RotoBaller | Nov 8th
Apparently, no NFL quarterback is safe from a sudden downfall. What started as a personal, on-field tragedy for Robert Griffin III has now managed to impact proven quarterbacks like Andrew Luck and Colin Kaepernick. Of the three quarterbacks in question, Kaepernick’s case is most interesting. Almost three short years ago, the young quarterback out of... Read More
RotoBaller | Oct 21st
It really hasn't been that long since most of the football world was talking about the future greatness of Colin Kaepernick. In his first two years as the starting QB for the 49ers, he took the team deep into the playoffs. He helped out many fantasy owners in that time as well. Unfortunately, Kaepernick hasn't... Read More
Breaking Football | Oct 13th
There’s nothing like nailing a minimum priced player in daily fantasy football. Last week you had a shot at several, as the Rams defense was…
RotoBaller | Oct 12th
Oftentimes, when a loss occurs, it can be hard to find a positive takeaway or two. As far as the San Francisco 49ers and their struggling quarterback are concerned, however, that certainly isn’t the case. Unfortunately, Colin Kaepernick’s struggles out on the field of play have been well documented. Yet, after Sunday night’s Week 5... Read More
RotoBaller | Oct 8th
In order to be a great quarterback in the NFL, you have to have all of the obvious skills: a strong arm, an accurate arm, able to read defenses, etc. One skill that usually goes unmentioned is having a short-term memory. Even the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history made mistakes and threw the occasional interception,... Read More
SoCalledFanEx | Oct 6th
It’s Week 5 and I am prepared to provide more players to drop. The waiver wire is in full effect. Don’t fight it. Enough time has passed to admit two things; One, there’s room for improvement on your Fantasy Football team and two, you actually kind of liked Ballers on HBO. It’s been a strange […] The post Week 5 Players To Drop: Matthew Stafford, Colin Kaepernick &am...
RotoBaller | Sep 30th
The entire San Francisco offense is on my fallers list following Week 3. I like doing this. Don't hate on blanket statements, they can be efficient sometimes. It shouldn't be news to anyone that the 49ers were absolutely embarrassed in Week 3 against the Arizona Cardinals. The 49ers are an interesting case. One couldn't get much... Read More