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How to Budget an Auction Draft (Fantasy Football) photo
So you've decided to join an auction league this year? Or, you've finally decided to approach your auction league's draft with some real strategy. And not ...
by Ryan Newman in FantasyFri, Aug 4
Target Analysis and Predictions (Fantasy Football) photo
Targets can give us additional insight on current productivity, as well as help in predicting outcomes. Looking back at last year there is some ...
by Ryan Newman in FantasySat, Jul 29
Fantasy Football SOS & Point Elasticity Rankings photo
Back in the pre-internet days, there was limited data to use when making your fantasy football player selections. Typically, the only information afforded to fantasy ...
by Ryan Newman in FantasyThu, Jul 13
True Fantasy Football Output Rankings photo
When 11-0, Oregon comes into the final weeks of the regular college football season ranked alongside a mid-major team with a 12-0 record that ...
by Ryan Newman in FantasyWed, Jul 5
Strength of Schedule Risers/Fallers (Fantasy Football) photo
If you missed last week's article on point elasticity, certain player's scores in the league were more responsive to strength of schedule/points against average. ...
by Ryan Newman in FantasySun, Jun 25
Fantasy Football Consistency Rankings photo
Within the past 2-to-3 years fantasy sports has entered the advanced analytics arena. Numerous sites now provide die-hard players metrics beyond your father's points-per-game ...
by Ryan Newman in FantasyMon, Jun 19
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