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Scott Cedar

Scott Cedar


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DRAFT: QBs and TEs to Target (2019 Fantasy Football) photo
In-season fantasy can be extremely frustrating. I've benched 4o point scorers, cut handcuffs right before the starter gets injured, and lost games by margins ...
by Scott Cedar in FantasyFri, Mar 15
Veteran QB & TE Targets for 2019 Dynasty Contenders (Fantasy Football) photo
You've undoubtedly heard the phrase "age is just a number." You'll find that quote in any LinkedIn article about a late-life career change or ...
by Scott Cedar in FantasyWed, Mar 6
QB Tiers & Rankings: Week 16 (Fantasy Football) photo
If you're reading this column, it means you're still alive in your fantasy playoffs. And if you're still alive after Week 15, it means ...
by Scott Cedar in FantasyFri, Dec 21
QB Tiers & Rankings: Week 15 (Fantasy Football) photo
Before we get into the quarterback tiers, I just want to thank the NFL for this weekend. I already lose sleep obsessing over scores ...
by Scott Cedar in FantasyFri, Dec 14
QB Tiers & Rankings: Week 14 (Fantasy Football) photo
Well, that didn't go according to plan. Week 13 is only the most critical week of the fantasy season. So, of course, Drew Brees, leading ...
by Scott Cedar in FantasyFri, Dec 7
QB Tiers & Rankings: Week 13 (Fantasy Football) photo
This is a column about quarterbacks. Not the most inspiring intro, but it's true, it's all I have time for, and I know you just ...
by Scott Cedar in FantasyFri, Nov 30
QB Tiers & Rankings: Week 12 (Fantasy Football) photo
Things I learned yesterday: Golden Tate is the best receiver in the league, Derek Carr is the worst quarterback in the league, my cousin ...
by Scott Cedar in FantasyFri, Nov 23
QB Tiers & Rankings: Week 11 (Fantasy Football) photo
A lot has been made this week of Patrick Mahomes' ketchup fetish. Ketchup on steak. Ketchup on mac and cheese. Lord knows what else he's ...
by Scott Cedar in FantasyFri, Nov 16
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