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David studied psychology at the University of Southern California, where he received the 2018 Tenopyr Award for a study on how fantasy football is reshaping fandom. His writing often mixes fantasy analysis and storytelling with the social sciences. David has worked in the entertainment and sports industries for more than a decade.

Articles From David
This Lesson from Game Theory will Change How You Draft Forever (Fantasy Football) photo
This is Part II of a three-part series on how cognitive biases and faulty assumptions lead us astray in draft environments. Check out Part ...
by David Giardino in Fantasy2 days ago
The Fatal Flaw in Fantasy Football Rankings You Need to Know About photo
There is an urban legend, known as "The Sinking Library," which has been told and retold on college campuses across this country for decades. ...
by David Giardino in Fantasy1 wk ago
How Your Brain is Wired and How it Hurts You on Draft Day (Fantasy Football) photo
The biggest obstacle standing between you and fantasy football glory in 2020 isn't some overlooked data point or another league opponent. It's understanding how ...
by David Giardino in Fantasy2 wks ago
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