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In a previous life Kenyatta traveled to all sorts of cool places producing video for ESPN. You can find more of his work at numberFire.

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I checked in on catcher sleepers the last time, which given the scarcity of fantasy talent, was more or less the equivalent of running nails on a chalk board. Honestly, just typing that made...

Position scarcity is often exaggerated in fantasy baseball analysis. Particularly after last year's power surge, even middle infielders were popping off for 20-plus homers with regularity. With plenty of...

In my last few pieces, I've discussed sleepers at second and third base. Be sure to check those out if you haven't yet. Who's ready for some shortstops today? I'll assume someone raised their...

Last time, I went over some second base sleepers you should try to get on your team this year. Today, let's check out some mid-to-late round values from the hot corner. Don't sleep on these...

We're just a few weeks away from the start of the baseball season, which means we're entering peak fantasy draft season. Hooray! So what better time to look at everyone's favorite fantasy draft...

In fantasy baseball, there are few things worse than the dreaded innings limit. We get it from the real team's perspective. It's only natural to want to protect all those shiny, often fragile,...

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