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2024 Fantasy Baseball Rankings (NL)

Expert Consensus Ranking (43 of 44 Experts) -

Rank Player (Team, Position) Overall Notes
1 Ronald Acuna Jr. (ATL - RF)1 1.0
Ronald Acuna Jr. is a top pick for all 2024 fantasy leagues. At 25, he showcased his prowess in 2023 by playing 159 games with a .337/.416/.596 slash line. His remarkable performance included 41 homers, 106 RBIs, and 149 runs. Impressively, he also stole 73 bases. Acuna excelled against nearly all pitch types and maintained a low strikeout rate of 11.4%. Despite a slightly lower walk percentage, he redefined a five-category fantasy player. If you have the top pick, don't overthink it.
2 Mookie Betts (LAD - 2B,SS,RF)2 2.0
Mookie Betts, at 30, continues to be an elite asset in fantasy baseball with a .307/.408/.579 slash line, 39 homers, 126 runs, and 107 RBIs in 2023. Though his 14 stolen bases are modest, Betts compensates with power and a superb eye, boasting a 13.9% walk rate and an elite 15.4% strikeout rate. He continued to be durable, playing in 152 games with 693 plate appearances. As Betts ages, expect a trade-off of speed for power, yet with a sustained high average. The Dodgers' strong lineup bolsters him, and his multi-position eligibility makes him a dependable, Top-6 fantasy asset.
3 Corbin Carroll (ARI - LF,CF,RF)3 3.0
Corbin Carroll arrived on the scene in 2023 and immediately showcased his power and speed, launching 25 homers and swiping 54 bases. He crossed the plate 116 times and notched 76 RBIs. With a solid .362 on-base percentage, Carroll stands out, especially given his top-tier speed, ranked in the 99th percentile. There is concern that his OBP was slightly inflated, which could slightly dampen his numbers, but he is still a solid first-round pick. Carroll's contact skills hint at sustained high-level performance into 2024 and beyond.
4 Fernando Tatis Jr. (SD - RF)4 6.0 +2.0
In 2023, Fernando Tatis Jr. showed a deceiving decline, batting .257/.322/.449 post-suspension. Yet, a deeper look reveals a promising expected slash line of .282/.332/.511, with a low BABIP (.299) impacting his performance. Tatis achieved a career-low strikeout rate (22.2%), hitting 25 homers and swiping 29 bases. A weaker team offense hinders him, so his overall stats don't reflect his potential. Avoiding off-field mishaps, Tatis, at 25, is a strong candidate for a significant rebound. He's a steal in drafts if available at a reduced price.
5 Michael Harris II (ATL - CF)16 17.0 +1.0
Michael Harris II finished with a .293/.331/.477 slash line, along with 18 homers, 76 runs, and 20 steals. Positioned as the starting center fielder for 2024 with minimal competition, Harris, despite potential bust predictions, offers valuable five-category contributions for fantasy teams. He's not an exciting OF1, but he'll fit the bill if you wait a few rounds.
6 Cody Bellinger (CHC - 1B,CF)28 26.0 -2.0
Cody Bellinger notably outperformed expectations with a .307/.356/.525 slash line against his predicted .270/.331/.437. He is returning to the Cubs on a three-year, $80 million contract with opt-outs after each of the first two years. Wrigley Field is a great landing spot for him overall, but Bellinger presents a challenge for fantasy managers, with caution advised due to the typical decline following a standout season. While a 20/20 season is plausible, managers should temper expectations for a repeat of his 2023 performance.
7 Jazz Chisholm Jr. (MIA - CF)30 34.0 +4.0
Jazz Chisholm's 2022 season with the Miami Marlins was limited to 97 games due to injuries. Despite this, he showcased his talent with 19 home runs and 22 stolen bases. His advanced metrics indicated struggles, notably with a high strikeout rate over 30% and a drop in walk rate. Chisholm also experienced a decrease in sprint speed, ranking in the 78th percentile, likely impacted by a turf toe injury, which was surgically addressed in October. Looking ahead to 2024, if he stays healthy, Chisholm has the potential to achieve over 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases, along with 70-80 RBIs and runs. However, he will no longer be eligible as a second baseman, affecting his versatility in fantasy lineups.
8 Nolan Jones (COL - 1B,LF,RF)31 27.0 -4.0
Nolan Jones made a significant impact in the 2023 season, showcasing his power and speed as a 20/20 player in Colorado. With an impressive .297/.389/.542 slash line and a strong Barrel% of 15.7, Jones is a reliable source of power and on-base ability (xwOBACON .475). However, his high .401 BABIP suggests his batting average might decline. Despite a high strikeout rate around 30%, Jones's combination of power, walks, and 15-20 stolen bases, especially in Coors Field, makes him a valuable fantasy asset, albeit with a potential downside in batting average.
9 Christian Yelich (MIL - LF,DH) IL1033 37.0 +4.0
In 2023, Christian Yelich bounced back impressively, showcasing a potent mix of power and speed with 19 homers, 106 runs, 76 RBIs, and 28 steals. His .278 batting average matched his expected average, underlined by a top-tier Hard-Hit% in the 93rd percentile. Yelich's on-base skills shone, too, reaching a .370 OBP, partly thanks to the new shift rules. Despite a less-than-stellar Brewers lineup, he surpassed 100 runs, a trend likely to continue in 2024. While nagging back issues are a concern, a healthy Yelich offers strong outfield value, fitting comfortably as an OF3 with potential for more.
10 Kyle Schwarber (PHI - LF,DH)36 32.0 -4.0
Kyle Schwarber is one of the most predictable players in fantasy baseball. He will hit bombs (40+). He will score runs (100+). He is going to drive in teammates (100+). And he will absolutely crater your batting average (.197 in 2023). These stats seem like a "The sun rises in the East" type of guarantee. Schwarber does get on base, thanks to a 17.5% walk rate, and he continued to hit atop a powerful Phillies batting order. You just need to decide if you're punting the average category before you take him because you don't get to be surprised by it later.
11 Bryan Reynolds (PIT - LF,CF,RF)39 41.0 +2.0
Bryan Reynolds, consistently selected in the 8th or 9th rounds, delivers reliable value in those slots. Though his batting average has dipped below .270 in recent seasons, he maintains steady on-base skills with a potential for over 20 homers annually. His 12 stolen bases last season reflect adaptability to new baserunning rules, offering a well-rounded fantasy profile. After signing an eight-year extension with the Pirates in 2023, Reynolds epitomizes a stable and dependable fantasy option.
12 Seiya Suzuki (CHC - RF) IL1049 59.0 +10.0
In 2023, Seiya Suzuki found his groove with the Cubs, showcasing the skills fantasy managers anticipated in 2022. At 29, he presents a balanced offensive profile, combining a solid batting average with respectable power. His discerning eye at the plate (19.8% Chase rate) and solid walk rate (10.1%) add to his value. While Suzuki may not top the fantasy charts, he's a reliable option as an OF3/4 in most fantasy setups.
13 Nick Castellanos (PHI - RF)56 56.0
Nick Castellanos, with his consistent power, is a solid pick for an OF2/3 in 2024. Last year, he belted 29 homers, notched 106 RBIs, scored 79 runs, and swiped 11 bases, all while maintaining a .272 average. At 31, his low walk rate (5.4%) and high chase rate (41%) persist, but his spot in a potent lineup featuring Bryce Harper and a revitalized Trea Turner should help him maintain near 100 RBIs. Castellanos is a wise middle-round selection, especially for RBI contributions.
14 Teoscar Hernandez (LAD - DH,LF,RF)58 63.0 +5.0
Teoscar Hernandez appeared in 160 games in his season with Seattle, echoing his typical performance. He notched 26 home runs, tallied 93 RBIs, and scored 70 runs. Excelling in hard hits (90th percentile) and a 13.8% barrel rate, Hernandez is expected to maintain a batting average of around .250. Landing in Los Angeles to bat in the middle of that powerhouse lineup, Hernandez suddenly has extremely high upside in counting stats. Beware of the premium that many fantasy managers will put on all 2024 Dodgers, but at the right price, Hernandez can be a high-end OF3.
15 Lane Thomas (WSH - CF,RF)62 64.0 +2.0
During the 2023 season, Lane Thomas surpassed expectations with 28 home runs, 20 stolen bases, and 101 runs, emerging as a surprise fantasy asset from the waiver wire. However, a high .325 BABIP inflated his .268 average, well above his career norm. Projections for 2024 suggest a respectable 20 homers and 15 steals, but a modest .310 OBP could limit his overall fantasy impact. Caution is advised in drafting him, as his inflated 2023 performance may lead to an overvalued pick in early rounds.
16 Jordan Walker (STL - LF,RF)61 66.0 +5.0
In his debut season, Jordan Walker showcased potential with a .276 average, .342 OBP, and .445 slugging. His performance included 16 home runs and seven steals. Despite a challenging year for the Cardinals, Walker's power was evident. Expectations for 2024 lean towards a 20-homer, 10-steal output, but his full potential is yet to be fully realized.
17 Spencer Steer (CIN - 1B,2B,3B,LF)64 53.0 -11.0
Spencer Steer is expected to be eligible for 1B/3B/OF, and possibly even 2B in some formats. With a solid 2023 season of 156 games, 23 homers, and 15 steals for the Reds, Steer is a promising fantasy pick. Batting in the middle of an exciting lineup with huge potential, he's on track to surpass his 86 RBI from last year. While not standing out in advanced metrics, Steer's consistent performance offers value in Round 9 and beyond, and the fact he plays half his games at Great American Ballpark is a plus for fantasy managers.
18 Jackson Chourio (MIL - CF,RF)68 72.0 +4.0
19 Marcell Ozuna (ATL - LF,DH)71 74.0 +3.0
In 2023, Marcell Ozuna shined for the Atlanta Braves, hitting 40 homers in 144 games and posting a .274/.346/.558 batting line. Ranking in the top 98% for both xwOBA (.400) and xSLG (.558), Ozuna is poised for another strong year in 2024, backed by Atlanta's formidable lineup. However, fantasy managers should note he's likely to be DH-only in their lineups.
20 Jorge Soler (SF - RF,DH)75 83.0 +8.0
In 2023, Jorge Soler demonstrated formidable power, blasting 36 homers while racking up 77 runs and 75 RBIs. With a .376 xwOBA, placing him in the top tier of hitters, the 31-year-old showcased his strength despite a high 24.3% strikeout rate. His standout ISO of .262 highlights his offensive prowess. Now a free agent, Soler's future lineup impact is uncertain, yet he's expected to maintain his 30+ home run potential and possibly surpass 90 runs and RBIs. Additionally, he retains outfield eligibility, avoiding fantasy limitations.
21 Ian Happ (CHC - LF)77 87.0 +10.0
Ian Happ offers a reliable fantasy outfield option with a projected 20-25 home runs and a solid on-base percentage despite an average batting average. In the previous season, he added value with 14 stolen bases, 86 runs, and 84 RBIs, fitting the profile of a dependable third or fourth outfielder. Happ has an impressive walk rate (14.3%) and a strong health record. Remaining with the Cubs under a new three-year deal, he's poised to maintain his position high in the batting order.
22 James Outman (LAD - LF,CF)85 93.0 +8.0
In his debut season, James Outman showed early promise before his performance dipped, with a high strikeout rate (31.9%) and modest xBA (.228). While his minor league track record indicates potential for a reduced strikeout rate and a solid OBP, expectations remain cautious for his second year. Outman carries a potential for 20 homers and 15 steals and benefits from playing in a lineup known for its offensive output.
23 Brandon Nimmo (NYM - LF,CF)87 102.0 +15.0
Brandon Nimmo stands out as a valuable fantasy asset. Last year, he tallied 24 homers, scored 89 times, knocked in 68 runs, and swiped three bases. Boasting a .274/.363/.466 slash line, he emerges as a top choice in OBP leagues, especially in latter third of the draft. Although his strikeout rate saw a minor increase, his Statcast data confirms his robust capabilities. As an OF4/5, Nimmo is an excellent late-draft addition to strengthen fantasy lineups.
24 Christopher Morel (CHC - 2B,3B,CF,DH,MI,OF,RF)97 101.0 +4.0
25 Starling Marte (NYM - RF)105 115.0 +10.0
26 Lourdes Gurriel Jr. (ARI - LF,DH)109 113.0 +4.0
Lourdes Gurriel, Jr., joined Arizona through the Daulton Varsho deal and impressed in his free agency lead-up. He achieved personal highs with 24 homers and 65 runs. Known for his solid contact hitting, ranking in the top 77% for HardHit%, Gurriel faced a dip in BABIP, likely to rebound in 2024. As a valuable OF5 pick, he's a great late-round draft choice.
27 J.D. Martinez (NYM - LF,DH) MiLB104 121.0 +17.0
28 Jack Suwinski (PIT - LF,CF,RF)115 125.0 +10.0
Jack Suwinski is an extremely late-round pick who offers power in the 25-homer range and can get on base at an above-average clip. He is a liability in batting average and any league in which strikeouts count against you. (He has a K% of 32.2.) There aren't many guys with this type of power near his current ADP of 292, which is where his value lies.
29 Jung Hoo Lee (SF - CF)111 120.0 +9.0
30 Lars Nootbaar (STL - LF,CF,RF)114 122.0 +8.0
Lars Nootbaar's 2023 season was hindered by injuries, including issues with his thumb, back, and a painful foul ball incident to his groin. Despite these setbacks, his potential remains high for 2024. With his proven on-base prowess and solid contact skills, Nootbaar is a promising pick for fantasy teams. If he stays injury-free, expect around 20 homers and a chance for 10 steals. His role as the leadoff hitter against right-handers in the Cardinals' uncertain lineup secures his playing time. Nootbaar is a valuable late-round draft choice for fantasy managers, especially if he maintains good health.
31 Jarred Kelenic (ATL - LF,CF,RF)124 123.0 -1.0
In 2024, 24-year-old Jarred Kelenic could finally fulfill his long-discussed breakout potential. Although labeled as a "Quad-A" player, Kelenic's brief stint in Tacoma showcased his prowess. However, his return to Seattle saw a challenging 31.7% strikeout rate. Despite this, his expected stats outperform his actuals, with an impressive xwOBACON of .458, placing him among the elite. With the trade to Atlanta, he lands in a much better lineup, which is a double-edged sword. He should see plenty of right-handed pitching, and his RBI total should leap. However, he could find himself losing playing time if he struggles. The Braves certainly have a breadth of stud hitters to fill the spot. He is a last-round flier at best.
32 TJ Friedl (CIN - LF,CF) IL10116 97.0 -19.0
In 2023, TJ Friedl surpassed projections, but a decline is likely ahead. His actual stats were .255/.335/.429, higher than his predicted .240/.290/.321. With 18 home runs and over 20 steals, his potential remains if he keeps leading the batting order, possibly yielding 80 runs. His strong Whiff% and K% don't guarantee an improved OBP. Caution against valuing him based on his 2023 performance; expect lesser results in 2024.
33 Tommy Edman (STL - 2B,SS,CF,RF) IL10119 107.0 -12.0
34 Kris Bryant (COL - 1B,RF,DH) IL10132 127.0 -5.0
35 Sal Frelick (MIL - CF,LF,RF)131 141.0 +10.0
36 Henry Davis (PIT - C,RF)129 132.0 +3.0
37 Jake Fraley (CIN - LF,RF,DH)135 166.0 +31.0
38 Bryan De La Cruz (MIA - LF,RF,DH)137 145.0 +8.0
39 Brendan Donovan (STL - 1B,2B,CI,LF,RF)141 150.0 +9.0
40 Will Benson (CIN - LF,CF,RF)138 151.0 +13.0
41 Gavin Lux (LAD - 2B,LF,OF)144 143.0 -1.0
42 Jeff McNeil (NYM - 2B,LF,RF)152 147.0 -5.0
43 Whit Merrifield (PHI - 2B,LF)160 131.0 -29.0
44 Victor Scott (STL - CF) MiLB147 194.0 +47.0
45 Joc Pederson (ARI - LF,DH)166 226.0 +60.0
46 Charlie Blackmon (COL - RF,DH)183 183.0
47 Brandon Marsh (PHI - LF,CF)198 174.0 -24.0
48 Alek Thomas (ARI - CF) IL10202 191.0 -11.0
49 Harrison Bader (NYM - CF)167 234.0 +67.0
50 Jake McCarthy (ARI - CF,RF)174 211.0 +37.0
Projected as Arizona's starting left fielder, Jake McCarthy brings exceptional speed, ranking in the 98th percentile, making him a decent pick for NL-only fantasy leagues. However, his value is less pronounced in mixed leagues, so he's either your last pick or waiver wire fodder.
51 LaMonte Wade Jr. (SF - 1B,LF,RF)168 239.0 +71.0
52 Brenton Doyle (COL - CF)200 247.0 +47.0
53 Pete Crow-Armstrong (CHC - CF) MiLB199 182.0 -17.0
54 Jesus Sanchez (MIA - LF,CF,RF)179 263.0 +84.0
55 Michael Conforto (SF - LF,RF)206 228.0 +22.0
56 Chris Taylor (LAD - 3B,SS,LF)205 206.0 +1.0
57 Johan Rojas (PHI - CF)189 224.0 +35.0
58 Garrett Mitchell (MIL - CF) IL60190 221.0 +31.0
59 Adam Duvall (ATL - CF,LF,RF)217 204.0 -13.0
60 Eddie Rosario (WSH - LF,CF)188 279.0 +91.0
61 Andrew McCutchen (PIT - RF,DH)220 199.0 -21.0
62 James Wood (WSH - CF,OF,RF) MiLB194 196.0 +2.0
63 Luis Matos (SF - LF,CF,RF) MiLB219 285.0 +66.0
64 Randal Grichuk (ARI - LF,CF,RF)347 344.0 -3.0
65 Jesse Winker (WSH - LF,DH)164 400.0 +236.0
66 Joey Gallo (WSH - 1B,LF,CF,RF)214 236.0 +22.0
67 Nick Senzel (WSH - 3B,LF,CF,RF)224 269.0 +45.0
68 Mike Yastrzemski (SF - LF,CF,RF)210 240.0 +30.0
69 Patrick Wisdom (CHC - 1B,3B,OF)240 229.0 -11.0
70 Dylan Carlson (STL - CF,RF) IL10298 332.0 +34.0
71 Connor Joe (PIT - 1B,LF,RF)255 346.0 +91.0
72 Nick Gordon (MIA - 2B,LF,CF)369 371.0 +2.0
73 Michael A. Taylor (PIT - CF)321 331.0 +10.0
74 Victor Robles (WSH - CF) IL10268 339.0 +71.0
75 Hunter Goodman (COL - 1B,RF) MiLB342 281.0 -61.0
76 Edward Olivares (PIT - DH,LF,RF)332 289.0 -43.0
77 Jason Heyward (LAD - CF,RF) IL10290 249.0 -41.0
78 Sean Bouchard (COL - RF)292 318.0 +26.0
79 Dylan Crews (WSH - CF,OF) MiLB277 178.0 -99.0
80 Alec Burleson (STL - 1B,LF,RF,DH)262 334.0 +72.0
81 Stone Garrett (WSH - LF,RF) IL10362 315.0 -47.0
82 Tyrone Taylor (NYM - LF,CF,RF)334 340.0 +6.0
83 Mike Tauchman (CHC - CF,RF)344 323.0 -21.0
84 Joey Wiemer (MIL - CF,RF)291 301.0 +10.0
85 Jurickson Profar (SD - LF)335 369.0 +34.0
86 Avisail Garcia (MIA - LF,RF)408 395.0 -13.0
87 Kike Hernandez (LAD - 1B,2B,3B,CF,CI,LF,SS)322 192.0 -130.0
88 Joshua Palacios (PIT - LF,CF,RF) MiLB413 370.0 -43.0
89 Jordan Beck (COL - CF,LF,OF,RF) MiLB     
90 Cristian Pache (PHI - LF,CF)     
91 DJ Stewart (NYM - DH,RF)432 355.0 -77.0
92 Austin Slater (SF - LF,CF,RF)452 451.0 -1.0
93 Jacob Young (WSH - CF)356 357.0 +1.0
94 Blake Sabol (SF - C,LF) MiLB340 271.0 -69.0
95 Brennen Davis (CHC - LF,OF,RF) MiLB391    
96 Jake Bauers (MIL - 1B,LF,RF)401 348.0 -53.0
97 Ji Hwan Bae (PIT - 2B,CF) MiLB  304.0  
98 Jakob Marsee (SD - CF,OF) MiLB429 363.0 -66.0
99 Stuart Fairchild (CIN - LF,CF,RF)384    
100 Michael Toglia (COL - 1B,RF)354    
101 Blake Dunn (CIN - CF,OF) MiLB374    
102 Jacob Hurtubise (CIN - CF,LF,OF,RF) MiLB415    
103 Eric Haase (MIL - C,LF) MiLB377 297.0 -80.0
104 Jose Azocar (SD - LF,CF,RF)439 396.0 -43.0
105 Owen Caissie (CHC - OF,RF) MiLB397 435.0 +38.0
106 Jake Cave (COL - 1B,LF,RF)  283.0  
107 Andy Pages (LAD - CF,OF,RF)406 411.0 +5.0
108 Juan Yepez (WSH - 1B,LF,RF) MiLB437 386.0 -51.0
109 Alexander Canario (CHC - DH,OF,RF)435 381.0 -54.0
110 David Peralta (CHC - LF,RF) MiLB457    
111 Zac Veen (COL - LF,OF,RF) MiLB434 387.0 -47.0
112 Wade Meckler (SF - CF) MiLB431    
113 Alex Call (WSH - LF,CF,RF) MiLB447 448.0 +1.0
114 Sam Hilliard (COL - CF) MiLB423    
115 Rece Hinds (CIN - OF,RF) MiLB     
116 Ildemaro Vargas (WSH - 2B,3B,LF,SS)     
117 Jake Alu (WSH - 2B,LF) MiLB444 428.0 -16.0
118 Blake Perkins (MIL - LF,CF,RF)442    
119 Weston Wilson (PHI - LF,OF) MiLB     
120 Miles Mastrobuoni (CHC - 2B,3B,RF) MiLB449    
121 Tyler Fitzgerald (SF - SS,CF)451 431.0 -20.0
122 Nick Martini (CIN - LF,DH)456    
123 Jett Williams (NYM - SS,CF) MiLB     
124 Tim Locastro (SD - LF) MiLB455    
125 Cal Mitchell (SD - LF,RF) MiLB     
126 Dane Myers (MIA - CF) MiLB