he delivered a stellar .311 batting average and .915 OPS in the 2023 season over 360 at-bats. His 14 home runs and 51 RBIs showcased his power, while 14 stolen bases highlighted his agility on the basepaths. Altuve's career stats, with a .307 average, 209 home runs, and 293 stolen bases, emphasize his long-term consistency and multi-dimensional play​​​​. In the 2023 postseason, he maintained a solid .286 average, adding to his reputation for performing in high-pressure situations. Altuve remains a prime fantasy pick in 2024, offering reliability in batting average and diverse category contributions.
17 Adolis Garcia (TEX - CF,RF) 22 24.0 +2.0
In 2023, Adolis Garcia smashed 39 home runs, notched 107 RBIs, and scored 106 runs, contributing significantly to his team's World Series victory. Although his stolen bases dipped to nine, his impressive stats in xSLG, AvgEV, Barrel%, and Hard Hit% show no signs of decline. Fantasy managers should be cautious during drafts, as his excellent postseason performance could inflate his value. Now a robust three-category player, Garcia is a complex but potentially rewarding pick.
18 Adley Rutschman (BAL - C,DH) 25 18.0 -7.0
Adley Rutschman arrived in 2023 in a big way. He slashed .277/.374/.435 and hit 20 home runs, drove in 80, and scored 84 times. The upstart Orioles offense is loaded with weapons, and the 26-year-old should continue to bat at the top of it. He will never steal bases, but he will protect your ratios better than any other catcher on the board. Don't be surprised when he is the first backstop drafted in 2024.
19 Mike Trout (LAA - CF) 26 27.0 +1.0
Mike Trout's performance in 2023 showcased his exceptional hitting abilities, though injuries limited him to just 82 games. Averaging slightly over 100 games annually since 2016 (excluding the 2020 shortened season), Trout's recent playing time has been inconsistent, with 82, 119, and 36 games in the last three seasons. His .263/.367/.490 slash line last season reflected a dip that can likely be attributed to a wrist injury. At 32, Trout's base-stealing days are behind him, with only 17 steals in the past five years. Additionally, his lineup may no longer include Shohei Ohtani. While a fully healthy Trout could warrant a first or second-round fantasy pick, relying on his full-season availability is risky. Trout remains a viable OF1, but drafting him as an OF2 with a plan for potential absences might be more prudent.
20 Royce Lewis (MIN - 3B) 28 30.0 +2.0
Royce Lewis is the latest Minnesota Twin to offer superstar-level stats with an unfortunate injury-prone profile. In 58 games last season, Lewis smacked 15 home runs, drove in 52 runs, and slashed .309/.372/.548. His average was inflated (xBA .265), but the power is very real. The 24-year-old's xwOBACON is .410; even though his xSLG was lower, it was still .476. An entire season of Lewis has first-round upside, but fantasy managers should draft him expecting fewer games. With a bit of luck, Lewis avoids becoming Byron Buxton 2.0, and those who draft him will be rewarded handsomely.
21 Josh Lowe (TB - CF,RF,DH) 32 38.0 +6.0
In 2023, Josh Lowe emerged as a fantasy gem, especially for those lucky enough to snag him off waivers. Lowe significantly bolstered fantasy lineups by contributing a solid .273/.323/.457 slash line, 20 homers, and 32 steals. His metrics indicate this performance wasn't a fluke, with high percentile rankings in expected batting average, slugging, and sprint speed. Looking ahead, Lowe shows promise for another 20/20 season, making him a valuable second or third outfielder in fantasy leagues that you can get in the seventh round.
22 Alex Bregman (HOU - 3B) 35 32.0 -3.0
Alex Bregman will turn 30 in 2024, and yet, he just keeps plugging away at the hot corner in Houston. He actually improved on all of his 2022 stats last season, hitting 25 homers, knocking in 98, and crossing the plate 103 times. His consistency in ratios is impressive, and fantasy managers can expect numbers in the ballpark of .265/.365/.450. He doesn't strike out and mashes lefties. Bregman is the overlooked-because-he's-boring guy that you can steal in the ninth round or later, and he should be well worth the pick.
23 Gleyber Torres (NYY - 2B) 37 37.0
Gleyber Torres rewarded fantasy managers who took a chance on him in 2023. He hit 25 home runs, stole 13 bases, and scored 90 runs in an offense that lacked Aaron Judge for two-thirds of the season. Now that Juan Soto is in tow, Torres should creep to the century mark in runs, and he no longer comes with the baggage of a bad K%. He reduced his strikeout rate from 22.6 percent to 14.6, and he used that increased contact to raise his batting average to .273 (xBA .283) and his OBP to .347 without losing anything in his slugging. Torres is a Top 10 second baseman in 2024.
24 Triston Casas (BOS - 1B) 38 41.0 +3.0
Triston Casas is the next star at the first base position. He took a leap in 2023 at the age of 23, hitting 24 home runs in 132 games with an impressive slash line of .263/.367/.490. He is in the 93rd percentile of BB% at 13.9 and the 92nd percentile in xwOBA at .370. His counting stats weren't great, only tallying 65 RBIs and 66 runs, but this should improve with the return of some key Boston players. He might come at a wild discount, going in the early 100s, but this will be the last time you will be able to get him there. He is worth reaching for because chances are good he will outproduce his ADP.
25 Spencer Torkelson (DET - 1B) 41 48.0 +7.0
Spencer Torkelson hit 31 home runs and drove in 94, and his ISO went from .117 to .213 in 2023. He ranked in the 94th percentile in hard-hit percentage at 50.9, and he should be in line for another 30/90 season in 2024. Torkelson can hopefully continue to improve his patience while reducing his strikeouts, and he may end up being a steal at his current 10th-round ADP.
26 Josh Jung (TEX - 3B) 42 50.0 +8.0
Josh Jung played 121 games for the World Series champs in 2023, and he arrived in fashion. The 25-year-old hit 23 home runs, scored 75 runs, knocked in 70, and slashed .266/.316/.467. Jung is in the 98th percentile in Sweet-Spot% at 41.9, but he struggled in typical rookie fashion with strikeouts (29.3 K%) and plate discipline (5.8 BB%). If he can get to that 150-game mark, he will land in the ballpark of 30 home runs and 100 RBIs. Not too shabby for a third baseman currently going ninth round of drafts.
27 George Springer (TOR - RF,DH) 43 43.0
At age 33, George Springer played in 154 games, marking a high since 2016. While achieving his first 20/20 season, Springer's hitting showed notable dips with career lows in batting average (.258), OBP (.327), and SLG (.405). His Statcast data reveals an average performance, except in Chase% and K%. Springer remains a crucial player atop the potent Blue Jays lineup, expected to regain power but lose a few stolen bases. For 2024, he's ideally suited as an OF3/4.
28 Yandy Diaz (TB - 1B,3B) 45 44.0 -1.0
Yandy Diaz broke out of his power deficiency in a big way in 2023. After hitting only nine home runs in 2022, the 32-year-old smacked 22 dingers while slashing .330/.410/.522 in 2023. He rescued many fantasy managers who waited too long on 3B in drafts by setting career highs across 137 games. That's the good news. The bad news is that Diaz will probably return to his regularly scheduled self in 2024, and he no longer has 3B eligibility in most leagues, leaving him among the middle-rounds first basemen. Drafting him in the 12th round or beyond feels right for next year, but don't let him be your first 1B. He's not going to save fantasy managers two years in a row.
29 Andres Gimenez (CLE - 2B) 47 57.0 +10.0
30 Evan Carter (TEX - LF) 48 47.0 -1.0
Evan Carter, at just 21, swiftly ascended through the Rangers' farm system, spending minimal time in Triple-A before his major league debut. In his brief 2023 stint with 75 plate appearances, he showed potential. Projected as the starting left fielder, Carter could hit around 15 homers and steal 20 bases, thanks to his solid on-base abilities. He's a promising pick in a strong lineup, but temper expectations as his impressive early stats may not sustain over a full season.
31 Josh Naylor (CLE - 1B,DH) 51 56.0 +5.0
Josh Naylor suffers from BatsInTheGuardiansLineupitis, but he offers enough upside to nab as a second or third corner infielder in the middle rounds. Naylor dealt with injuries in 2023, limiting him to 121 games. However, he hit 17 home runs and drove in 97 while slashing .308/.354/.489. He also kicked in 10 stolen bases for good measure. As long as he continues to bat behind Jose Ramirez, he should be a boon to the RBI category, but it's his 95th percentile xBA (.293) and K% (13.7) that makes him a valuable pick.
32 Anthony Santander (BAL - 1B,RF,DH) 53 53.0
In 2023, Anthony Santander's performance was a blend of pros and cons. While his home run tally dipped and strikeout rate rose, he improved his batting average to .257 and saw an uptick in key statistics. Heading into 2024, the 29-year-old faces more potential risks than gains. With Baltimore's wealth of emerging prospects, Santander's role could be at risk if he doesn't start strong.
33 Zack Gelof (OAK - 2B) 54 64.0 +10.0
Zack Gelof arrived on the scene in Oakland and appeared in 69 games, grabbing 300 plate appearances and demonstrating his future 20/20 ability. While it is difficult to have faith in any player in the Athletics organization, the advantage there is that it creates a discounted market for his services. Gelof is worth targeting in the 12th round or later, depending on how sharp your league is.
34 Vinnie Pasquantino (KC - 1B) 55 66.0 +11.0
Vinnie Pasquantino's 2023 shoulder injury cut his season short at 61 games. It was apparent he was dealing with something, as his usual stellar AVG and OBP dropped to .247 and .324. Assuming the shoulder is good to go, Pasquantino should be a significant boost to batting average and counting stats, batting close to Bobby Witt Jr.
35 Anthony Volpe (NYY - SS) 57 63.0 +6.0
Anthony Volpe's rookie season was less than ideal, though he hit 21 home runs and stole 24 bases. He slashed a miserable .209/.283/.383 and was below average in almost all Statcast hitting categories. Fantasy managers can expect another 20/20 season as well as improved counting stats in 2024, thanks to the lineup changes around him. However, there won't be enough improvement to warrant a draft pick prior to the 12th round.
36 Yainer Diaz (HOU - C,1B,DH) 59 45.0 -14.0
Yainer Diaz will probably be on every Sleepers list for 2024 drafts because he offers a ton of offense at a position that lacks it. The 25-year-old hit 23 home runs in 104 games while slashing an impressive .278/.306/.532. Yes, the OBP is low, which is attributable to his 2.9 percent walk rate. (If you're looking for the player in the first percentile in this category and Chase% (44), you've found him.) The good news is that his xBA is .288, and his xSLG is .543. He will get plenty of at-bats in Houston, and since defensive metrics don't matter in fantasy, he is definitely someone to target.
37 Cedric Mullins II (BAL - CF) 58 58.0
In 2023, by April's end, Cedric Mullins kicked off the season with 11 stolen bases. However, persistent injuries hampered his performance, resulting in a modest .233/.305/.416 and only 19 steals. If healthy, Mullins has the potential for 30 steals in 2024, but his poor batting may relegate him lower in the lineup of the promising Orioles team. His position may not be as secure as it has been in the past because of the wealth of talent in the Baltimore pipeline.
38 Riley Greene (DET - CF,RF) 61 70.0 +9.0
In 2023, Riley Greene showcased significant improvement, increasing his batting performance to .288/.349/.447 in just a few more games than the previous season. Statcast highlights his prowess with numerous red indicators. Expected to hit around 17 home runs this year, Greene is poised to become the key figure in the Tigers' youthful lineup. A reduction in strikeouts could further enhance his batting average and on-base percentage, potentially elevating him from a reliable OF3 to a promising OF2 in fantasy rankings.
39 Esteury Ruiz (OAK - LF,CF,RF) 63 61.0 -2.0
Esteury Ruiz, known for his significant stolen base numbers, presents a challenge for fantasy players. Despite an impressive 67 steals last year and a projected 50 this season, his overall performance raises concerns. Ruiz's advanced metrics, including xwOBA, xSLG, and hard hit rate, are notably low. His strikeout rate is decent, but his inability to draw walks limits his value. While he'll have ample opportunities to play for a non-competitive team, relying on him primarily for steals in fantasy baseball might come at a steep cost, given his limited contributions in other areas.
40 Masataka Yoshida (BOS - LF,DH) 64 67.0 +3.0
Masataka Yoshida impressed in his MLB debut, posting a .289/.338/.445 average and contributing 15 home runs, 71 runs, 72 RBIs, along with eight steals. Known for his low strikeout rate, Yoshida is expected to reach base even more in 2024. Surrounded by talents like Rafael Devers, the rising Triston Casas, and a potentially fit Trevor Story, his statistical output is poised to grow. Yoshida makes a reliable outfielder option, ideally as OF3 or OF4 in fantasy lineups.
41 Cal Raleigh (SEA - C) 65 62.0 -3.0
Cal Raleigh is the catcher you wait for if you don't care about batting average or on-base percentage. The 27-year-old led all catchers with 30 home runs while slashing .232/.306/.456. He strikes out a lot (27.8 K%), but he should drive in 80+ in 2024. Raleigh is the catcher that your league mates are most likely to forget. Grab him anytime after the 11th round as your C1.
42 Chas McCormick (HOU - LF,CF,RF) 69 77.0 +8.0
In his early career, Chas McCormick has shown notable progress in key offensive areas. Last season, he achieved 22 home runs, 19 steals, 70 RBIs, and scored 59 runs. At 28, he's reduced his strikeout rate to 25.6% and enhanced his ability to get on base. Despite a likely dip in batting average (expected BA .248), McCormick presents a dual threat of power and speed, eyeing a 20/15 season. His ongoing development suggests potential as a valuable third outfielder in fantasy lineups.
43 Salvador Perez (KC - C,1B,DH) 70 59.0 -11.0
Salvador Perez remained a staple of the Kansas City Royals lineup in 2023, playing in 140 games and racking up 580 plate appearances. He hit .254 with a miserable .292 OBP and .422 SLG. He hit 23 home runs for the second year in a row and drove in 80. His projections for 2024 suggest more of the same for the 33-year-old. Perez is a catcher who isn't going to drag down your batting average and give you 20+ homers. That is a rare bird; at his ADP of 133, he isn't a bad value in 2024.
44 Wyatt Langford (TEX - LF) NRI 71 80.0 +9.0
Emerging as a top contender for the 2024 AL Rookie of the Year, Wyatt Langford's rapid ascent through four minor league levels last year was impressive. He showcased his prowess in just 45 games and 200 at-bats with a .360/.480/.677 slash line, including 10 home runs, 36 runs, 30 RBIs, 12 steals, and 36 walks. Langford is poised to start as the designated hitter for the reigning World Series champions. Despite the expected adjustment to Major League pitching, Langford's offensive potential makes him a valuable asset for fantasy rosters this season.
45 Nathaniel Lowe (TEX - 1B) 75 87.0 +12.0
46 Edouard Julien (MIN - 2B,DH) 78 105.0 +27.0
47 Jarren Duran (BOS - LF,CF) 76 90.0 +14.0
48 Eloy Jimenez (CWS - RF,DH) 79 83.0 +4.0
Eloy Jimenez presents a mixed bag for fantasy managers. In 2023, he managed 120 appearances, his highest since 2019, with a .272 average and 18 homers. However, limited playing time in a struggling White Sox team capped his runs at 50 and RBIs at 64. Despite projections hinting at a power uptick in 2024, concerns linger. His xSLG stood at a modest .421, and he's yet to exceed 121 games in a season. Plus, he's now only DH-eligible, raising several caution flags for fantasy selection.
49 Isaac Paredes (TB - 1B,2B,3B) 90 69.0 -21.0
50 Jackson Holliday (BAL - 2B,SS) NRI 83 79.0 -4.0
51 Trevor Story (BOS - SS) 81 101.0 +20.0
52 Jonah Heim (TEX - C) 87 81.0 -6.0
53 Kerry Carpenter (DET - LF,RF,DH) 91 98.0 +7.0
Heading into 2024, Kerry Carpenter is a viable OF5 option, known for his power-hitting capabilities, evidenced by his 20 home runs. With a stronger lineup supporting him, expect an improvement in his previous tally of 57 runs and 64 RBIs. While his plate discipline could be better, given his low walk rate and considerable strikeouts, his draft value remains accessible, not requiring a high pick.
54 Steven Kwan (CLE - LF) 94 78.0 -16.0
Steven Kwan's biggest strength is his refusal to strike out. He is projected to strike out fewer than 70 times in over 600 plate appearances. His ability to hit for average, steal around 20 bases, and his third-highest BB/K ratio in all of baseball will boost your counting stats, even in the underwhelming Guardians lineup. His ADP of 168 provides a stable floor as an OF4 in five-outfielder leagues.
55 Junior Caminero (TB - 3B,SS) 88 91.0 +3.0
56 Bo Naylor (CLE - C) 96 95.0 -1.0
57 Logan O'Hoppe (LAA - C) 99 93.0 -6.0
58 Mitch Garver (SEA - C,DH) 105 100.0 -5.0
59 Daulton Varsho (TOR - LF,CF) 100 106.0 +6.0
60 Jorge Polanco (SEA - 2B,3B) 102 159.0 +57.0
61 Byron Buxton (MIN - DH) 112 123.0 +11.0
62 Andrew Vaughn (CWS - 1B) 122 121.0 -1.0
63 Carlos Correa (MIN - SS) 113 103.0 -10.0
64 Vaughn Grissom (BOS - SS) 98 113.0 +15.0
65 Brandon Drury (LAA - 1B,2B) 117 117.0
66 Justin Turner (TOR - 1B,2B,3B,DH) 111 102.0 -9.0
67 Ryan Mountcastle (BAL - 1B,DH) 115 133.0 +18.0
68 Tyler O'Neill (BOS - LF,CF) 109 112.0 +3.0
69 J.P. Crawford (SEA - SS) 101 108.0 +7.0
70 Brandon Lowe (TB - 2B) 107 166.0 +59.0
71 Jeremy Pena (HOU - SS) 116 119.0 +3.0
72 Davis Schneider (TOR - 2B) 137 238.0 +101.0
73 Ty France (SEA - 1B) 118 163.0 +45.0
74 Anthony Rizzo (NYY - 1B) 136 150.0 +14.0
75 Maikel Garcia (KC - 3B,SS) 140 145.0 +5.0
76 Colton Cowser (BAL - LF,CF,RF) 143 227.0 +84.0
77 Max Kepler (MIN - RF) 125 155.0 +30.0
78 Jose Siri (TB - CF) 124 197.0 +73.0
79 Alex Kirilloff (MIN - 1B,LF,RF) 133 205.0 +72.0
80 Brent Rooker (OAK - LF,RF,DH) 135 162.0 +27.0
81 Jose Abreu (HOU - 1B) 151 168.0 +17.0
82 Zach Neto (LAA - SS) 142 190.0 +48.0
83 Luis Rengifo (LAA - 2B,3B,SS,RF) 134 120.0 -14.0
84 Ryan Noda (OAK - 1B) 176 265.0 +89.0
85 Heston Kjerstad (BAL - DH) 144 235.0 +91.0
86 Taylor Ward (LAA - LF) 128 135.0 +7.0
87 Yoan Moncada (CWS - 3B) 192 246.0 +54.0
88 Austin Hays (BAL - LF,CF) 145 189.0 +44.0
Austin Hays, at 28, is a versatile yet unspectacular outfielder. He delivered 16 home runs, 67 RBIs, 76 runs, and five steals with a .275/.325/.444 batting line last season. Ideal as an OF5, Hays offers a reliable base for your roster without being a priority pick during the draft.
89 Anthony Rendon (LAA - 3B) 141 214.0 +73.0
90 DJ LeMahieu (NYY - 1B,2B,3B) 187 130.0 -57.0
91 Luke Raley (SEA - 1B,LF,CF,RF) 130 229.0 +99.0
92 Alex Verdugo (NYY - RF) 147 149.0 +2.0
93 Shea Langeliers (OAK - C) 150 161.0 +11.0
94 Austin Wells (NYY - C) 154 143.0 -11.0
95 Kyle Manzardo (CLE - 1B) NRI 159 151.0 -8.0
96 Jordan Westburg (BAL - 2B,3B) 163 158.0 -5.0
97 Colt Keith (DET - 2B,3B) 166 129.0 -37.0
98 Leody Taveras (TEX - CF) 152 178.0 +26.0
99 Matt Wallner (MIN - LF,RF) 164 208.0 +44.0
100 Giancarlo Stanton (NYY - RF,DH) 149 128.0 -21.0
101 Jorge Mateo (BAL - SS)   261.0  
102 Will Brennan (CLE - LF,CF,RF) 158    
103 Ryan Jeffers (MIN - C) 178 154.0 -24.0
104 Parker Meadows (DET - CF) 182 191.0 +9.0
105 Oscar Gonzalez (NYY - RF) NRI 165    
106 Willi Castro (MIN - 2B,3B,LF,CF) 160 172.0 +12.0
107 Danny Jansen (TOR - C) 180 144.0 -36.0
108 Andrew Benintendi (CWS - LF) 171 148.0 -23.0
109 Mitch Haniger (SEA - LF,RF) 168 207.0 +39.0
110 Alejandro Kirk (TOR - C) 191 146.0 -45.0
111 MJ Melendez (KC - C,LF,RF) 174 118.0 -56.0
112 Harold Ramirez (TB - LF,RF,DH) 169 219.0 +50.0
113 Nelson Velazquez (KC - LF,RF) 188 177.0 -11.0
114 Ezequiel Duran (TEX - 3B,SS,LF,DH) 193 221.0 +28.0
115 Connor Wong (BOS - C) 195 222.0 +27.0
116 Rene Pinto (TB - C) 197 236.0 +39.0
117 Ramon Laureano (CLE - CF,RF) 179    
118 Javier Baez (DET - SS) 184 216.0 +32.0
119 Carlos Santana (MIN - 1B) 201 224.0 +23.0
120 Ryan O'Hearn (BAL - 1B,RF) 189 231.0 +42.0
121 Mark Canha (DET - 1B,LF,RF,DH) 203 187.0 -16.0
122 Amed Rosario (TB - 2B,SS) 194 225.0 +31.0
123 Hunter Renfroe (KC - 1B,RF) 153 201.0 +48.0
124 Ceddanne Rafaela (BOS - SS,CF) 205 160.0 -45.0
125 Tyler Soderstrom (OAK - C,1B)   253.0  
126 Jake Rogers (DET - C) 213 209.0 -4.0
127 Brooks Lee (MIN - SS) NRI   245.0  
128 Nolan Schanuel (LAA - 1B) 215 203.0 -12.0
129 Zach McKinstry (DET - 2B,3B,SS,LF,RF) 218 195.0 -23.0
130 Jonathan Aranda (TB - 1B)   277.0  
131 Michael Massey (KC - 2B) 222 250.0 +28.0
132 Matt Vierling (DET - 3B,LF,CF,RF) 214 252.0 +38.0
133 Curtis Mead (TB - 3B) 219 223.0 +4.0
134 Christian Vazquez (MIN - C) 224 141.0 -83.0
135 Jasson Dominguez (NYY - CF) IL60 225 131.0 -94.0
136 Coby Mayo (BAL - 1B,3B) NRI   157.0  
137 Seth Brown (OAK - 1B,LF,RF) 227    
138 Freddy Fermin (KC - C)      
139 Mauricio Dubon (HOU - 2B,SS,LF,CF)   200.0  
140 Wilyer Abreu (BOS - LF,CF)   234.0  
141 Mickey Moniak (LAA - LF,CF,RF)      
142 Oswald Peraza (NYY - 2B,3B,SS) 226    
143 Drew Waters (KC - CF,RF)      
144 Nick Pratto (KC - 1B,LF)      
145 Taylor Walls (TB - 2B,3B,SS)      
146 Oscar Colas (CWS - CF,RF)   258.0  
147 Gavin Sheets (CWS - 1B,RF)      
148 Josh Rojas (SEA - 2B,3B)   170.0  
149 Colson Montgomery (CWS - SS) NRI   215.0  
150 Akil Baddoo (DET - LF)      
151 Cavan Biggio (TOR - 1B,2B,3B,RF)   239.0  
152 Kyle Farmer (MIN - 2B,3B,SS)   270.0  
153 Isiah Kiner-Falefa (TOR - 3B,LF,CF)   243.0  
154 Jordan Diaz (OAK - 1B,2B,3B)      
155 Jo Adell (LAA - CF,RF)      
156 Korey Lee (CWS - C)      
157 Jose Miranda (MIN - 3B)   272.0  
158 Everson Pereira (NYY - LF)      
159 Trent Grisham (NYY - CF)      
160 Gio Urshela (DET - 1B,3B,SS)   276.0  
161 Justyn-Henry Malloy (DET - 3B,LF) NRI      
162 Brayan Rocchio (CLE - 3B,SS)   281.0  
163 Kyle Isbel (KC - CF)      
164 Adam Frazier (KC - 2B)   287.0  
165 Oswaldo Cabrera (NYY - 2B,3B,SS,LF,RF)   283.0  
166 Jace Jung (DET - 2B) NRI   266.0  
167 Gabriel Arias (CLE - 1B,3B,SS,RF)      
168 Kevin Kiermaier (TOR - CF)   247.0  
169 JJ Bleday (OAK - LF,CF,RF)      
170 Andy Ibanez (DET - 2B,3B,LF,RF)      
171 Marcelo Mayer (BOS - SS) MiLB   192.0  
172 Luis Urias (SEA - 2B,3B)   232.0  
173 Orelvis Martinez (TOR - 2B,3B,SS)      
174 Corey Julks (HOU - LF)      
175 James McCann (BAL - C)      
176 Ramon Urias (BAL - 1B,2B,3B)      
177 Santiago Espinal (TOR - 2B,3B,SS)      
178 Lenyn Sosa (CWS - 2B,3B)      
179 Estevan Florial (CLE - CF)      
180 Reese McGuire (BOS - C)      
181 Myles Straw (CLE - CF)      
182 Bobby Dalbec (BOS - 1B)      
183 Matt Thaiss (LAA - C)      
184 Trevor Larnach (MIN - LF,RF)      
185 Josh H. Smith (TEX - 3B,SS,LF)      
186 Miguel Andujar (OAK - RF)      
187 Aaron Hicks (LAA - CF,LF,RF)      
188 Garrett Hampson (KC - 2B,SS,LF,CF,RF)