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Cowboys fan. Fantasy sports player since 2003. Once lost a fantasy semi-final on a Ryan Longwell shanked extra point. Once won a fantasy semi-final on a Justin Tucker 61 yard field goal. Still think kickers and defenses shouldn't be in fantasy leagues. The Giants are the luckiest team in NFL history. Dez caught it.

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I've been playing this game for a long time. Up until recently, for as long as I can remember, running backs dominated the early portions of drafts. In my very first draft back in 2003, eight...

Continuing our series on dynasty busts, we move to the wide receiver position. When talking bust, I'm not just looking for players that will underperform, but rather players whose actual value...

Continuing our series on dynasty busts (check out QB bust candidates here), we move to the running back position. When talking bust, I'm not just looking for players that will underperform, but...

We are less than a month removed from the NFL Draft - a time when football fans everywhere get overexcited by all the "new hotness" entering the league. Despite the fact that just about 70% of...

The Free Agency flurry saw a number of players' values impacted not only by their own movement but also the movement of other players. We saw Terrelle Pryor's value increase with his move to...

Towards the end of every season, across most keeper/dynasty formats, managers are dropping dead weight and trying to find that next guy who might ascend to greatness at little to no cost the...

I will preface this by stating that one of my fundamental, core beliefs in all fantasy sports is that you are 100% responsible for your decisions. You draft your team. You make the trades. You...

Eight months is a long time. You will forget a lot over eight months. What's the significance of eight months you ask? That's about how much time will pass from the end of the season to when...

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Aaron Boone's walkoff home run Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS

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