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Professionally writing since 2012, blending advanced metrics data and undeniable intangibles to provide readable and informative articles on a regular basis in the world of fantasy baseball.

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Building a strong starting rotation is crucial to winning your fantasy baseball leagues, regardless of what format you are in. A position that has become volatile due to the level of devastating...

How one populates their fantasy outfield depends on league roster settings, but either way, we always need to know our breakout stars to fill the back end of our outfield group. When we look...

Catchers, long known as the on-field leaders of a ball club, the toughest guy on the team, don't carry that same prowess and respect when it comes to fantasy baseball. Fantasy baseball positional...

I always see shortstop as the second offensive punt position after catcher. If I don't land one of the few big names (Machado, Correa, Lindor) I kick the shortstop can down the draft board for...

The hot corner is a hot commodity in fantasy baseball. A position typically relied on for power and run production, it has its share of guaranteed studs. Third base is quite the top heavy position...

In the modern era of sports, players are constantly on the move, whether it be via free agency or trade. There are many potential effects that playing for a new team, in a new ballpark, can...

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Mickey Mantle, Michael Jordan, Odell Beckham Jr., and Conor McGregor

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New York Yankees

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Getting ejected from the Toronto Skydome at a Blue Jays game for throwing paper airplanes made out of All Star ballots, evading security, changing my clothes in the bathroom and returning to a different seat.

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Bull Durham