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David studied psychology at the University of Southern California, where he received the 2018 Tenopyr Award for a study on how fantasy football is reshaping fandom. His writing often mixes fantasy analysis and storytelling with the social sciences. David has worked in the entertainment and sports industries for more than a decade.

Articles From David
Your Bench is Making You Miserable (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
Damien Harris or J.D. McKissic? Michael Pittman Jr. or Corey Davis?  These types of "coin flip" start-or-sit decisions are asked every week across the fantasy universe. ...
by David Giardino in Fantasy7 days ago
The Delusion of Control (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
More than a decade ago, in a sleepy little town in western Michigan, a man named Harold couldn't shake the sneaking suspicion that the ...
by David Giardino in Fantasy2 wks ago
The Fantasy Football Fallacy That's Hiding in Plain Sight photo
This is a story about a lineup position that shouldn't exist in fantasy football - and the clever (albeit faulty) argument I often hear ...
by David Giardino in Fantasy3 wks ago
The Danger in Being Right for the Wrong Reasons photo
Do you remember your high school math classes? My guess is you've all but blocked out those memories - the infinite homework assignments, the ...
by David Giardino in Fantasy4 wks ago
Why Smart People Make Suboptimal Choices photo
There were two plays dissected and discussed relentlessly following the New York Giants' loss to the Philadelphia Eagles this past Thursday night. The first ...
by David Giardino in FantasyThu, Oct 29
For too long, I've scratched my head at how analytics are presented within the context of sports conversations. My bewilderment came to a tipping ...
by David Giardino in FantasyThu, Oct 22
You're Not What Your Record Says You Are photo
If I were to ask you why you play fantasy football, my best guess is your response would fall into three overarching, intersectional categories. You ...
by David Giardino in FantasyThu, Oct 15
Five Guiding Principles to Save Your Fantasy Football Season photo
"All signs are pointing toward rookie David Montgomery being a significant contributor to the Chicago Bears' offense in 2019."  Statements like that one were printed ...
by David Giardino in FantasyThu, Oct 8
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