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By Rob Nichols, Rams Correspondent, Mon, Dec 29th 10:04pm EST

Benny Cunningham had just four carries for 10 yards, but also caught all seven passes thrown his way for 57 yards in the Rams' loss to Seattle on Sunday.

Fantasy Impact: Cunningham has been backing up Tre Mason for the majority of the season. He actually outpaced his teammate in this one, showing off his speed on passing downs. Mason is the back to own in dynasty formats, and Cunningham is unlikely to have a significant role next year.


By Matthew Schultz, Rams Correspondent, Sun, Nov 30th 12:41pm EST

Benny Cunningham will miss today's game against the Raider's porous running defense.

Fantasy Impact: This should give Tre Mason a full workload today, meaning he should be started in most leagues.


By Brian Tesch, Rams Correspondent, Mon, Nov 17th 1:16pm EST

Benny Cunningham only recorded 2 rushes for 7 yards, and caught all 4 of his targets for 31 yards in Week 11.

Fantasy Impact: With Tre Mason front and center and Zac Stacy seemingly banished to fantasy Sibera, Cunningham seems to have a role, albeit a small one in the Rams backfield. In expansive PPR leagues he's worth a roster spot, but you can do better than a passing down back in a middling offense in 10-12 team leagues.


By Mike Wright, Rams Correspondent, Mon, Nov 10th 10:41pm EST

Benny Cunningham ran the ball 4 times for 12 yards and 1 TD in Sunday's loss to Arizona. He added 3 catches for 16 yards.

Fantasy Impact: Cunningham was clearly behind Tre Mason in the pecking order. He was able to sneak a TD in, thus salvaging a decent fantasy outing. Cunningham will be a very low-end start moving forward and be TD dependent.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Rams Correspondent, Mon, Nov 3rd 4:10pm EST

Benny Cunningham rushed 4 times for 10 yards and caught 3 passes for 38 yards in the Rams' 13-10 upset victory over the 49ers.

Fantasy Impact: The Rams gave Tre Mason 20 touches to Cunningham's 7. Cunningham may be starting to be marginalized in fantasy despite his coming up with big plays at good times. He looks to continue to be the preferred passing-down and 3rd down back, and runs back punts and kicks. However, he won't succeed in fantasy without volume, and he's not getting the volume.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Rams Correspondent, Mon, Oct 27th 1:16pm EDT

Benny Cunningham rushed 4 times for 27 yards (6.8 YPC) and caught 1 pass for 8 yards in the Rams' 34-7 loss to the Chiefs in week 8.

Fantasy Impact: Despite a very good YPC number, Cunningham just doesn't get the volume to make it worthy of a roster spot in most fantasy leagues. Also, despite his status as the preferred passing-down back, he is not helped in the boxscore department. All St. Louis backs can be relegated to the waiver wire until they decide to abandon this committee approach.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Rams Correspondent, Thu, Oct 23rd 12:16am EDT

Rams' coach Jeff Fisher said on Monday that the division of carries among the running backs will be a week-to-week thing. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Perhaps St. Louis is trying to install a committee approach similar to Indianapolis. Picture Cunningham playing the role of Bradshaw and Mason playing the role of Richardson. The problem is that, unlike Indianaplis, St. Louis doesn't generate enough offensive production for two fantasy-worthy backs on a week-to-week basis. For now, the edge may have to go to Cunningham, as like Bradshaw, he is the passing-down back and the third-down back. He's also the back on the field in comeback mode, which the Rams find themselves in quite a lot, and he also runs back punts and kicks. Consider him a low-end flex for the time being.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Rams Correspondent, Mon, Oct 20th 1:46am EDT

Benny Cunningham rushed twice for 3 yards but led all Rams in receiving with 5 receptions for 46 yards and a touchdown in the Rams' 28-26 victory over Seattle.

Fantasy Impact: The Rams' backfield continues to come into better focus. Cunningham runs back punts and kicks and is the passing-down back. This is his third straight week with a touchdown. He will have a role in the backfield along with Tre Mason now that Zac Stacy is out of the picture. He should be a good bet for continued production down the line and his role as a pass protector should continue. He should be rostered as an RB3 for the time being and can be useful in a flex position.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Rams Correspondent, Sat, Oct 18th 12:28pm EDT

St. Louis offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer has confirmed that the Rams will use multiple backs in games. "Early in the game, we try to get guys multiple touches (and) then we try to go with the hot hand late in the game. (Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Fantasy Impact: The back to own right now in fantasy is Cunningham. He runs back punts and kicks, and he is the preferred passing down back and goal-line back. That gives him the best opportunity for a touchdown. It's not a good opportunity, but it's the best right now. That may change as the season goes on.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Rams Correspondent, Wed, Oct 15th 12:15am EDT

Benny Cunningham rushed 7 times for 21 yards (3.0 YPC) and a touchdown and caught two passes for 12 yards in the Rams' 31-17 loss to the 49ers on Monday night. He played on 51% of St. Louis offensive snaps, more than any other RB.

Fantasy Impact: If there's a back to own in this RB quagmire nightmare, it may be Cunningham at this point. He is the preferred passing down back and he also appears to be the preferred goal-line back. He vultured a touchdown from Zac Stacy this week, and last week if you'll remember. With so many backs and not enough offense, no member of the St. Louis running back corps may be worthy of starting in any fantasy league. Cunningham may be the best choice because he has the best chance of a touchdown.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Rams Correspondent, Tue, Oct 7th 1:53pm EDT

Rams' backup RB Benny Cunningham rushed 7 times for 47 yards (6.7 YPC) and caught 3 balls for 24 additional yards in the Rams' 34-28 loss to Philadelphia. He also scampered 14 yards for a touchdown in the third quarter after starter Zac Stacy left with a leg injury and played on 54% of the snaps in the game.

Fantasy Impact: Cunnigham's usage was skewed primarily due to Stacy's injury, but he still looks like the better back even through five weeks. As the team moves toward a more pass-friendly scheme out of necessity, Cunningham could become the preferred back for the coaches. I would say pick him up, but his upcoming schedule is brutal, next week at home against San Francisco and their stifling run defense on a Monday night, and the following week against Seattle. Go ahead and add Cunningham if you can, but continue to look for better flex options on other teams as well.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Rams Correspondent, Wed, Sep 24th 12:00am EDT

Benny Cunningham carried nine times for 29 yards and caught one ball for 5 yards in the Rams' 34-31 loss to Dallas.

Fantasy Impact: Though the Rams used Cunningham on pass plays, on third downs, and late in the game at the goal line on a passing touchdown, his total usage did not warrant fantasy satisfaction. He continues to show well but not often, so just keep your eye on him for the time being...he's not a fantasy option at the moment.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Rams Correspondent, Wed, Sep 17th 3:30am EDT

Benny Cunningham carried 6 times for 15 yards, and caught 1 pass for 4 yards in Sunday's tilt with the Bucs.

Fantasy Impact: Zac Stacy got 3 times as many carries, so it looks like Cunningham may be going back to his role as a reliever for Stacy and a change-of-pace and third down back.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Rams Correspondent, Mon, Sep 8th 1:49am EDT

Benny Cunningham had 5 carries for 21 yards (4.2 YPC) and 4 catches on 4 targets for 30 yards in the Rams' home opener against Minnesota.

Fantasy Impact: Cunningham's 51 yards from scrimmage matches lead back Zac Stacy's 51 yards. Cunningham looked the fresher, quicker runner, and was used more frequently in the passing game. With the defense not able to keep the Rams in the game, the Rams may have to turn to the passing game down the line, which in turn may give Cunningham some bye-week replacement value later on in the season.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Rams Correspondent, Fri, Sep 5th 12:35pm EDT

Nick Wagoner advises that Rams' general manager Les Snead said on local radio this week that he expects the offense to go with the "hot hand" in a given week at running back. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Benny Cunningham will have fantasy value this year. Exactly how much remains to be seen. If you are a Zac Stacy owner, you need to handcuff him with Cunningham. If you're looking for a potential RB4 or RB5 to stash and hope, Cunningham looks to be an excellent choice. Simply put, he's threatening Stacy's potential RB1 ranking if Snead is to be believed, and what is fortunate is that he is likely to be available as a free agent in many leagues at this point.


By Brian Tesch, Rams Correspondent, Wed, Sep 3rd 10:29pm EDT

Benny Cunningham has been named the Rams #1 Kick Returner, and is also the #2 Halfback on the Rams depth chart. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Cunningham has come a very long way since entering the NFL as a UDFA from Middle Tennessee State. When he's had his chances to carry the ball, he's been very impressive, as he followed up his strong 2013 with a 5 yards per carry preseason. While he's no Dante Hall, Cunnigham is no slouch returning kickoffs, as 11 of his 13 2013 kick returns went for longer than 20 yards. Cunningham is the Zac Stacy handcuff to own, and is a priority waiver add should something happen to Stacy. This news has made him a late-round must-draft in return yardage leagues.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Rams Correspondent, Fri, Aug 29th 12:30am EDT

Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch reports that Benny Cunningham has been the best Rams RB on the field this preseason and is pushing Zac Stacy for playing time. (Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Fantasy Impact: With Sam Bradford gone for the season, the Rams will turn to their running back corps. Unlike last year, they may run more than one running back throughout the year to keep everyone fresh. Cunningham is virtually going undrafted in 12 team leagues and represents cheap insurance against the possibility of a Zac Stacy injury or benching.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Rams Correspondent, Sat, Aug 23rd 8:35pm EDT

Benny Cunningham started at RB against the Browns and rushed 4 times for 11 yards on the first drive of the game. (Source: Jim Thomas)

Fantasy Impact: Zac Stacy is dressed for the game, but the Rams opted to start Cunningham instead. We will see what the Rams are up to as the game progresses. Stay tuned.


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