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In a previous life Kenyatta traveled to all sorts of cool places producing video for ESPN. You can find more of his work at numberFire.

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6 Interesting Tidbits for Week 15 (Fantasy Football) photo
If you're here, then that likely means you vanquished your foes in Week 14 and are one step closer to a fantasy championship. Congratulations! ...
by Kenyatta Storin in Fantasy12 hrs ago
6 Interesting Tidbits for Week 14 (Fantasy Football) photo
The fantasy playoffs begin in most formats this week, so no need to dilly-dally! Let's jump right in and take a look at the surprises, ...
by Kenyatta Storin in Fantasy1 wk ago
6 Interesting Tidbits for Week 13 (Fantasy Football) photo
Well, just like that, here we are at Week 13, the final week of the fantasy regular season in most formats. If you're reading ...
by Kenyatta Storin in Fantasy2 wks ago
6 Interesting Tidbits for Week 12 (Fantasy Football) photo
Monday's highly-anticipated Chiefs-Rams contest sure didn't disappoint, and even if you didn't have any fantasy skin in the game, it's not often you get ...
by Kenyatta Storin in Fantasy3 wks ago
6 Interesting Tidbits for Week 11 (Fantasy Football) photo
Week 10 proved to be a funky week all around, with the Patriots getting smashed by the Titans, the Browns putting together a convincing ...
by Kenyatta Storin in Fantasy4 wks ago
6 Interesting Tidbits for Week 10 (Fantasy Football) photo
We've mentioned Julio Jones and his scoreless streak numerous times in this space, so it's only fair to give him a shout-out after finally ...
by Kenyatta Storin in FantasyWed, Nov 7
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