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By Blaine Blontz, Vikings Correspondent, Wed, Jul 29th 9:01am EDT

Despite the fact that he missed nearly the entire 2014 season, Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson will not be limited this season. Head coach Mike Zimmer told reporters the veteran RB will be able to take on as much as he can handle. (Source: Tom Pelissero)

Fantasy Impact: This falls in line with earlier statements indicating Peterson could get more third-down work and see more targets out of the backfield. All that, along with the development of Teddy Bridgewater and the rest of the Vikings' offense, contributes to Peterson returning to his spot as a top-five pick.


By Blaine Blontz, Vikings Correspondent, Wed, Jul 22nd 8:14am EDT

Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings have agreed to restructure the RB's contract. (Source: Vikings)

Fantasy Impact: The deal offers Peterson more guarantees over the remaining years, and the Vikings said it should keep him with the team for the remainder of his career. There's little fantasy impact, other than perhaps added value of peace of mind for a guaranteed deal vs the non-guarantees Peterson was working with.


By Blaine Blontz, Vikings Correspondent, Tue, Jul 21st 11:28am EDT

Ben Goessling of ESPN expects the Minnesota Vikings to target Peterson significantly in the team's passing game this season. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Peterson caught 43 passes in 2009, so the 40-to-50 catches Goessling references isn't out of the question. AP has already indicated he expects to see more time as the team's third-down back, which would give him more opportunities to catch passes out of the backfield. This would increase his value overall, especially in PPR leagues.


By Blaine Blontz, Vikings Correspondent, Fri, Jul 17th 9:47am EDT

Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson expects to be on the field for more third downs this season. (Source: Star Tribune)

Fantasy Impact: Peterson tops the charts of our consensus rankings in standard leagues, and more opportunities will only help his owners. He takes a bit of a hit in PPR leagues, but he's still be selected well within the top five.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Mon, Jun 15th 1:42pm EDT

After playing in only one game in 2014 due to an off the field driven suspension, Adrian Peterson is back as the starting RB of the Minnesota Vikings. Even at age 30, he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Peterson is hoping to reach Emmit Smith's all-time leading mark of 18,355 yards, which the former Cowboy reached in 15 seasons. AP currently has 10,190 yards in eight seasons. “A lot of things are still to come. I look at things that anything is possible,” Peterson told Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “He played 15 years. I’m going into year nine but I’ve only got eight on the body. That’s a long-term goal (to break the record).” (Source:

Fantasy Impact: Peterson also wants to break Eric Dickerson's single-season record of 2,105 rushing yards that he set back in 1984. He came very close in 2012 with 2,097 yards on 348 attempts in 2012 falling only nine yards shy of breaking Dickerson's record. It's great to hear that Peterson is pumped up and focused on football. The NFL needs it, the Vikings need it and he needs it. Look for Peterson to have a huge 2015 season in the new look Vikings offense.


By Matt Muller, Vikings Correspondent, Tue, Jun 2nd 9:35am EDT

Adrian Peterson is in Minnesota and is planning on attending OTAs today (Source: Josina Anderson on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: This move signifies that Peterson is not holding out. Healthy, talented, and clearly the workhorse back on his team, Peterson is a top-tier RB in fantasy football, and this helps solidify that. Expect to see him put up huge numbers in this VIkings offense in 2015.


By Steve Painter, Vikings Correspondent, Wed, May 27th 9:48pm EDT

He stated that his lack of participation thus far in team activities is a business decision, not a personal one. He ended the statement by saying. "Go Vikings" so what all this means is he is looking for guaranteed money this year. The Vikings will give that to him and he will be in the backfield for the first game this season. (Source: Josina Anderson on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: This is a situation that will need to be watched closely to determine if Peterson will have a tremendous impact this year. A lot of egos have been bruised during this situation so if you draft him, there is serious risk involved.


By Matt Muller, Vikings Correspondent, Mon, May 25th 9:38pm EDT

Adrian Peterson has skipped OTAs, is planning on skipping the entire offseason program, and reportedly still wants out of Minnesota (Source: Yahoo! Sports)

Fantasy Impact: Peterson has always skipped OTAs, so this may be nothing. Whether he attends minicamp will be the real factor worth paying attention to. Even if he does want out of Minnesota, he's under contract and won't easily find a way out.


By Matt Muller, Vikings Correspondent, Thu, Apr 16th 2:24pm EDT

The NFL has announced that Adrian Peterson will be reinstated effective Friday. He is allowed to fully participate in all team activities. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: There have been strong indications that Peterson would like to be traded, but he's currently under contract with the Vikings and they haven't hesitated to point that fact out. Regardless of how that situation plays out, Peterson will almost certainly be a starter somewhere as of week 1, which means he's again an elite first round talent. If the dust settles in Minnesota and Peterson remains with the team, he'll be worthy of the first overall pick in many leagues.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Wed, Mar 4th 9:03pm EST

Vikings GM Rick Spielman and head coach Mike Zimmer met with RB Adrian Peterson at his Houston, Texas home on Wednesday afternoon. Peterson said he appreciated the visit from Spielman and Zimmer and admitted that they had great dialogue. It was highlighted by this comment by Peterson: "they were able to understand where I was coming from and concerns my family and I still have." He went on to say that they all respect each other and he hopes that the situation can pan out. According to Kare 11 News in Minneapolis, Peterson hugged both Vikings higher ups as they approached his house for the meeting. (Source: Josina Anderson on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: This is very interesting considering just last week Peterson left the Vikings out of his statement after his suspension was reversed. Also, trade talks have been a float as its been reported he would redo his current contract for a new team. He is owed $12.75 million in 2015. Minnesota may ultimately have to trade him if he wants out. Only time will tell where Peterson winds up, but the Vikings were smart to try and make things right with him on Wednesday.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Thu, Feb 26th 12:46pm EST

A federal judge sided with Minnesota RB Adrian Peterson and the NFL Players Union on Thursday by overturning his suspension. The arbitrator exceeded his authority by suspending Peterson, according to the report. (Source: Star Tribune)

Fantasy Impact: He is signed through 2017 and set to make $13 million in 2015. But it was recently reported that the Vikings and Peterson's agent had some bad talks at the NFL Combine last week. It will be interesting to see how this thing plays out. With Peterson now out of his suspension it clears some things up.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Mon, Feb 23rd 4:36pm EST

According to sources close to CBS Sports, Peterson's agent Ben Dogra had some words with Vikings vice president of football operations Rob Brzezinski at the NFL Combine last week in Indy. Dogra made it clear that Peterson would never play there again. The report goes on to say this: “He will never play another game for the Vikings,” said one person close to the player. “It's over.” (Source: CBS Sports)

Fantasy Impact: He is signed through 2017 and set to make $13 million in 2015, but sources said Peterson "lost faith and trust in the franchise after a tumultuous ordeal over his child abuse charges that resulted in him missing nearly the entire season on the Commissioner's Exempt List while his legal situation played out." Peterson is still under indefinite suspension by the NFL and can be reinstated at the earliest April 15th. This could be an ugly departure from Minnesota. Expect many teams to be very interested in AP despite all his recent off the field drama. Stay tuned.


By Brian Tesch, Vikings Correspondent, Sun, Feb 22nd 11:34am EST

According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, Adrian Peterson wants to be moved, and specifically to the Dallas Cowboys. Cole states "Adrian Peterson wants to go to Dallas. The Minnesota Vikings are aware of that. In talking to a high-level NFL executive, everybody knows what everybody wants." But the Vikings do not want to move Peterson for any return, especially to Dallas. Cole continues, "The Vikings will not, do not want to trade him, in any way shape or form, specifically not to the Cowboys. Don't expect that to happen, at least from their end. There's a lot here to play out, but the Vikings do not want to send him to the Cowboys." (Source: Jason Cole via Bleacher Report)

Fantasy Impact: Remember, the Cowboys were alleged of tampering with Peterson when owner Jerry Jones met with the Vikings RB, who was raised in Texas. While I don't think that Peterson is going to be moved, where there's smoke, there's most likely fire, Peterson may be moved sometime before the start of the 2015 season.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Sun, Feb 15th 2:01am EST

Chip Scoggins said this about the Peterson-Vikings situation: "The organization is not allowed to have contact with Peterson until his legal case gets resolved, but my gut feeling remains that Peterson would balk at a restructuring request. He believes he’s still the best running back in football, and he told in December that he doesn’t see why he would be asked to take a pay cut." (Source: Star Tribune)

Fantasy Impact: Peterson's cap number will be $15.4 million, while WR Greg Jennings stands to count $11 against the cap until a looming restructure. It would make sense for the Vikings to keep AP in the backfield with QB Teddy Bridgewater entering year two and the team looking to take the next step forward. Plus Minnesota has plenty of cap space.


By Chris Zolli, Vikings Correspondent, Fri, Feb 6th 10:00am EST

Legal issues aside, Adrian Peterson is an elite RB and could be signed at a lesser price. Also, in regards to the legal issues and family issues, Peterson would be closer to home and able to deal with these issues. Peterson is from Palestine, TX, only two hours away from Dallas. (Source: Dallas Morning News)

Fantasy Impact: Although Peterson missed the final 15 games of the 2014 season, he is still one of the top three running backs in football and his production is unquestionable. DeMarco Murray had an outstanding 2014 season, but Peterson's production is leaps and bounds better than Murray. Peterson is three years older than Murray, a huge factor for running backs, but he has shown that he is a threat both in the running game and receiving game and has 91 career touchdowns in 104 games. He has ran for over 1500 yards in a season twice and has double digit touchdowns in each full season he has played. Peterson would be a second or third round pick in fantasy drafts, especially with the run-focused Cowboys offense, and would seemlessly fit with the team.


By Scott Ellinwood, Vikings Correspondent, Sat, Dec 13th 9:02am EST

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson's appeal to be reinstated to the NFL has been denied. Peterson is eligible to apply for reinstatement in April 2015, but he has already indicated that he may opt for retirement or a run at the Olympics instead. (Source: ProFootballTalk)

Fantasy Impact: Peterson seems bitter about the way his case has been handled and seems set to sue the NFL. It is within the realm of possibility that he will return to the Vikings at a reduced salary or sign with another team. However, Peterson will turn 30 in March and has essentially missed the 2014 season. His long-term fantasy outlook is clouded in uncertainty.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Fri, Dec 5th 11:07am EST

Sports Illustrated's Peter King says that Adrian Peterson is "likely (but not certain) to be reinstated by a league appeals officer, Harold Henderson next week." (Source: Sports Illustrated )

Fantasy Impact: If Peterson does indeed win the case, the Vikings could indeed activate him for the final three games of the season. It would be a surprise for Peterson to win the appeal considering Henderson is a strict as they come looking at his past cases (Josh Gordon and Jerome Simpson). Would it be worth all the media scrutiny to activate Peterson if he does win? More news to come as this endless story seems to never end for Peterson and the Vikings.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Fri, Nov 21st 2:45pm EST

Adrian Peterson's appeal hearing has been set for December 2nd. Harold Henderson, a former member of the NFL who ran management council will be the hearing officer. Roger Goodell won't be the one hearing the appeal anymore after delegating things to Henderson. (Source: Jay Glazer on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: Henderson also heard Vikings receiver Jerome Simpson and Browns receiver Josh Gordon's cases previously. More news to come as Peterson's chances of playing this season continue to decrease by the day.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Thu, Nov 20th 1:54pm EST

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson sent out his appeal letter along with the NFLPA on Thursday. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: You can read the entire document in the source link below. Stay tuned for more updates as Peterson is still suspended for the final 6 games of the season until further notice.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Tue, Nov 18th 7:15pm EST

Pelissero announced on Tuesday that independent arbitrator Shyam Das has ruled the NFL can keep Adrian Peterson on the exempt list. (Source: Tom Pelissero on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: What that means is Das has handed everything over to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell who dished out a season-ending suspension to Peterson early Tuesday morning. Peterson is still appealing the suspension, but with Goodell in charge of his fate it doesn't look good. More news is likely to come, but it won't be positive. Peterson may be done in Minnesota as well as he turns 30 this upcoming off-season.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Tue, Nov 18th 11:54am EST

Even with the report early Tuesday morning that Peterson has been suspended by the NFL for the remainder of the season without pay, Ed Werder of ESPN is now reporting Peterson may have a chance to play this week. (Source: Ed Werder on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: Per Werder: "Depending on Shayem Dasz ruling source says it is "very possible" Adrian Peterson returns to field this weekend while appealing suspension." He's currently on the Commissioner-Exempt list so being removed from that would be one last hurdle plus it remains to be seen whether the Vikings will activate him now with all this coming out. Saturday should be the day we find out the next move in this process. Keep Peterson on your rosters for now. Stay tuned.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Mon, Nov 17th 10:34pm EST

Arbitrator Shyam Das conducted a hearing on Monday regarding the effort to reinstate Vikings running back Adrian Peterson from the Commissioner-Exempt list. It was fully completed according to a source familiar with PFT. (Source: Pro Football Talk)

Fantasy Impact: Per Mike Florio: "By rule, a decision must come by Saturday, November 22. The source says a ruling likely will come within two days." That means Peterson has a chance to suit up next Sunday against the Packers with ample time to practice. If that's true fantasy owners need to put him in their lineups as RB2. The guy is a beast and even with time off that won't hurt his chances against a weak Green Bay run defense. Stay tuned.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Sun, Nov 16th 12:21pm EST

On Sunday NFL Countdown, ESPN insider Adam Schefter admitted this about Vikings running back Adrian Peterson: "My sense is still that he will play this season and sooner rather than later." (Source: Pro Football Talk)

Fantasy Impact: (According to Pro Football Talk), in a statement released by the NFPA, Peterson said that the players’ union advised him the meeting that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wanted him to attend on Friday was inconsistent with the CBA. However, he will take part in the disciplinary meetings, but not ones that he views as new rules to "keep him off the field." Despite all this it appears the 29-year-old Oklahoma product could be back in a Minnesota uniform in Week 12.


By Kevin C. Wilson, Vikings Correspondent, Thu, Nov 13th 12:05am EST

According to multiple reports Adrian Peterson's grievance hearing for reinstatement with the NFL will take place on Monday. After the hearing arbitrator Shyam Das will have five days to render his decision. Even if Peterson is reinstated he could still be suspended up to six games by the NFL under the new personal conduct policy. That would essentially end his season. However if the former All-Pro is reinstated by the end of next week he could potentially return to the field for the Vikings' November 23rd home game against the Green Bay Packers. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Obviously this decision has some major fantasy implications. If Adrian Peterson is suspended he will have little or no value for fantasy owners. If he is reinstated and is able to get back on the field in Week 11 or Week 12, Peterson would become an instant RB1 and could potentially be the final piece in plenty of fantasy championship teams.


By Kevin C. Wilson, Vikings Correspondent, Tue, Nov 11th 12:31am EST

The NFL Players Association has filed an expedited grievance with the NFL demanding that the league reinstate superstar Adrian Peterson. The Minnesota Vikings running back has been on the commissioner's exempt list ever since he was indicted on felony child abuse charges in Texas in September. Peterson pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge last week and now that his legal issues have been resolved the players union says that Peterson should be reinstated. The NFL stated that they were still waiting to receive some relevant information in the case, but that they are committed to making a determination as quickly as possible. (Source: ESPN )

Fantasy Impact: With the NFLPA advocating for his reinstatement, it's looking more and more likely that Peterson will soon be available to return to the field. Multiple reports claim that the majority of the Vikings' coaches and players are open to Peterson returning to the team, but it will ultimately come down to a management decision. Chances are that Peterson will be back in a Vikings uniform by sometime in December if not sooner. If for some reason he is still available on your waiver wire claim him immediately and if you already have him on your roster prepare to use him as soon as he returns to the field.


By Kevin C. Wilson, Vikings Correspondent, Wed, Nov 5th 11:57pm EST

According to his attorney, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is hoping to return to the field for their Week 11 game against the Chicago Bears. In order to do that Peterson must be reinstated by the NFL first and his attorney Rusty Hardin is encouraging the league to expedite the process. "It only takes an airplane trip to do it," Hardin said. "I'm hoping that can be done quickly and I'm hoping the NFL is receptive to it and agrees to it and get this issue off the front page, because it's time for him to go back football." (Source:

Fantasy Impact: While there are still plenty of hurdles to overcome with both the NFL and the Vikings, it is looking more and more likely that Adrian Peterson will return to the field this season. And all signs are pointing to it being sooner rather than later. In his absence rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has become the centerpiece of the offense, but it's hard to believe that an all-time talent like Peterson wouldn't be able to find a way to produce as well. The Vikings are on a bye this week so they have until at least November 16th to figure out what to do with Peterson going forward. Fantasy owners will be waiting with bated breath to find out.


By Kevin C. Wilson, Vikings Correspondent, Tue, Nov 4th 11:38pm EST

Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of reckless assault on Tuesday. By pleading to the lesser charge, Peterson avoided the possibility of jail time and received a $4,000 fine and 80 hours of community service. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Now that Adrian Peterson has resolved his legal issues the next step towards returning to the field involves being reinstated by the NFL. League spokesperson Brian McCarthy didn't provide a timetable for when they would make a decision on Peterson's status and told reporters they will "review the court documents" before proceeding. While Peterson may still face a suspension from the league or the Vikings, the mere possibility that he could return to the field before the end of the season makes him worth adding to your fantasy roster in case he does. Don't hesitate to put a waiver claim or bid a couple of dollars of your remaining budget on Peterson as this could be the type of late-season transaction that propels teams to fantasy titles.


By Kevin C. Wilson, Vikings Correspondent, Mon, Nov 3rd 11:30pm EST

Even if Minnesota Vikings running back does reach a plea deal on Tuesday in his child-abuse case in Texas, it won't guarantee his immediate return to the field. Ian Rapoport reported that Peterson is considering reaching an agreement that would reduce his felony charge of injury to a child to a misdemeanor. According to Rapoport there is a chance that Peterson plays again this season, but a plea deal won't automatically change his status with the NFL or the Vikings. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: After all indications were pointing towards embattled running back Adrian Peterson missing the entire season due to his legal problems, it now looks like there is a slim chance he returns to the field in 2014. Even if the former All-Pro is able to clear up all of his legal problems, Peterson would still have plenty of hurdles to clear as he would need to be re-instated by the NFL and welcomed back by the Vikings. At this point as a fantasy owner the best course of action is to see how the plea deal plays out on Tuesday and if it sounds promising Peterson is definitely worth adding to your roster in hopes that he returns to the field this season.


By Kevin C. Wilson, Vikings Correspondent, Thu, Oct 9th 10:17pm EDT

Prosecutors in Texas filed paperwork on Thursday to have Adrian Peterson arrested for violating conditions of his bond after he admitted to a drug tester that he had recently used marijuana. According to the report, Peterson told the worker that he had "smoked a little weed" before taking a urinalysis test on Wednesday. Peterson has been free on a $15,000 bond for felony child abuse charges and not taking illegal drugs is typically a requirement for being out on bond. Peterson's trial is tentatively scheduled to begin on December 1st. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: This most recent development in the Adrian Peterson saga makes it even more unlikely that the former All-Pro returns to the field in 2014. Even if Peterson's attorneys are able to convince a jury to find him not guilty of child abuse charges, the Vikings would still need to be willing to actually put him back on the field. And with the flurry of negative stories continuing to emerge about Peterson's past (and current) behavior, public opinion in Minnesota has certainly turned against the former face of the franchise.


By Kevin C. Wilson, Vikings Correspondent, Tue, Oct 7th 9:26pm EDT

According to a spokesperson for Adrian Peterson's attorney, the Vikings' running back will plead not guilty to child abuse charges when he makes his first court appearance in Texas on Wednesday. This decision makes it unlikely that Peterson will return to the field in 2014. When asked on Tuesday about the possibility of Peterson returning to the team this season, Vikings' head coach Mike Zimmer did not sound very optimistic. "I don't know that that's not going to happen in 2014," Zimmer said. "Honestly, I want the best for Adrian..., but I also have to coach the guys that are here and go forward. If things get resolved and it's a good thing, then the more power to him. We will worry about that when the time comes." (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: This latest development makes it all but certain that Adrian Peterson will not play again in 2014. If you were still stashing Peterson on your bench in hopes of him returning to the field for the stretch run, it's finally time to drop the former first-round pick from your roster in all redraft leagues. However you will still probably want to hold on to him in keeper or dynasty leagues to see how things play out in the court system. There is a chance that the former face of the franchise has played his last game as a Viking, but Peterson would most likely emerge as a starter for whatever teams he plays for and would continue to be viewed as an RB1.


By Michael Bailey, Vikings Correspondent, Tue, Sep 23rd 10:45am EDT

Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson wants his representation to accelerate his trial date for child-abuse charges, with the goal of getting it set for 2014, according to a ProFootballTalk source with knowledge of the situation. The broader goal will be to resolve the charges in time for Peterson to return to action for the Vikings later this year. He would need to resolve the charges in a way that doesn't expose him to a potential suspension without pay under the personal-conduct policy. (Source: ProFootballTalk)

Fantasy Impact: Plenty of scuttlebutt about Peterson's future, with many opining that he's played his last game as a Viking. There's also word that his legal team wants to force the Vikings' hand by getting Peterson reinstated this season. From a strictly fantasy football perspective, only those banking on Matt Asiata aren't hoping for a quick resolution as to the availability of one of the league's elite backs.


By Dale Redman, Vikings Correspondent, Wed, Sep 17th 2:50am EDT

The Minnesota Vikings have placed star running back Adrian Peterson on the NFL's exempt/commissioner's permission list until his legal case is resolved. The Vikings have reversed course from their Monday press conference, essentially barring Peterson from all team activities until his child abuse case is resolved. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: This is a huge blow to all Peterson owners, since his trial for child abuse charges would not start until 2015 at the earliest. Effectively Peterson is suspended for the year. A huge blow since most owners spent a top 5 pick on Peterson. If for some reason Matt Asiata or Jerick McKinnon are available in your league, pick them up now. Scour the waiver wire, trade for a replacement, basically do whatever you can to find another RB since it doesn't look good for Peterson to return in 2014.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Tue, Sep 16th 4:21pm EDT

The Radisson, Mylan and Anheuser Busch have ended their partnerships with Adrian Peterson and the Vikings. Nike also stopped selling AP jerseys at the Nike Store in the Mall of America and Twin Cities Outlets in Eagan. You can still purchase his jersey on (Source: Star Tribune)

Fantasy Impact: None of this news is good for the Vikings and Peterson. He is set to practice and play this weekend, but with more news possibly coming out, disagreements made by the Minnesota governor and other figures only time will tell. Place Peterson in your lineups with caution, it isn't 100% certain that he will suit up. If he does he is a RB 1 against the Saints.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Mon, Sep 15th 12:04pm EDT

Peterson has been reinstated by the Vikings after an announcement this morning by team owners Zygi Wilf and Mark Wilf. AP will practice this week and will also play this Sunday against New Orleans. How much he plays remains to be seen. (Source: Star Tribune)

Fantasy Impact: The Wilf's pointed out that they believe that this a matter of due process and "we should allow the legal system to determine the appropriate course of action." They also said they will continue to monitor the situation closely and support Adrian's fulfillment of his legal responsibilities throughout this process. Will all that being said I put AP in your Week 3 starting lineup, but pay attention to how much the Vikings plan to use him as the week progresses.


By Michael Bailey, Vikings Correspondent, Sat, Sep 13th 11:48pm EDT

Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson's trial for reckless or negligent injury of a child will likely occur in 2015. Peterson was released from jail on $15,000 bond Saturday, Sept. 13, after being arrested for a felony charge involving his son. (Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Fantasy Impact: We'll know more about Peterson's future next week. As of right now, Matt Asiata should be picked up in all leagues with Jerick McKinnon being more of a long-term stash.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Sat, Sep 13th 9:45am EDT

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Peterson turned himself in to Texas (Montgomery County) authorities at 2:06 a.m. ET Saturday. He was booked and charged by police before posting a $15,000 bond. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: He is on his way back to Minnesota, but he will likely face more discipline from the league while this thing plays out. Matt Asiata will be the Vikings workhorse on Sunday against New England. Asiata should be considered a fill-in RB 2/Flex option at best,


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Fri, Sep 12th 6:53pm EDT

The Vikings announced just a short while ago that star running back Adrian Peterson will be deactivated amid reports of injury to his 4-year-old son. NBC Sports is reporting that Peterson gave his son a disciplining with a flexible tree branch. (Source: ProFootballTalk)

Fantasy Impact: Find someone else to use on your bench this week. Obviously this is a tough break for the Vikings and fantasy owners. But the seriousness of this incident is more important. Matt Asiata should get the bulk of the carries with Jerrick McKinnon serving as the change-of-pace back.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Fri, Sep 12th 5:34pm EDT

Minnesota Vikings team officials released this statement just two minutes ago: "The Vikings are in the process of gathering information regarding the legal situation involving Adrian Peterson. At this time, we will defer further questions to Adrian’s attorney Rusty Hardin." (Source: Pioneer Press)

Fantasy Impact: According to ESPN, the Montgomery County District Attorney's office has not arrested Peterson just yet. Peterson missed practices Aug. 20-21 with what the Vikings called personal reasons and reports he recently testified before grand jury. Keep checking back as more information comes in. His status is looking very murky for Sunday's home meeting with New England.


By Andrew Sears, Vikings Correspondent, Fri, Sep 12th 5:11pm EDT

Fox Sports reports that Texas law enforcement has handed down an indictment on Peterson for charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child. Early reports are the incident stems from Peterson disciplining his 11 year old son with a switch. (Source: Mark Berman)

Fantasy Impact: This is obviously disturbing news and is yet another black eye for the NFL. With the indictment Peterson will turn himself in and and his status for this weekend is unclear. From a fantasy perspective, his primary backups in line to pick up the workload would be Jerick McKinnon and Matt Asiata.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Fri, Sep 12th 5:01pm EDT

Fox 26 in Houston reported Friday that Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been indicted in Montgomery (Texas) County for reckless or negligent injury to a child. According, to TMZ, Child Protective Services are working on the case involving Peterson and an 11-year-old boy. (Source: Pioneer Press)

Fantasy Impact: "With indictment Peterson will have to turn himself in and thus his status for this weekend is now unclear," Fox Sports insider Jay Glazer said on Friday. Keep checking back for more updates as this thing unfolds. Neither the Vikings or Peterson's attorney have responded to calls.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Fri, Sep 12th 12:50pm EDT

A day after sitting out of practice for rest purposes, Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson was back practicing on Friday. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Peterson is the No. 2 back this week behind only LeSean McCoy. He has a decent matchup against a mid-pack New England run defense, so expect a better outing than last week. However, with Tom Brady under center, the Patriots have never lost on the road to an NFC North opponent.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Thu, Sep 11th 11:11am EDT

Since the start of 2012, the Vikings are just 1-11-1 in outdoor games during the regular season and playoffs. On the flipside, Minnesota is 15-6 in indoor games. (Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press)

Fantasy Impact: The Vikings have struggled as of late, but Adrian Peterson certainly has not. The 29-year-old has a career average 4.8 ypc and 29 total touchdowns lifetime outdoors. However, he has just four rushing touchdowns the past two seasons on grass. But the Patriots certainly have some holes in their run defense as they allowed 191 yards on the ground to the Dolphins in Week 1. Peterson is a top 3 back this week despite being outdoors.


By Kevin C. Wilson, Vikings Correspondent, Mon, Sep 8th 1:35am EDT

After sitting out the entire preseason, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson carried the ball 21 times for 75 yards in their season-opening victory over the St. Louis Rams on Sunday. He also added two catches for 18 yards on three targets.

Fantasy Impact: While it wasn't an extremely productive fantasy day according to Adrian Peterson standards, he did end up with a pretty solid outing in his first live action of the season. Peterson racked up a total of 93 yards from scrimmage and was utilized in the passing game and on runs to the perimeter. Although he was unable to get into the end zone, Peterson was definitely the focal point of the Vikings' offense in Week 1 and will continue to be a must-start in all fantasy leagues.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Fri, Sep 5th 5:19pm EDT

“Based on everything I’ve seen in practice, and we had obviously a very up-tempo week in practice, he looks like he’s ready to roll. I don’t see any rust,” Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner said during Friday's media session. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: This is great news for Peterson owners. The 29-year-old is the No. 4 ranked player in the Week One Fantasy Pros rankings. Look for him to put up impressive numbers once again in this season opening matchup against St. Louis.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Wed, Sep 3rd 11:03am EDT

Peterson holds the team opening day records with 180 rushing yards and three rushing TD's set against Cleveland in 2009. Peterson also tied the opening day team record with a 78-yard TD run last season against Detroit. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: AP has had great success against the Rams in the past, rushing for 212 yards and two TD's in their last matchup in 2012. However, St. Louis ranked ninth overall in run defense last season, while opponents averaged only 3.8 ypc against them. They also forced a league-high 15 fumbles. Peterson is a must start, but don't be shocked to see him struggle early on before turning things up as the game progresses.


By Kevin C. Wilson, Vikings Correspondent, Mon, Sep 1st 12:41pm EDT

After holding him out for the entire preseason, the new Vikings coach staff is excited to unleash a more well-rounded and hopefully more productive Adrian Peterson when the regular season begins this weekend. The new regime plans on featuring the All-Pro more in the passing game and on runs to the outside instead of just inside the tackles. "I'm excited to see what the new and improved Adrian Peterson is going to look like when the opener starts," said Vikings' running backs coach Kirby Wilson. "I think this whole team is excited about what he could bring as a dual-threat player." (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: More diversity likely means even more production for Adrian Peterson in 2014. Peterson's two most successful fantasy seasons of his career were also the only two years that he had more than 40 receptions. He could conceivably catch 50+ balls this season and when you add that potential plus his track record, Peterson is definitely worthy of being the No. 1 overall selection in all fantasy formats.


By Kevin C. Wilson, Vikings Correspondent, Thu, Aug 21st 12:53am EDT

According to Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer, Adrian Peterson will most likely sit out the remainder of the preseason. Zimmer said Peterson is unlikely to play in Saturday's game against the Chiefs and added "I really don't see the need" when asked if Peterson would appear at all this preseason. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: At this point in his storied career Adrian Peterson doesn't need to play in preseason games in order to be prepared for the grind of an NFL season. In fact it's probably better for fantasy owners that he doesn't play so you can be guaranteed that he enters the season healthy. With LeSean McCoy and Jamal Charles already nursing injuries, Peterson becomes even more interesting as the potential No. 1 overall player off the board in upcoming drafts.


By Kevin C. Wilson, Vikings Correspondent, Tue, Aug 12th 10:32pm EDT

Despite dropping one pass, Adrian Peterson made several nice catches during Monday night's practice. According to Star Tribune reporter Mark Craig, Peterson's most impressive catch of the night came on a short crossing pattern when he hauled in a pass in traffic without breaking stride. (Source: Star Tribune)

Fantasy Impact: Adrian Peterson is already one of the most sought after fantasy players in the game and if he can continue to develop as a pass-catcher there is no telling what kind of numbers he can put up this season in Norv Turner's running back friendly offense. With a current ADP of No. 3 in standard leagues and No. 4 in PPR leagues, Peterson actually has a chance to exceed expectations if he is properly utilized in the passing game. Peterson isn't expected to see any action in the remaining preseason games so we won't get a chance to witness his pass catching improvements until after our drafts. But if the news out of camp is correct we might see an even more well-rounded and ultimately an even more productive AP in 2014. And if that's the case Peterson would be well worth the No. 1 overall selection in all formats.


By Michael Bailey, Vikings Correspondent, Mon, Jul 28th 1:44pm EDT

(Source: Ian Rapoport via Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: Smart move by Zimmer. Peterson has absolutely nothing to prove or gain by playing in preseason games and should continue to be a top five overall pick in all fantasy leagues.


By Kevin C. Wilson, Vikings Correspondent, Sat, Jul 26th 6:36pm EDT

New Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner said that Adrian Peterson can be an effective pass protector for the Vikings this season. Turner also said that while Peterson's third-down role has not been determined yet "you'd like his presence out there" on third downs. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: It's pretty simple really. Better pass protection means more playing time on passing downs for Peterson. And that means more catches and more receiving yards for the already productive All-Pro. If Peterson can provide adequate pass protection he has a chance to exceed his career highs of 43 catches and 436 receiving yards from 2009. He would also become even more valuable in PPR leagues and would definitely need to be considered along with Jamaal Charles and LeSean McCoy for the #1 overall spot on draft boards.


By Jake Perper, Vikings Correspondent, Fri, Jul 25th 2:34pm EDT

The 29-year-old star running back is coming off a 2013 season, where he rushed for 1,266 yards and 10 touchdowns. The newly married Peterson is looking to improve on those numbers under new head coach Mike Zimmer and creative offensive coordinator Norv Turner. "Just taking on a new offense, a new offensive scheme," Peterson said. "I know what we did in OTA's and mini-camps is nothing to what we are about to experience now. I'm excited because we have some good pieces in place and we're surrounded by good coaches and people as well." (Source:

Fantasy Impact: Peterson is currently ranked third overall in the Fantasy Pros consensus rankings behind only Jamaal Charles and LeSean McCoy. He rushed for over 1,000 yards for the sixth time in his seven NFL seasons in 2013, but his 10 touchdowns were his lowest total since 2008. With Turner in charge of the offense, Peterson should be utilized correctly and his numbers should increase because of it.

The NY Times | Aug 4th
Still has plenty to prove after lost season & running for the most talented offense in years.
WalterFootball | Aug 4th
I won't be overly happy if I draw the No. 1 draft position this season, but if I do, I'm leaning toward Peterson for the most upside and highest floor. The worry about Peterson comes from a year away from football and his age. The year away from football can go either way, but I'm going to lean on it being a positive for his fantasy outlook. We knew he was a freak of nature after watching him blow out his knee and then come back the next year and almost break Eric Dickerson's record for most rushing yards in a season. Peterson is again coming off missed time, but with no injury. There is little doubt he will be prepared after feeling like he was slighted last season. Add to that Norv Turner's fantasy-running back-friendly offense that churned out big numbers for Emmitt Smith, Terry Allen, Stephen Davis, Ricky Williams, LaDainian Tomlinson; and even last season with the pedestrian Matt Asiata and rookie Jerick McKinnon, who totaled 1,555 yards, 10 touchdowns and 71 receptions together. When you add in Charles Johnson, Mike Wallace and a healthy Kyle Rudolph to sophomore quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and the return of Peterson, you have an offense that will improve and possibly improve tremendously.
Fantasy Football Empire | Aug 4th
Adrian Peterson owners were burned last season after he was suspended for all but 1 game last season, but in a redraft league it is a new season and Peterson is ready to prove that he is a top running back in the NFL. Coach Norv Turner will be a boost to Peterson's production. I've projected him at over 1,200 rushing yards and 12 TDs, which makes him a top pick in any league format. And if you have the 4th pick in your draft and Peterson falls to you, draft him with confidence. If you draft AP, it would be wise to handcuff Jerick McKinnon in the mid to late rounds of your drafts.
FFLockerRoom | Aug 3rd
Peterson seems charged for the season and the Norv Turner offense should have him set personal bests in receptions and receiving yards.
Breaking Football | Aug 3rd
I have complete faith in Peterson's ability still despite his age. Some minor rust should be expected to start but he's a viable #1 pick. The year off slides him to 3 for me, though.
Hatty Waiver Wire Guru | Aug 3rd
He is an animal and will come back strong in 2015. I am expecting over 1,500 yards and double digit TDs along with receptions. He is a complete back and a safe choice.
Yahoo! Sports | Aug 2nd
HC Zimmer has indicated that he'll give AP a huge workload - before last season, AP had streak of 7 straight seasons w/ 10+ TDs, 1,100+ YFS
Fantasy Football Maniax | Aug 2nd
Peterson missed almost all of last season (paid leave / suspension), turns 30-years old this year and has 2,054 career carries. He has been cleared to play and reportedly looked amazing in camp. I expect him to return to top-form this year and be a RB1.
FFLockerRoom | Aug 1st
Peterson's value will go up or down depending on where he ends up. But no matter where that is, I believe he's ready to shine in 2015.
RotoBaller | Jul 31st
Peterson has played with much worse teams and had incredible production. A year off from suspension is much better than a year off from injury, and the age 30 problem has been overrated when talking about RBs of this caliber. Gore is still putting up numbers at 32.
RotoBaller | Jul 22nd
The 2015 fantasy football year is looking to be remarkably similar to that of 2012, when Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was flying off the board as the number one pick (you remember that year – when all quarterback Christian Ponder had to do was wake up long enough to yawn and pass the... Read More
SoCalledFanEx | Jun 26th
Quarterback rankings can spark a few debates in Fantasy Football, but providing running back rankings is like throwing a tub of blood out into the water for a bunch of starving sharks. The return of Adrian Peterson and the four-game suspension of Le'Veon Bell puts a lot of pressure on the first pick in any […] The post 2015 Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings appeared first on So-Called ...
RotoBaller | Jun 19th
Over the past year there has been perhaps no more interesting and ever-changing storyline than the roller coaster ride that Adrian Peterson has been on. While much has been made about what the appropriate punishment should have been and whose morals and ethics determine what’s right and wrong with guaranteed money in contracts and how... Read More
FantasySharks | Jun 18th
Fantasy Football Staff Writer Wally Spurlin takes a closer look at his top 10 ranked running backs heading into the 2015 season. How does the return of Adrian Peterson shuffle up the top 10? Come on in and see!
ESPN | Jun 15th
Ten ESPN analysts submitted their first official mock draft of 2015, and in a RB-heavy first round, a returning Adrian Peterson was the first played taken off the board.
ESPN | Jun 15th
Ten ESPN analysts submitted their first official mock draft of 2015, and in a RB-heavy first round, a returning Adrian Peterson was the first played taken off the board.
ESPN | Jun 11th
Matthew Berry and Field Yates discuss the value of Adrian Peterson at #1 overall, if Big Ben is a Top 10 QB and drafting talent over opportunity when ...