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Cowboys fan. Fantasy sports player since 2003. Once lost a fantasy semi-final on a Ryan Longwell shanked extra point. Once won a fantasy semi-final on a Justin Tucker 61 yard field goal. Still think kickers and defenses shouldn't be in fantasy leagues. The Giants are the luckiest team in NFL history. Dez caught it.

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Have any of you seen this way funnier than it has any right to be viral video? It pretty much sums up how I feel about Marcus Mariota's current ADP. Mariota is currently the 11th quarterback...

If you're doing research, checking news, reading FantasyPros articles, and doing mock drafts, you probably don't just participate in one fantasy league. In fact, you're probably not limited to...

As the old fantasy adage goes, you can't win a league in the first couple rounds, but you can certainly lose one. Conversely, you can't lose a league in the last few rounds, but you can certainly...

The excitement of the unknown is hard to resist for fantasy owners. This year, as does every year, brings us a new crop of rookies who are all going to immediately step in and showcase their...

I was not a proponent of Zero RB in 2016. In fact, quite the opposite. But I didn't start out that way. I was all about the load up on WRs strategy early in the offseason. It wasn't until mid-to-late...

I Have a Stream. Streaming of You. Streamcatcher. I could go on all day with "stream" puns. While puns are a joke, the idea of streaming quarterbacks is not. Complete a mock draft in minutes...

Have you ever watched a movie and weren't quite sure how you felt about it? But then you watched it again and you really started to like it. That's kind of what we're doing here. "Third Year...

This year's Dynasty Busts series concludes with TEs. The tight end position is a little trickier to designate busts in due to the very low value of rookie TEs in general. O.J. Howard will likely...

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