2018 Fantasy Baseball ROS Rankings

Expert Consensus Ranking (2 of 14 Experts) -
Rank Player (Team, Position) Overall Notes
1 Mike Trout (LAA - CF,DH)   1 1 1.0 0.0 1.0  
Just when you thought Trout couldn't get any better, he takes his game to the next level. His current pace is a line of .336-138-57-114-29, which is, to put it mildly, absurd. He's hitting the ball harder than ever, he's maintained his drop in strikeout rate, and he's taking a free pass whenever it's offered. He's in a tier unto himself, and could be in line for an historic season.
2 Mookie Betts (BOS - CF,RF)   2 3 2.5 0.5 10.0  
Betts showed last year that even in a down season, he can still be a valuable contributor to a fantasy season. So it's not a surprise that when he puts together a strong season, he becomes one of, if not the single best player in fantasy. Betts' current pace is .355-172-62-124-14, and he's even missed a few games due to injury. As crazy as it might seem, he is putting up numbers that rival Mike Trout's ridiculous paces. Betts is likely to regress somewhat, but it's seems unlikely, absent a major injury, that he'll finish outside the top-5 by the end of the season.
3 Jose Ramirez (CLE - 2B,3B)   2 3 2.5 0.5 22.0  
After a brief slow start, Ramirez came on with a vengeance, showing that not only was last year's improvement not a fluke, but he was only going to get better. In addition to maintaining (and actually improving) his power stroke, Ramirez has upped his walk rate to an impressive 12.1% and cut his strikeout rate. He has firmly established himself as an elite fantasy player, and any remote concerns about his seemingly out of nowhere surge last year should be put to rest.
4 J.D. Martinez (BOS - LF,RF,DH)   4 4 4.0 0.0 23.0  
It should be no surprise that Martinez is having such a tremendous season, he batted over .300 each of the past three seasons with more HR/PA than Giancarlo Stanton last year. As it stands now, he may be a top 5 fantasy baseball player overall.
5 Bryce Harper (CF,RF) FA   5 7 6.0 1.0 6.0  
Harper began the year on fire before a lack of lineup help led to him seeing fewer and fewer pitches to hit, and his numbers dropping significantly. A move to the leadoff spot toward the beginning of May seems to have rejuvenated Harper, and he should continue to produce elite numbers as the Nationals get healthier as the season progresses. He'll likely eventually be moved from the leadoff spot, but for now, enjoy the boost in runs scored. There's little to worry about with the slugger.
6 Paul Goldschmidt (ARI - 1B)   6 7 6.5 0.5 7.0  
Goldschmidt has quietly gotten off to an extraordinarily slow start this year, with just a .744 OPS through May 11. He's batting just .218 on the season and, most noticeably, has a 30.2% strikeout rate, significantly up from his 22.4% career mark. The humidor is certainly having an effect, but four home runs and 12 RBI as we approach the quarter-pole of the season is a little ridiculous. There's no reason to think that Goldschmidt has suddenly lost it as an elite hitter, and chances are there is an enormous hot streak coming. There's little reason to be concerned.
7 Nolan Arenado (COL - 3B)   6 11 8.5 2.5 3.0  
Arenado is about as consistent a player as there is in fantasy. Sure, he's both walking and striking out a bit more than he usually does, but the rest of his numbers are right in line with his past few seasons, all of which have been utterly elite. A lack of stolen bases is the only thing keeping Arenado from being in the discussion for the best player in all of fantasy.
8 Christian Yelich (MIL - LF,CF,RF)   5 14 9.5 4.5 42.0  
Yelich may not be the greatest source of power, but he will finish the season with both 20 homers and 20 steals while batting over .300 and scoring over 100 runs. That is a top 10 outfielder without question and there is no sign of regression coming.
9 Francisco Lindor (CLE - SS)   8 13 10.5 2.5 20.0  
Despite not hitting for much power in the minors, Lindor has changed his game in the majors. After hitting 33 home runs in 2017, he's on pace to easily surpass that number though almost a third of the season. His drastic jump in strikeout rate (18.5% through Memorial Day weekend) suggests that his .290 batting average may be due for some regression, but make no mistake - he's a legitimate power-hitting shortstop and perhaps the best option at the position.
10 Alex Bregman (HOU - 3B,SS)   9 12 10.5 1.5 39.0  
After starting incredibly slow for the second year in a row, Bregman has begun to turn his season around of late. He is among the best buy-low candidates in fantasy baseball right now and we can expect somewhere in the neighborhood of a 20/20 season with a useful batting average.
11 Manny Machado (3B,SS)   8 14 11.0 3.0 16.0  
It isn't recommended that you sell Machado high at this point. He is in a contract year and realizing his potential so this is likely not a fluke. Ride the improvement the rest of the season.
12 Giancarlo Stanton (NYY - LF,RF,DH)   10 12 11.0 1.0 8.0  
Stanton has been a disappointment, but don't forget that Manny Machado and Anthony Rizzo had terrible starts to their 2017 seasons before bouncing back in a major way. Stanton will too so do not sell him low.
13 Ronald Acuna (ATL - LF,CF)   10 19 14.5 4.5 114.0  
Acuna has not been the world beater since his call up that everyone expected. He certainly hasn't been terrible, but if he continues to slide backward, be ready to make a trade offer to a disappointed owner. He's got loads of value the remainder of the season.
14 Freddie Freeman (ATL - 1B,3B)   11 20 15.5 4.5 19.0  
So long as Freeman doesn't end up with a flukey injury again this season, he should now be regarded as the top fantasy first basemen ahead of Rizzo, Votto and even Goldschmidt. Freeman should end with near 35 homers, 10 steals and a batting average well over .300.
15 Javier Baez (CHC - 2B,3B,SS)   13 21 17.0 4.0 126.0  
We've been waiting for the breakout for a few seasons and when it finally seemed like it might never come, Baez decided to break out. What he has been doing so far appears to be legitimate so don't attempt to sell him high.
16 Andrew Benintendi (BOS - LF,CF)   9 26 17.5 8.5 40.0  
Benintendi seems to be the only Boston hitter who isn't off to a great start. He will eventually get his numbers back on track, however, so don't start getting the idea to sell him.
17 Trea Turner (WSH - SS)   16 21 18.5 2.5 4.0  
Turner hasn't been the top five fantasy player many expected, but he may still finish with 20 homers and 40 steals, which clearly makes him no slouch. If he wants to return top 20 value, however, we will need to see the batting average soar over the second-half.
18 Khris Davis (OAK - LF,DH)   15 24 19.5 4.5 64.0  
Davis has the low batting average, like always, but is somehow on pace for 50 homers and 140 RBIs. Neither of those numbers will likely hold, but it goes without saying that he has been an incredibly useful fantasy asset thus far.
19 Jose Altuve (HOU - 2B)   17 22 19.5 2.5 2.0  
Altuve is doing his typical solid work, hitting for an elite batting average while scoring and driving in runs at an excellent pace. But, through May 6, he has just two home runs and one steal on the season. There's no reason to expect Altuve to take a significant dip in power after hitting 24 home runs in each of the past two seasons, but the drop in steals is a bit worrisome. Like his teammate George Springer, Altuve may have recognized that with an incredibly strong offense behind him, he simply doesn't need to steal to generate runs. Altuve should be a top fantasy player once again, but his lack of stolen bases may be a sign of things to come.
20 Charlie Blackmon (COL - CF)   19 22 20.5 1.5 9.0  
Blackmon has been nowhere near as useful this season as last year, but that doesn't mean his career is on the downward. There is still a chance he performs as the top overall fantasy baseball player over the second half just like he did for all of 2017.
21 Anthony Rizzo (CHC - 1B,2B)   17 26 21.5 4.5 21.0  
Don't panic and sell Rizzo for half of what he is worth. Just take a look at how his season started last year and where his final numbers ended up and you'll feel significantly better about his slow start in 2018.
22 Matt Carpenter (STL - 1B,2B,3B)   15 31 23.0 8.0 145.0  
Carpenter is hitting with a career-best hard hit rate, but that's about the only positive takeaway from his season. His 27.9% strikeout rate is easily a career high, and despite hitting the ball in the air more, he has just three home runs. That's resulted in a .145 batting average (based on a .183 BABIP) and Carpenter losing playing time. He's too talented a player to continue
23 Eugenio Suarez (CIN - 3B)   18 32 25.0 7.0 194.0  
Suarez has been one of the biggest breakout players over the last calendar year. This season, he is on pace for well over 100 RBIs, 30 homers and is batting .312. Whatever you do, don't even consider selling him high, since this is where his value will likely stay.
24 Juan Soto (WSH - LF,RF)   24 31 27.5 3.5    
After a scorching start, Soto has slowed down a bit. Still, he is batting over .300 as a teenager with a pro-rated 25 homer, 85/85 RBI/run pace. He should still fade a little more, but is no doubt a top 30 fantasy outfielder already and destined to be one of the best in baseball someday soon.
25 Lorenzo Cain (MIL - CF)   27 29 28.0 1.0 82.0  
Cain may remarkably finish the season with fewer than 50 RBIs and his 15 homer pace isn't anything to write home about, but he has been tremendous in the other three primary categories and for that, he should be regarded as a top 20 fantasy outfielder for now.
26 Anthony Rendon (WSH - 3B)   28 30 29.0 1.0 46.0  
Rendon has been missing time with a toe injury, but with the Nationals placing him on the DL, it seems as though they will not allow the issue to linger. Perhaps you can buy him low with his owner probably panicked.
27 Whit Merrifield (KC - 1B,2B,CF,RF,DH)   16 45 30.5 14.5 77.0  
It doesn't seem as though Merrifield will lead the league in stealing again this year, but 30 is a possibility, which paired with a .300 average and plenty of runs makes him a top 100 fantasy asset, just as he was expected to be heading into drafts.
28 Scooter Gennett (CIN - 2B,3B,LF)   28 34 31.0 3.0 190.0  
Scooter is back to pummeling baseballs after a difficult start. He is now batting well over .300 and on pace for 30 homers on the season. At this point, he needs to be owned and started in every league.
29 Rhys Hoskins (PHI - 1B,LF)   30 32 31.0 1.0 41.0  
Hoskins has been nowhere close to the same player we saw at stretches in the second half last season. Rather, the batting average is lackluster and the power is merely mediocre. This is more in line with what you ought to expect the remainder of the season.
30 Jean Segura (SEA - SS)   29 36 32.5 3.5 75.0  
The batting average has been exceptional from Segura and he may challenge for the league lead by the end of the season if he keeps it up. A 25 stolen base pace doesn't hurt either. At this rate, he looks to be a top 50 fantasy pick in next season's drafts.
31 Joey Votto (CIN - 1B)   20 48 34.0 14.0 17.0  
Votto's power hasn't quite picked up this season, as he is on pace for fewer than 20 homers. keep in mind, however, that he is notoriously a tremendous second-half player. You may be able to get him at a discount on the trade market.
32 Kris Bryant (CHC - 3B,RF)   34 35 34.5 0.5 15.0  
Bryant has not exactley been bad, but based on where fantasy owners selected him, they have to be kicking themselves. You'd have to think he will pick up some more homers in the second half, but even then he would still finish below 25.
33 Justin Turner (LAD - 3B)   23 48 35.5 12.5 95.0  
Turner is back with the Dodgers and batting in the middle of the order. This is no longer a top-tier offense like we've grown used to seeing, but he can still produce plenty of runs to go along with what will likely be one of the best batting averages in baseball.
34 Trevor Story (COL - SS)   25 46 35.5 10.5 101.0  
Story is not hitting for much in the way of batting average, but he is on pace for a 30/30 season which would be tremendous for a shortstop. Fantasy owners can deal with a batting average in the 240s with that kind of power/speed combo.
35 George Springer (HOU - CF,RF,DH)   36 37 36.5 0.5 27.0  
Springer has been a disappointment to fantasy owners so you may be able to pick him up via trade before your league's deadline. While he might not hit 35 homers or bat .270, his second half expectactions are still that of a top 12 fantasy outfielder.
36 Starling Marte (PIT - LF,CF)   25 49 37.0 12.0 53.0  
Marte has hit the DL with an oblique strain and will likely miss a few weeks as a result. He has been phenomenal this season as part of the surprisingly great Pirates' offense. Expect more of the same when he returns.
37 Ozzie Albies (ATL - 2B)   39 41 40.0 1.0 130.0  
Albies was a favorite breakout candidate by many in the fantasy, and while it looks great so far, he is almost certainly not going to keep up Carlos Correa type numbers for the full season. Expect him to fall back quite a bit, and maximize on his trade value if you are able.
38 Xander Bogaerts (BOS - SS)   33 50 41.5 8.5 69.0  
Many expected Bogaerts to be among the top players at the position this season, and while he hasn't been bad, there is no question that several have passed him up. If 2018 drafts were today, he'd merely be a fringe top 100 pick.
39 Carlos Correa (HOU - SS)   18 68 43.0 25.0 14.0  
Correa wasn't doing a ton before he went on the DL, but keep in mind that he has MVP type upside at the plate. He should not be sold low and if you do not own him, don't hesitate to feel out the other owner to see if you can land him at a discount.
40 J.T. Realmuto (MIA - C,1B)   33 56 44.5 11.5 129.0  
Realmuto missed the first two weeks or so with an injury, but he's been better than he's ever been since his return. As of May 7, he is significantly outperforming his career-best marks in batting average (.328), OBP (.403), slugging percentage (.547), walk rate (8.2%), and strikeout rate (11%). The fact that he's doing all this with essentially zero protection in the lineup only makes it all that more impressive. Realmuto is a prime candidate to be dealt at the trade deadline, and if he goes to a more hitter-friendly venue, he should perhaps overtake Buster Posey as the No. 2 catcher in fantasy.
41 Nelson Cruz (RF,DH) FA   38 51 44.5 6.5 52.0  
Cruz is no longer at the top of his game, but that doesn't mean he has fallen off the table like Jose Bautista and others did. Rather, Cruz should still hit 35 homers with near 100 RBIs and a decent bating average.
42 Miguel Andujar (NYY - 3B,DH)   39 55 47.0 8.0 365.0  
When Andujar was called up, it seemed like only a matter of time before Torres took his job, but he is absolutely mashing and until that changes, he's got the job on lock down. Grab him now if he is still available.
43 Cody Bellinger (LAD - 1B,LF,CF)   40 54 47.0 7.0 26.0  
Bellinger has not had the most impressive start to the season, and while there is something to the sophomore slump theory, it is more likely that Bellinger will just heat up as the weather does. As of Mid-May, he is among the best buy-low candidates in all of fantasy baseball.
44 Gleyber Torres (NYY - 2B,SS)   47 47 47.0 0.0 292.0  
Now that Torres is called up, he should be owned in every single league. He's got a Michael Brantley type of offensive game to him, but will qualify at 2B, 3B and SS before long unlike Brantley. Torres may be a top 100 pick next season.
45 Marcell Ozuna (STL - LF)   27 68 47.5 20.5 45.0  
As the weather heats up, so too will Ozuna's bat. Don't be quick to try getting rid of him via trade. However, if you don't own him, now is the time to try to pounce on a disappointed owners misfortune.
46 Justin Upton (LAA - LF,DH)   41 55 48.0 7.0 49.0  
Upton doesn't have much help in the Angels lineup outside of Trout and he won't help you in batting average at all, but chances are, you will gladly take 35 homers and 90 RBIs. That is what Upton should give you for this final stat-line this year.
47 Jonathan Villar (BAL - 2B,CF)   43 54 48.5 5.5 199.0  
Villar's speed hasn't been as impressive two date as it was two years ago when he stole 60+ bags, but the batting average is where we were hoping it would be and 30+ steals and double digit homers would put him well beyond his ADP expected value.
48 David Peralta (ARI - LF,RF)   42 58 50.0 8.0 280.0  
Peralta has bounced back well this year, batting .288 and on pace for 30 homers. He doesn't offer much else and shouldn't be played versus lefties, but is a reliable fifth outfielder for now.
49 Aaron Hicks (NYY - LF,CF,RF)   40 62 51.0 11.0 246.0  
50 Edwin Encarnacion (CLE - 1B,DH)   44 59 51.5 7.5 48.0  
Typically, it makes no sense to sell a star who started their season slowly, but in this particular case it may actually be reasonable. At his old age, there is no guarantee he will bounceback so don't hesitate to feel out the trade market to see what you might be able to get.
51 Jesus Aguilar (MIL - 1B)   53 53 53.0 0.0 606.0  
You may not have noticed, but Aguilar has quietly been one of the best hitters in the National League. His OPS is nearing 1.000 and while statcast data indicates some regression, even a large drop off would leave him as a surefire fantasy starter.
52 Michael Brantley (LF,DH) FA   35 73 54.0 19.0 244.0  
While it never seems to last long, Brantley is healthy and when he is healthy, he should be owned in every league. He is a good bet to bat over .300 with both a hint of power and speed.
53 Rougned Odor (TEX - 2B,DH)   52 57 54.5 2.5 136.0  
Odor may be continuing his struggles from last season, but he is nowhere close to being worthy of a drop. Last season his batting average was terrible, but middle infielders who hit 30 homers and steal 15 bases don't grow on trees.
54 Matt Chapman (OAK - 3B)   45 66 55.5 10.5 268.0  
Many expected Chapman to hit north of 30 homers, but at this rate, he would be lucky to surpass 20. That won't cut it, nor will his 55 RBI pace and .250 average. If you are desperate, he isn't a bad option, but chances are, your waiver wire has stronger choices at the hot corner.
55 Shin-Soo Choo (TEX - LF,RF,DH)   49 66 57.5 8.5 256.0  
Choo has been exceptional this season as we have seen for months at a time during his career. He will almost certainly not continue his current pace, however, so don't buy him as a top 20 outfielder, but if you own him, perhaps you can find a buyer who believes in him.
56 Mitch Haniger (SEA - CF,RF)   46 70 58.0 12.0 237.0  
Haniger is beginning to slow down, but still on pace to hit 40 homers and bat near .300. Both should continue to see some regression, but there is no denying the fact that he is among the most improved hitters in baseball this season.
57 Aaron Judge (NYY - RF,DH)   23 95 59.0 36.0 18.0  
Those worried that Judge's 2017 season was a mirage should be relaxed by this point. Everything he did last year, he's repeating this year, and if anything, he's only getting better, cutting his strikeout rate by a few percentage points. Absent an injury, Judge should be a lock for a 120-40-120 season, and will likely be considered an elite fantasy talent for the rest of his career.
58 Daniel Murphy (1B,2B) FA   44 77 60.5 16.5 76.0  
Daniel Murphy is back in the bigs now and is struggling but it shouldn't last too long. If you are in need of a middle infielder, put a feeler out there for Murphy, who his owner might not remember is Jose Altuve minus the steals in fantasy baseball.
59 Nicholas Castellanos (DET - 3B,RF)   59 65 62.0 3.0 106.0  
Castellanos may not be in a good lineup, but his batted ball rates have been incredible. He may be worth acquiring via trade before the weather heats up and all these balls fly out of the yard.
60 Raul Adalberto Mondesi (KC - 2B,SS)   50 75 62.5 12.5 478.0  
61 A.J. Pollock (CF) FA   37 89 63.0 26.0 66.0  
Pollock will miss around six weeks thanks to a thumb injury sustained from diving. This might be your opportunity to acquire a player who was on pace for a 40/35 season before the injury. He is among the top 15 fantasy players when he is healthy.
62 Nick Markakis (RF) FA   64 64 64.0 0.0 379.0  
While Markakis may still be batting over .300, he has come crashing back down to earth over the past month. He can still be started in every league, but is no longer a top 30 fantasy outfielder.
63 Travis Shaw (MIL - 3B)   61 72 66.5 5.5 85.0  
The batting average is merely mediocre for Shaw this season, but when he is on pace for 90 RBIs, 80 runs and 30 homers, you can forgive him for a minor annoyance in one category. His second half is likely to look similar to what we've seen so far.
64 Josh Donaldson (3B,DH) FA   42 108 75.0 33.0 29.0  
Eventually Donaldson will be back on the field, likely by early August, and when he does return, don't expect the .230 batting average to continue. More likely, he will return to being a tremendous offensive asset, but maybe a step below what we've been used to seeing.
65 Ryan Zimmerman (WSH - 1B)   69 84 76.5 7.5 146.0  
Zimmerman has started the season with lousy statistics, but his batted ball rates are through the roof. This tells us that his numbers will emerge sooner or later. Don't give up on him yet. As long as he stays hea;thy, he should be owned and started everywhere.
66 Dee Gordon (SEA - 2B,CF)   43 112 77.5 34.5 31.0  
Gordon is finally starting to bounce back, now bringing the average up to .280. By the end of the year, it may approach .300, which with 40+ steals would make him an excellent fantasy middle infielder, just not quite as much as we were all expecting.
67 Max Muncy (LAD - 1B,2B,3B,LF,RF)   56 103 79.5 23.5    
Muncy has cooled down, but still has an absurd 15 homers in 157 at bats thus far. He ought to be started every day regardless of the matchup unless he turns into a dud for a full month. At this point, there is just too much potential to bench him.
68 Matt Olson (OAK - 1B,RF)   72 87 79.5 7.5 120.0  
Olson started heating up a few weeks ago and is now entirely on fire. He leads all of baseball in hard-hit percentage and could very well end the season with 40+ homers. Granted, the batting average won't be useful, but it should end up north of .230.
69 Mike Moustakas (3B,DH) FA   65 95 80.0 15.0 121.0  
While Moose isn't hitting for average, the power has shown up once again and he should end north of 30 homers. There is a chance for quite a bit more, however, if he were to be dealt at the deadline to a team with a ballpark more conducive to homers than Kansas City.
70 Andrew McCutchen (NYY - CF,RF) FA   67 94 80.5 13.5 79.0  
McCutchen has been a tremendous disappointment this season with a sub-standard batting average and lack of both steals and power. He may kick it into gear to close to season like we saw last year but he may not be a top 100 fantasy player any more.
71 Stephen Piscotty (OAK - RF)   76 87 81.5 5.5 275.0  
The overall numbers for Piscotty at this point in the season haven't been great, but over the past month, he has kicked it into gear and may just stick here with a strong batting average and a sufficient number of homers, RBIs and runs.
72 Gary Sanchez (NYY - C,DH)   70 101 85.5 15.5 24.0  
Although Sanchez is on the DL and hitting like garbage so far this season, the catcher position is such a wasteland in fantasy that he may still be the top catcher for the remainder of the season. Continue to start him regardless of your league settings when he returns.
73 Robinson Cano (SEA - 2B)   80 91 85.5 5.5 70.0  
After breaking his hand, we sound after found out that Cano was dropping his appeal for an 80 game suspension. If you can afford to hold him on the DL for that long, he will have 40 games of quality baseball for you at the end of the season.
74 Joey Gallo (TEX - 1B,3B,LF)   67 105 86.0 19.0 105.0  
If you are disappointed in what Gallo has done so far (.213 BA and 7 HR) then you clearly didn't know who he was when you drafted him. This 50 home run pace might stick for the season and I'll be no one will complain about his crummy batting average when that comes to pass.
75 Wilson Ramos (C,DH) FA   69 103 86.0 17.0 195.0  
Ramos got off to a terrible start in 2018, but a hot stretch in late-April turned his season around. As of May 7, he's sitting with a .964 OPS and an increased walk rate of 7.1%. In a year where there is a true dearth of reliable options at catcher, Ramos has firmly established himself as a solid starter in all leagues, who should provide plus value so long as he remains healthy.
76 Tommy Pham (TB - LF,CF)   79 94 86.5 7.5 57.0  
Just because Pham is off to a killer start doesn't mean it is wise to sell him. This is what he did last year as well and he received MVP votes as a result. Get used to seeing Pham as one of the best fantasy outfielders in baseball.
77 Willy Adames (TB - 2B,SS)   80 93 86.5 6.5 560.0  
78 Hunter Renfroe (SD - LF,RF)   51 126 88.5 37.5 358.0  
79 Didi Gregorius (NYY - SS)   75 102 88.5 13.5 107.0  
Gregorius has taken significant steps forward over his last 50 games, and the power seems legitimately here to stay. With that said, he still has some work to do before he catches the Seagers and Lindors of the first tier.
80 Jonathan Schoop (MIL - 2B)   84 93 88.5 4.5 61.0  
Now that Schoop is back from injury, he should yet again be regarded as a top 100 overall player for the rest of the season. Sure, he has struggled in every part of the game, but that 13 homer pace is likely to end up around 25 with a respectable batting average.
81 Wil Myers (SD - 1B,LF,RF)   74 104 89.0 15.0 68.0  
It's been a lost year so far for Myers, who has already been on the disabled list twice, and remains there with an oblique injury. The Padres have had a rough season but they've discovered a few bats that could make the offense passable once Myers returns, and could provide him with more runs and RBI opportunities. If he gets healthy soon, expect him to produce solid numbers the rest of the season, as was initially expected.
82 Ramon Laureano (OAK - RF)   82 97 89.5 7.5    
83 Carlos Santana (PHI - 1B,RF)   83 96 89.5 6.5 144.0  
You may not be impressed by Santa's lackluster batting average, but he is on pace for 25+ homers and nearly 100 RBIs and runs, so don't think for one second about moving him to your bench or even dropping him.
84 Paul DeJong (STL - 2B,SS)   88 91 89.5 1.5 149.0  
DeJong was hitting for a ton of power (roughly a 40-homer pace), but will be sidelined indefinitely with a fractured hand. His long-term value was a little questionable anyway given his strikeout rate, though there was little reason to question his power. DeJong is worthy stash in rotisserie leagues with multiple DL spots, but he's likely going to miss at least a month or more with his hand injury, making him droppable if you need the room.
85 Matt Kemp (LAD - LF,RF)   63 118 90.5 27.5 278.0  
Kemp won't hit 30 homers anymore and the speed is completely gone, but batting .280+ is definitely in the cards. With that said, if you own him, don't hesitate to see what you can get for him on the trade market.
86 Jose Martinez (STL - 1B,LF,RF)   73 108 90.5 17.5 281.0  
If you were wondering if Martinez is the real deal, look no further than his batted ball data, which is among the elite hitters in baseball since he joined the Cardinals last season. You may actually still be able to trade for him at a discount compared to what he is worth.
87 DJ LeMahieu (2B) FA   60 122 91.0 31.0 109.0  
LeMahieu was working on an outstanding season before a hamstring injury sidelined him and then a thumb injury knocked him out of action for the foreseeable future. The thumb sprain (with a small fracture) should likely keep LeMahieu out until about mid-June, but the second baseman has established himself as a must-start option upon his return. Chipping in with his usual solid batting average and runs scored production, an increased fly-ball percentage had helped LeMahieu hit five home runs in just 32 games. In other words, he was well on his way toward besting his career-best 11 long-balls, while also maintaining the rest of his numbers. Expect him to come back strong when the time comes.
88 Elvis Andrus (TEX - SS)   71 113 92.0 21.0 65.0  
Andrus is among the top buy low candidates. Granted, he is on the disabled list for another month or two, but based on how he began his season, you may find his owner to be impatient and far underestimate what he should do the remainder of the season.
89 Harrison Bader (STL - LF,CF,RF)   79 105 92.0 13.0 614.0  
90 Tim Anderson (CWS - SS)   61 127 94.0 33.0 225.0  
Tim Anderson is not only stealing bases at an elite clip, but he has had a bit of a power surge this season. It has come at the expensive of his batting average, but with his 20 HR, 50 SB rate, Anderson has become a top 10 fantasy shortstop.
91 Adam Jones (CF,DH) FA   92 97 94.5 2.5 123.0  
If Jones gets traded, we would likely see a big boost in runs and RBIs, as Baltimore's offense is just too lousy to support him in those categories. Otherwise, he remains a mediocre fourth outfielder in fantasy leagues.
92 Jed Lowrie (2B,3B) FA   62 129 95.5 33.5 491.0  
Lowrie is not a star, nor are his numbers sustainable over a full year. It is possible, of course, that he is in fact much better than he has been in the past. If you can, sell him high while he is still mashing.
93 Ian Kinsler (2B) FA   85 111 98.0 13.0 169.0  
The batting average is dreadful, but Kinsler is offering both power and speed to offset the difficulties getting on base. He is by no means an ideal starting second basemen in fantasy, but you could certainly do worse.
94 Michael Conforto (NYM - LF,CF,RF)   57 141 99.0 42.0 179.0  
Conforto is nowhere near who he once was. Perhaps the shoulder is still an issue, but whatever it is, he can't be rostered until he starts batting .250 or hitting homers.
95 Kyle Schwarber (CHC - LF)   60 139 99.5 39.5 156.0  
Schwarber is back to a crummy batting average after showing some life earlier in the year. He is still hitting dingers, however, and could end the season with around 35 plus 80/80 RBIs and runs. That is a combo any owner would be glad to have in their lineup every day.
96 Jose Abreu (CWS - 1B,DH)   52 149 100.5 48.5 37.0  
Abreu has slowed down a bit since his blazing start, but he is reliable enough that you can now consider him above players like Bellinger, Encarnacion and Hoskins who were all drafted ahead of him in fantasy leagues.
97 Jose Peraza (CIN - 2B,SS)   58 143 100.5 42.5 239.0  
You won't be jumping for joy if Peraza is on your fantasy team, but he is certainly doing his part with a 30 steals pace, solid .290 average and plenty of runs. Continue to start him with confidence the rest of the year.
98 Marcus Semien (OAK - SS)   74 128 101.0 27.0 251.0  
Semien hasn't exactly hit for the same pop as we grew used to seeing, but his batting average has improved in what seems to be a trade-off. He is still a solid source of power and speed, plus this improved A's offense will provide your fantasy lineup plenty of runs and RBIs from Semien.
99 Andrelton Simmons (LAA - SS)   89 114 101.5 12.5 214.0  
Not only is Simmons the best defender in all of baseball, but his offense has developed into a strong second-tier type of player. He is on pace for 15 homers and 20 steals to go with a tremendous batting average. That .342 line won't keep up all year, but .300 is a legitimate possibility.
100 Nomar Mazara (TEX - LF,RF,DH)   81 123 102.0 21.0 157.0  
Mazara is gearing up for a comeback in a few weeks and when he returns, fantasy owners will get a four category contributor that can be played as a fourth outfielder every time he faces a right-handed pitcher.
101 Franmil Reyes (SD - LF,RF)   98 106 102.0 4.0    
102 Ender Inciarte (ATL - CF)   98 109 103.5 5.5 125.0  
Don't look now, but Ender is on pace for 15 homers and (jaw hits the floor) 70 stolen bases. All of this while batting a measly .264. That could very well improve to near .300 and when it does, Ender may just end up stealing near 80 bags.
103 Kole Calhoun (LAA - RF)   101 112 106.5 5.5 269.0  
104 Todd Frazier (NYM - 3B)   63 179 121.0 58.0 241.0  
Frazier is expected to come off the DL within the next few weeks, but when he does, don't scramble to pick him up. Not only is the batting average a disaster, but his power has apparently disappeared off the face of the earth. Just wait and see with him at this point.
105 Brian Dozier (2B) FA   77 140 108.5 31.5 30.0  
Dozier is off to a rough start in 2018, with just a .698 OPS through late May. There are certainly some disconcerting signs, such as a drop in his hard contact rate and a spike in his soft contact rate. But really, this is nothing new for Dozier, who has a career .748 OPS in the first half and an .813 OPS in the second half. His strikeout rate is actually down and his walk rate remains right in line with his career norms. In other words, despite the slow start, it's a good bet that Dozier will once again have a big second half and finish with his typical numbers.
106 Carlos Gonzalez (RF) FA   107 111 109.0 2.0 250.0  
Don't be so quick to give up on Car-Go. Keep in mind that he was a top 50 pick in fantasy drafts last year for a reason. Plus, he heated up over the second-half last year to bat over .300. We ought to expect something similar from the Rockies' outfielder in 2018.
107 Odubel Herrera (PHI - CF)   76 145 110.5 34.5 207.0  
Herrera has been unbelievable this season with a .361 batting average. That is almost certainly going to come down, but the power and speed may both improve too, leaving Herrera as a sure-fire top 80 fantasy player at this point.
108 Kendrys Morales (TOR - 1B,DH)   96 125 110.5 14.5 282.0  
Morales is nothing special in any one category, but he also won't kill you in batting average and has enough power to justify owning if you are desperate.
109 Yasiel Puig (LAD - RF)   99 124 111.5 12.5 103.0  
Puig is back on the DL, but should return shortly. When he does, expect much of the same, where he contributes in all five categories, but is merely mediocre in each one.
110 Tyler White (HOU - 1B)   109 116 112.5 3.5    
111 Ian Desmond (COL - 1B,LF)   78 152 115.0 37.0 127.0  
Desmond may only be batting .175, but we have seen enough of him throughout his career to know that won't stick. The average will jump and 25 to 30 HR with about a dozen steals is a solid bet for his final line.
112 Maikel Franco (PHI - 3B)   99 130 114.5 15.5 234.0  
It seemed like it might never happen, but Franco's bat has finally woken up over the past month to a clip of batting .360 with an OPS over 1.000. It may not be here to stay, but if he is somehow available in your league, act now before it is too late.
113 Jurickson Profar (TEX - 1B,2B,3B,SS,LF)   81 257 169.0 88.0 589.0  
114 Amed Rosario (NYM - SS)   82 192 137.0 55.0 273.0  
115 Mallex Smith (SEA - LF,CF,RF)   86 187 136.5 50.5 349.0  
Mallex is a reliable source for batting average, runs and especially stolen bases so long as Keirmaier is out of the Rays' lineup. He stole as many as 80 bases in the minor leagues one season.
116 Adam Eaton (WSH - LF,CF,RF)   100 137 118.5 18.5 151.0  
It is now to the point where Eaton has been back long enough that we should have seen power or speed if it was going to come. Granted, he will still be a significant help in terms of batting average while scoring some runs, but is no longer a top 100 overall player.
117 Nick Williams (PHI - LF,CF,RF)   104 136 120.0 16.0 364.0  
Williams is finally playing everyday but the results have not been what fantasy owners hoped for. Still, he is one to keep an eye on as he can provide production in four categories once he heats up.
118 Brandon Nimmo (NYM - LF,CF,RF)   119 121 120.0 1.0 544.0  
Nimmo was sensational to begin the season, but has cooled off. In OBP leagues, he is still a must-start every day, but as it is now in standard leagues, he is a middle of the road in all five categories so you can take him or leave him.
119 Eduardo Escobar (ARI - 2B,3B,SS,DH)   90 186 138.0 48.0 392.0  
Escobar developed power this season and may just finish the year with 25 homers and a bunch of RBIs to go with it. The underlying metrics do not suggest that this is a fluke, so don't hesitate to start him with confidence as the batting average is sufficient too.
120 Ryan O'Hearn (KC - 1B)   117 131 124.0 7.0 739.0  
121 Eric Hosmer (SD - 1B)   113 138 125.5 12.5 81.0  
Hosmer has been quite literally the worst offensive player in baseball for an extended period. He will surely turn it around, but is nowhere close to where he once was. He is on the fringe of being drop-worthy at this point.
122 Ben Zobrist (CHC - 2B,LF,RF)   106 146 126.0 20.0 306.0  
Despite his advanced age, Zobrist is still playing almost everyday and remains competent in fantasy baseball. He still won't provide much of anything in terms of homers or steals, but the batting average, runs and RBIs are enough to warrant a roster spot.
123 Cesar Hernandez (PHI - 2B)   120 132 126.0 6.0 265.0  
Year in and year out, Hernandez goes overlooked in fantasy baseball and this season is no different. He is on pace for 15 homers and 25 steals with a quality batting average and well over 100 runs. Don't hesitate to start him, and if you are able, put in a trade offer in case his owner is sleeping.
124 Salvador Perez (KC - C,DH)   122 130 126.0 4.0 104.0  
Salvador Perez is a top five fantasy hitter now that he has returned from his trip to the disabled list. You can expect him to continue contributing in the power department this season.
125 Justin Smoak (TOR - 1B,DH)   107 163 135.0 28.0 137.0  
Clearly what happened last season with Smoak's stats was a fluke, as he has proven substantial regression. He isn't the worst depth bat, but could certainly be unowned in standard sized leagues without regret.
126 Ryan Braun (MIL - 1B,LF)   110 175 142.5 32.5 108.0  
Braun has not contributed this season as much as he has in past seasons, but he still provides enough power and speed to warrant owning in an injury-riddled league.
127 Yonder Alonso (CLE - 1B)   117 144 130.5 13.5 254.0  
Alonso has slowed down from what we saw last season, but has enough power and a decent enough batting average to justify owning if you are in a tough spot from injuries.
128 Ji-Man Choi (TB - 1B,DH)   127 134 130.5 3.5    
129 Luke Voit (NYY - 1B)   124 138 131.0 7.0    
130 Brett Gardner (LF,CF) FA   116 147 131.5 15.5 165.0  
Gardner isn't much help in any one category, but if you need a warm body while one of your fantasy starters is on the bench, he is useful enough in all five categories to warrant a roster spot.
131 Kevin Kiermaier (TB - CF)   115 218 166.5 51.5 173.0  
132 Yoan Moncada (CWS - 2B)   121 146 133.5 12.5 147.0  
Moncada's surface level statistics are not where fantasy owners would want them to be, but he has the highest average exit velocity in all of baseball. Hang onto him and if you can, buy him low before the numbers begin to catch up to the batted ball data.
133 Joe Wendle (TB - 2B,LF)   119 196 157.5 38.5    
134 Randal Grichuk (TOR - LF,CF,RF)   125 147 136.0 11.0 298.0  
Grichuk is batting under .100 and you might be disgusted with him as a result, but if you take one look at his batted ball data, you'll quickly realize that he is worth picking up right now because a resurgence is on the way any day now.
135 Chris Taylor (LAD - 2B,SS,LF,CF)   126 201 163.5 37.5 110.0  
Taylor has not been as solid fantasy wise as last year, but the Dodgers still have him batting lead-off and are clearly expecting the numbers to bounceback toward where they were last season.
136 Scott Schebler (CIN - CF,RF)   128 212 170.0 42.0 344.0  
137 Jeff McNeil (NYM - 2B)   129 214 171.5 42.5    
138 C.J. Cron (TB - 1B,DH)   139 142 140.5 1.5 428.0  
Cron has substantial power and should have no trouble finishing the year with over 30 homers. With that said, the batting average is a touch below par so he isn't a sure-fire starter in every league.
139 Asdrubal Cabrera (2B,3B,SS) FA   132 200 166.0 34.0 301.0  
You can say what you want about Cabrera's hot start, but we have seen him long enough in the bigs to know that he is not a .320 hitter. The 25 homer pace might be legitimate, but that batting average is going to come down before long.
140 Melky Cabrera (LF,RF) FA   133 254 193.5 60.5 346.0  
141 Aledmys Diaz (TOR - 3B,SS)   135 217 176.0 41.0 527.0  
Diaz is by no means a safe bet considering how lousy his numbers were last season. With that being said, he offers power and batting average upside that is uncommon for middle infielders making him worth monitoring as a potential pickup.
142 Starlin Castro (MIA - 2B)   137 184 160.5 23.5 300.0  
While the power isn't quite what we've seen in the past from Castro, his batting average is above .290 and the homers/RBIs could see a major uptick if the Marlins deal him to a team with a much better offensive ballpark than Miami.
143 Billy Hamilton (CIN - CF)   144 145 144.5 0.5 71.0  
Hamilton has been so bad that even the lowly Reds have him batting 9th. If he continues at this rate, which is in the realm of possibilities, Hamilton may finally lose his starting job. You can't drop him yet, but try to sell him if you are still able.
144 Jason Kipnis (CLE - 2B,CF,DH)   141 220 180.5 39.5 206.0  
Kipnis is worth owning when he is hot, and as it stands now, he is seeing the ball extremely well at the plate. Don't hesitate, however, to drop him as soon as he starts to fade again, because it seems to be inevitable.
145 Dansby Swanson (ATL - SS)   143 213 178.0 35.0 287.0  
Swanson is a plenty talented player, but the offensive side of his game hasn't showed up quite yet so be careful to not add him based on name alone. He is only worth rostering in NL-only leagues or if you are deseperate.