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Mitchell Renz

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After Mitch graduated from Centenary University, he had the opportunity to play professional baseball for the Cologne Cardinals in Cologne, Germany. He stays busy writing for Gridiron Experts, The Fantasy Footballers and hosting a podcast called The Empire Fantasy Podcast. Follow Mitchell on Twitter @MitchellRenz365 for 365 days of fantasy football.

Articles From Mitchell

Hold your hand up and make the "okay" ? hand symbol. When you do that how many fingers are pointing up? Hopefully, it's three. Which is why you will be A-OK if you draft these three wide receivers...

What is a bounce-back player? A player who has a bad season the previous year but the stars are aligning for them to shine in the upcoming season. A player that made you "sigh" last year, but...

One stat can make or break a fantasy football argument. Whether you are debating with friends or strangers on Twitter, we all have that one stat for a certain player that we like to drop when...

With the 2017 Scripps Spelling Bee currently airing on TV, I figured it would be fun to introduce a new word that you can use when talking fantasy football. The word is "trendsetter."  Would...

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