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Donald is the Founder and Senior Fantasy Football Writer on, writing a full spectrum of topics ranging from fun and easy-to-read pieces to statistical analysis and rankings. Donald is always available via Twitter (@DonaldGibsonFF) for fantasy advice.

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Fantasy Football Week 2: By The Numbers photo
Week 2 was a wild ride, with notable injuries dominating the headlines any time we weren't talking about the alleged team in Miami. Compared ...
by Donald Gibson in Fantasy2 days ago
Fantasy Football Week 1: By The Numbers (2019) photo
Numbers are at the core of life, sports, and fantasy football. Whether evaluating something as simple as who scored more points to win a ...
by Donald Gibson in Fantasy1 wk ago
The I Just Can't Draft List (2019 Fantasy Football) photo
DeAndre Hopkins or Davante Adams? Amari Cooper or Adam Thielen? Aaron Jones or Devonta Freeman? We'll come back to that. Need more advice? Get access to our Draft ...
by Donald Gibson in FantasyThu, Aug 15
Is Stefon Diggs' Upside Worth the Risk? (2019 Fantasy Football) photo
Stefon Diggs is quite the intriguing draft prospect heading into 2019. He's an extremely talented receiver, but he has to share targets with another ...
by Donald Gibson in FantasyTue, Jul 9
RB Heavy Draft Strategy: Past and Future (2019 Fantasy Football) photo
Coming into 2018, I was a massive proponent of getting your stud RBs early. The "Zero RB" strategy was taking over, and I saw ...
by Donald Gibson in FantasyWed, Jun 5
5 Players We're Already Sold On: QBs & TEs (2019 Fantasy Football) photo
It's still only March. Plenty will happen between today and the first week of the regular season. There is so much that I still ...
by Donald Gibson in FantasyMon, Mar 25
Recency Bias and its Effect on Fantasy Football Perception photo
Recency bias is one of those buzz-phrases that people love to throw around, especially in sports and player judgment. If you aren't familiar with ...
by Donald Gibson in FantasyThu, Mar 7
The Ideal RB-Heavy Fantasy Football Draft photo
Donald Gibson discusses a running back-heavy draft strategy. This piece is part of our article program that features quality content from experts exclusively at FantasyPros. For more insight ...
by Donald Gibson in FantasyTue, Jul 10
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