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Florida outfielder and Boston Red Sox second-round pick Jud Fabian will not sign with the team. Instead, he'll return to college and go through the draft process again next year. (Source: Peter Gammons on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: The Red Sox and Fabian were unable to agree to a deal. The No. 40 slot has an assigned value of $1,856,700, and Boston could have offered him up to $2,100,680 without forfeiting a first-round pick next year. According to Gammons, while the Red Sox aren't willing to exceed that threshold, two teams who picked behind Boston—including the Orioles—wanted to select Fabian and pay him up to $3 million. Instead, Fabian will return to Florida State. As compensation for not signing the 40th overall pick, Boston will be given the No. 41 selection in next year's draft.