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By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Thu, Jul 23rd 4:44pm EDT

Colin Kaepernick is a third tier QB according to ESPN NFL insider Mike Sando and a voting panel. According to Sando, a third-tier QB is "good enough to start but needs lots of support, making it tougher to contend at the highest level." (Source:

Fantasy Impact: Add this article to the many that should fuel the fire for Colin Kaepernick this season. He's not going to be a Top-5 QB this year in fantasy leagues, but I think you can grab him in the later rounds making him a great value.


By Brian Tesch, 49ers Correspondent, Thu, Jun 11th 10:21am EDT

According to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat's Grant Cohn, Colin Kaepernick completed all 25 of his short passing attempts in yesterdays minicamp practice. According to Cohn "(Kaepernick) threw his short passes accurately and with touch." (Source: The Santa Rosa Press Democrat)

Fantasy Impact: It wasn't all good, as Kaepernick ended practice by throwing an interception while trying to force a deep pass to Torrey Smith in double coverage. The news on improved touch is nice, but what's going to drive Kaepernick's value at the end of the day is his ability to pick up rushing yards, which remains as intriguing as ever. Kaepernick is a near lock to deliver value from his current ranking (FantasyPros Consensus QB16), and is exactly the kind of 2nd QB you should be choosing (a high upside hedge, who may outperform your starter).


By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Wed, Jun 10th 11:46am EDT

Colin Kaepernick has worked on his long ball this season and says that he is more accurate than he has ever been. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: With Vernon Davis and Torrey Smith as Kaepernick's down field targets, he'll have plenty of opportunities to sling it deep. Colin will have the ball in his hands more this year and the 49ers will be relying on his athletic ability to help them win games. He is a breakout candidate this year, and someone you should target as a top 10 QB in drafts.


By Jonathan Ebanks, 49ers Correspondent, Sat, Jun 6th 10:09am EDT

Retired 49ers tackle Anthony Davis tweeted on Friday that he'll "be back in a year or so." He also said that he was "taking this time to allow [his] Brain and Body time to heal and recoup." (Source: Anthony Davis on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: He tweeted that he plans to return when he is "26 or 27 years old." His contract goes up through 2019, but since he'll miss 2015, his contract will be "tolled." That means that if/when he returns in 2016, he will be under contract through 2020 instead. Nonetheless, his retirement is a massive blow to the 49ers and Colin Kaepernick's value. Especially with Davis being a player who was just starting to enter his prime.


By Steve Painter, 49ers Correspondent, Fri, Jun 5th 8:24pm EDT

This was completely unexpected and is a massive blow to the 49er offensive line. He has been a mainstay of the line for five years but missed nine games last year due to injuries. Seventh-rounder Trent Brown, Erik Pears, and Alex Boone are candidates to start at right tackle. (Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: This is a situation to watch because some want to draft Kaep and news like this is unsettling.


By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Fri, Jun 5th 5:26am EDT

Colin Kaepernick has re-worked his throwing motion and now gets the ball out much faster than in previous years. The 49ers coaches have said that he has worked on everything this off season, from his head to his feet. They are expecting a big jump forward. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: This is great news for the 49ers and fantasy owners. Kaepernick has the talent and the weapons to be the top scoring QB in the league. Only time will tell if he's able to put it all together this year and live up to his expectations.


By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Thu, May 14th 11:35pm EDT

Trent Baalke has noticed the chemistry that Colin is developing with Reggie Bush on the practice field. With Reggie now on the 49ers, Kaepernick will look to improve his passes on the field. (Source: CSN Bay Area)

Fantasy Impact: Reggie Bush is someone to keep an eye on in PPR leagues, he could be a sneaky FLEX play every week. Kaepernick has plenty of weapons around him, and hopefully Reggie can be one of them.


By Daniel Rogers, 49ers Correspondent, Wed, Apr 29th 4:49pm EDT

The 49ers minicamp has just begun and the offense is already beginning to click. 49ers' new wide receiver Torrey Smith, who signed with the team this offseason, described a "ridiculous" pass that Kaepernick made to him 35 yards down the field. Smith said that "he threw it where only I could get it and I didn’t break stride and it was on a rope." (Source: Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area)

Fantasy Impact: Kaepernick spent his offseason in Arizona working on his throwing mechanics with Kurt Warner and his team. This season, Kaepernick is looking to cement his place as the 49ers' franchise quarterback. Expect a strong year from Kaepernick as many would stack the odds against him.


By Jeff Krisko, 49ers Correspondent, Fri, Apr 10th 11:38pm EDT

In a conversation with reporters today, Vernon Davis expressed how impressed he was with the results of the work Colin Kaepernick put in this offseason. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: The article quotes Davis: "I didn't even know that was Colin. Seriously, he was working on his drop-back, (I said), 'Who was that?'" Kaepernick spent the off-season working hard with Kurt Warner's team of Quarterback gurus. Kaepernick has a ton of ceiling but a deep floor. You should draft him as a QB2 with upside this draft season.


By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Wed, Apr 1st 11:15pm EDT

Kurt Warner has been one of a few QB gurus that are helping Colin Kaepernick harness his athletic ability. They're helping him figure out when to be athletic and make a play or stay in the pocket and be a quarterback. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: The 49ers are hoping for a big jump from Colin Kaepernick this upcoming season. We all know about his athletic ability, but we also know that he isn't very accurate with the football. If these gurus truly do help our Kap, the sky is the limit.


By Jeff Krisko, 49ers Correspondent, Mon, Mar 9th 2:07am EDT

The NFL world was set alight Sunday night with rumors that Colin Kaepernick was placed on the trading block by the 49ers, but GM Trent Baalke went on record denying that. (Source: Matt Maiocco)

Fantasy Impact: Who's to say what is happening with the 49ers front office? Kaepernick was widely considered to have taken a step backwards last year, but San Francisco has no other options behind him. They are rumored to be in discussions with Chicago and Philadelphia. If Kaepernick heads to the Eagles, he instantly becomes a starting QB option in 12-team leagues, given what Chip Kelly has done with his QBs so far in the NFL.


By Brian Tesch, 49ers Correspondent, Wed, Jan 28th 1:46pm EST

In a phone interview, Colin Kaepernick's father, Rick, stated that his son is “Very, very pleased and extremely happy with the instruction he’s getting...He’s learning a lot. He’s a sponge.” ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer also added “people want to work with Kaepernick, especially with what they’re hearing of what he’s doing down here in Arizona with Dennis Gile and Kurt Warner, who are doing a great job with him. Colin is throwing the best he’s thrown in his life.” (Source: San Jose Mercury-News)

Fantasy Impact: After a disastrous 2014 season, there's nowhere to go but up from here. Kaepernick wasn't a total bust, as he still finished as the 17th highest scoring QB through 16 weeks, and usually wasn't drafted as a QB1. Expect Kaepernick to deliver value from a depressed draft position this year.


By Brian Tesch, 49ers Correspondent, Fri, Jan 16th 12:35pm EST

When asked about his quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, Jim Tomsula stated the QB needs to get back to having "fun playing football" and "I think he can run, I think he can throw, I think he can change the pace of the game, change the speed of the game. I think he's very intelligent," Tomsula said of his quarterback. "He can do a lot of things with his feet, he can do a lot of things with his hands, he can do a lot of things with his arms, he can do a lot of things with his eyes, he can do a lot of things with his brain. And more so than a traditional quarterback, he does it with the lower body. Look at that, corral it and let's accentuate those things." (Source:

Fantasy Impact: It seems that Jim thinks that Colin is still number one, and QBs, QBs just wanna have fun. Hacky Cindy Lauper jokes aside, this endorsement from Tomsula bodes well for Kaepernick's fantasy value, as it seems the new head coach is going to stick with him through thick and thin. Kaepernick (hopefully) has hit bottom, and will most likely deliver value at his depressed ADP in 2015.


By Jeff Krisko, 49ers Correspondent, Sun, Jan 11th 1:08pm EST

Rex Ryan, the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills, is expected to bring Greg Roman with him. (Source: Pro Football Talk)

Fantasy Impact: 49ers fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Roman is a whiz with the run game, but has some serious issues with play calling and scheming the passing game. This can only help 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick. Whoever ends up behind center in Buffalo next season should be completely off your draft radar.


By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Wed, Jan 7th 1:02pm EST

Kaepernick is going to train at EXOS in the Phoenix area, where he will train with Kurt Warner and QB coach Dennis Gile. During this offseason training, they are going to work on consistency, efficiency and film study. (Source: Sacramento Bee)

Fantasy Impact: This obviously points Kaepernick's fantasy potential way up, but we'd still temper expectations. The 49ers are most likely going to have a new offensive coordinator and may lose Michael Crabtree in free agency. It may end up being a rough offseason for Kap.


By Brian Tesch, 49ers Correspondent, Mon, Jan 5th 6:57pm EST

Colin Kaepernick has been working with former Pro Bowl QB Jeff Garcia. When asked about what Garcia is specifically looking to coach Kaepernick on he stated "You have to incorporate the mental side," Garcia said, via "We can always be better mentally. We can understand defenses better. We can understand what our offense is trying to do. How we're attacking defenses. I'd definitely want to go over film with him, and talk about decisions he made, talk about decisions he didn't make, and how he can improve decisions on the field." (Source: Sports World Report)

Fantasy Impact: While this is a positive sign that the embattled QB is looking to improve at all times, he has to be careful, having too many voices in his ear can be just as bad as none at all. Hopefully his work with Garcia can help Kaepernick reverse his downward trending QBR, which has slumped from 72.2 in 2012, to 68.6 in 2013, and bottomed out in 2014 at 55.9.


By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Thu, Jan 1st 4:08pm EST

According to reports from Laura Okmin of FOX, Kaepernick was emotional about Harbaugh's impending departure. He also told FOX, that Harbaugh was the only one to publicly back him when he was being accused of sexual assault. Could this be a shot at the 49ers GM and CEO? Does Kap want out of San Francisco now that his biggest supporter is gone? Hopefully, for the 49ers and Kap, they find a coach who loves Kaepernick's talents. (Source: ProFootballTalk)

Fantasy Impact: We can't see Kaepernick actually wanting out of San Francisco so quickly, but he was a huge fan and supporter of Harbaugh. The 49ers better look for a coach that likes Kaepernick, because if he leaves, there will be a very upset fanbase. Don't worry about Kap in fantasy next year, but temper expectations.


By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Mon, Dec 29th 12:41pm EST

Kaepernick threw for 204 yards with two touchdowns, and added 63 rushing yards to his totals.

Fantasy Impact: Kaepernick finishes the 2014 season as a bit of a disappointment. With the new weapons that the 49ers acquired, it was thought that Kap would take a huge step forward and lead this team to the playoffs once again. It will be difficult to rank Kaepernick next year, as he has a high ceiling, but also a very low floor.


By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Sun, Dec 21st 1:21am EST

Kaepernick threw for 114 yards and one touchdown, and added 151 yards on the ground with a rushing touchdown.

Fantasy Impact: The highlight of the game was Kaepernick's 90 yard rushing touchdown that came in the 3rd quarter. This was the type of game that fantasy owners had imagined all season, but it most likely came too late. With one game left and most leagues over, Kaepernick finishes on a strong note, but it doesn't make up for his poor season. With coaching and personnel changes coming next year, it's hard to speculate on how good Kap will be.


By Jeff Krisko, 49ers Correspondent, Mon, Dec 15th 12:06am EST

Colin Kaepernick ended the day with 141 passing yards, zero TDs and zero interceptions. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Nobody should have been starting Colin Kaepernick today, and those who did pretty much got what was expected. He also chipped in 9 carries for 46 yards. At times he looked like the Kaepernick that took the world by storm in 2012, but at other times he seemed completely overwhelmed. He gets the eighth-ranked Chargers pass defense on Saturday.


By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Mon, Dec 8th 12:47pm EST

Kaepernick threw for 174 yards, 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions. He had 3 rushes for 26 yards.

Fantasy Impact: The wheels have fallen off in San Francisco, and no one is feeling it as bad as Kap. He is the most sacked quarterback in the league and can't hit the broad side of a barn with his passes. If you somehow made the playoffs with him as your QB, there is no way you can trust him for the remainder of the season. He can be dropped in most leagues.


By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Wed, Dec 3rd 1:15pm EST

According to Bleacher Report and their NFL analysts, no, Kaepernick is not to blame. They believe of lot of it has to do with the offensive system not utilizing his strengths and that he is also not surrounded by talented players. (Source: Bleacher Report)

Fantasy Impact: I agree with Bleacher Report, we know what Kap is capable of, but he has not looked sharp throwing the ball this season. The 49ers need to get back to what they do best, running the ball and running the read option. Kap takes on the Raiders this weekend, which is probably the easiest matchup he'll get all season. I would definitely prefer to play other QBs, but if you're a gambling man and bet on his upside, this is the game to do it.


By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Fri, Nov 28th 12:32am EST

Kap was 16/29 for 121 yards, 0 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. He also rushed for 17 yards on 3 attempts.

Fantasy Impact: Kaepernick was atrocious, and played his worst football of the season, possibly his career. He was picked off twice by Richard Sherman and almost caught as many balls as any 49er receiver. The 49ers offense just looks bad and I would not start Kaepernick in any league for the rest of the season.


By Sam Reilly, 49ers Correspondent, Mon, Nov 17th 4:42pm EST

QB Colin Kaepernick completed 15 of 29 pass atts. for 193 yds. and 1 TD. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: Another unimpressive performance by Colin Kaepernick. He is underwhelming from a fantasy prospective, but as a game manager he is leading the team to wins. We should expect Kaepernick to continue to put up QB2 numbers until he shows improved accuracy.


By Brian Tesch, 49ers Correspondent, Mon, Nov 10th 11:45pm EST

Colin Kaepernick turned in a disappointing fantasy performance, completing 14 of his 32 passes for 210 yards and a touchdown. He avoided throwing an interception and chipped in 24 yards on 4 carries. (Source: Pro Football Focus)

Fantasy Impact: Despite putting up a lukewarm fantasy day, Kaepernick graded out positively according to ProFootballFocus, as he made clutch throws and had his numbers deflated by a few key drops. Kaepernick remains a low-level QB1 with the athletic potential to put up a 40 point day every time he takes the field.


By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Mon, Nov 3rd 10:57am EST

Colin Kaepernick hit 10 different receivers on Sunday, ending up with 237 yards and 1 touchdown. He added 5 rushes for 14 yards.

Fantasy Impact: Not sure if it's the play calling or the offense in general, but they don't look good out there. Kaepernick did everything he could do to try to keep his team in the game, and almost won they game, but fumbled at the goal line with 2 seconds left. This wasn't what owners were looking for after the 49ers came off their bye. The 49ers get the Saints next week, I'd keep Kap in your lineups, as that game will most likely be a shootout.


By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Thu, Oct 16th 9:41pm EDT

Peter King, who writes for Sports Illustrated asked a dozen coaches at this years combine, who they would rather play against. He asked if they would rather play against Peyton Manning or Colin Kaepernick. The majority of the coaches said they'd rather play against Manning. This just goes to show how big of an offensive weapon that Kap is, and he is very hard to game plan for. (Source: Peter King of SI)

Fantasy Impact: Kaepernick is far and away the best offensive weapon on the 49ers squad. He makes plays with his bazooka arm and blazing speed. Things defensive coordinators have a tough time game planning for. This is also the reason why you drafted him to your fantasy team. He can rack up points through the air and ground. He's a QB1 with Elite QB1 upside.


By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Tue, Oct 14th 12:09am EDT

Kaepernick had his best game of the season, by far. He threw for 370 yards and 3 touchdowns on Monday Night in St. Louis. He added 37 yards on the ground, bringing his season total to 242.

Fantasy Impact: Kaepernick looked great tonight. It took him awhile to find his groove, but once he did, he did not let off the gas. Kaepernick leads QBs in rushing and now has 10 passing scores on the year. Look for Kap to build off of this performance. He will end up being a top 10 fantasy QB.


By Aaron Cross, 49ers Correspondent, Tue, Sep 30th 10:07pm EDT

Kaepernick bounced back well from a tough week 3 loss where he showed he is still a young QB learning to make the right reads. This week he made the clutch plays we are accustomed to seeing out of him. His key run on a QB sweep late in the game and improved decision making propelled the Niners to victory.

Fantasy Impact: Kaepernick has performed very well as a QB1 for fantasy, and although neigh sayers will point to his yardage totals he is finding ways to get it done through touchdowns and his running ability. With how deep this receiving corp is he shouldn't have any trouble continuing his success and threatening to become a top 6 QB this year.


By Brian Tesch, 49ers Correspondent, Thu, Sep 25th 2:36pm EDT

Eagles LB Marcus Smith addressed the press on the possibility of being used as a spy on Colin Kaepernick “What I learned from (spying) is you can’t overplay it,’’ Smith said. “You have to be able to. . .if he gets out of the pocket you have to be over there on him. You can’t be caught by the center or one of the guards. You know he can change the game, that’s how Kaepernick is.’’ (Source:

Fantasy Impact: Smith was drafted as a rush LB in the Eagles transition to a 3-4 defense, but has had to fill in at middle linebacker due to injuries to Mychal Kendricks. The Eagles defense ranked dead last against the pass in 2013, and currently ranks 30th in 2014. Strategically, devoting a player strictly to contain a QB's rushing ability takes a player out of coverage responsibilities, which can harm an already vulnerable passing defense. All and all, its shaping up to be a plum match-up for Kaepernick in Week 4. He's currently ranked QB9 per FantasyPros experts, but after watching a far inferior QB (Kirk Cousins) torch the Eagles last week, I would boost Kaepernick even higher,


By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Sun, Sep 21st 9:37pm EDT

Colin Kaepernick threw for 245 yards with a touchdown and added 54 rushing yards against Arizona on Sunday.

Fantasy Impact: A much better fantasy day for Kaepernick than last week. The passing numbers are nice, but what I really like is the added rushing stats. Kap is one of a few mobile quarterbacks that can get you points with his arm and his legs, keep him in your lineup forever.


By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Mon, Sep 15th 12:11am EDT

Colin Kaepernick threw for 248 yards, 1 touchdown and added 66 yards on the ground. Unfortunately, he also had 3 interceptions and 1 fumble. The 49ers were sitting pretty in the first half, but allowed the Chicago Bears to come back by allowing turnovers on offense and poor defensive play.

Fantasy Impact: Kaepernick had too many turnovers and probably lost some games for people. Luckily he gets to redeem himself against the Cardinals who just allowed Eli Manning to throw 2 touchdowns on them. Don't let this game fool you, Colin is a top 10 fantasy QB, keep him in your lineup.


By Chad Satterfield, 49ers Correspondent, Sun, Sep 7th 10:44pm EDT

Colin Kaepernick started off hot with 2 touchdown passes to Vernon Davis in the first quarter. Game-flow limited his production to 201 yards and those 2 early touchdowns. He added 5 rushes for 11 yards.

Fantasy Impact: This is a great start and hopefully a sign of things to come for Kaepernick. He has the chance to be an elite QB1 this year, and I think he is well on his way.


By Andrew Sears, 49ers Correspondent, Wed, Aug 27th 4:00pm EDT

Kaepernick has completed just 54% of his passes during the preseason with no TD passes. The offense has only mustered 2 FGs on his 7 drives. Kaepernick notes that “I’ve never seen worrying help anyone’s problems, or help them get better. So I don’t worry.” (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: We agree with Kaepernick here. It's only preseason and the sample size of data is extremely low. We would anticipate the 49ers' offense will be much more productive when week 1 rolls around.


By Aaron Cross, 49ers Correspondent, Tue, Aug 19th 7:06pm EDT

It's been reported that Colin's foot injury was much more serious last year than it was believed to be. Maiocco reports that Kaepernick didn't require any surgery for the foot and that doctors only asked him to rest it during the offseason, and now Kaepernick is stating that it will be a non-factor this season. (Source: Matt Maiocco on Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: This is great news and could possibly explain some of the ups and downs for Kaepernick last year, despite the fact that he still had a very solid year as a fantasy QB. If nothing, the injury likely at least slowed him down which had to have an effect on his sacks and rushing totals.


By Clinton, 49ers Correspondent, Mon, Jul 28th 1:36am EDT

Kaepernick gave an extensive look today at his throwing ability. He looked particularly sharp early in camp today as he completed eight of his first nine passes in 11-on-11 drills. It didn't end as well as it started though as he finished by missing on five of his final seven passes, with a mixture of accuracy issues, balls hitting off receivers’ hands and solid defensive plays. (Source: Mercury News)

Fantasy Impact: We all know what Kaepernick can do with his legs, but the bigger question is can he be equally dangerous in the pocket? If he can improve that part of his game, Kaepernick has a shot to be a top 5 fantasy QB with a plethora of legitimate receiving options in Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin, Vernon Davis, Steve Johnson and Brandon Lloyd.

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Kaepernick didn't do enough with his legs last year and he's just not a very good pocket passer right now. If the 49ers go back to his legs he can produce, but he's clearly shaky.
WalterFootball | Jul 29th
We know that Kaepernick is not as bad as his output last season, but the question is, are the 49ers now so bad that Kaepernick won't be able to turn things around for himself? The odds seem to be getting long, but there is talent on this offense with Carlos Hyde, Anquan Boldin, Torrey Smith and the under utilized Vernon Davis. I'm not going to be drafting him as my starter of course, but his ability to run the ball always gives him a shot at a big game when using him as a streaming option.
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It's now or never for Kaepernick. His run to the Super Bowl seems like ages ago as the 49ers seem to be imploding. Kaepernick took a big step back last year as a passer and as a play maker. He'll need to make big improvements to once again approach QB1 material.