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By Steve Painter, Broncos Correspondent, Thu, Aug 7th 2:16pm EDT

Peyton Manning has more pop on the balls he throws and has better offensive targets to start the 2014 campaign. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Manning is 18 TD's away from setting the league career record, and there will be no regression as his march continues into immortality. His throws have more zip on them then last year and he is committed to winning at Denver. The offensive line has improved with Orlando Franklin moving inside to the guard position and Emmanuel Sanders, a new addition this year, adds to the targets that Manning has at his disposal. Sanders should have a career type year in this offense. One would think that regression would be apparent at this point in his career, but Manning is other-worldly and shows no movement toward that end. Fantasy drafters should feel comfortable in selecting him to lead their team to victory this year.

The New York Times | Aug 23rd
A regression from his record-setting 2013 is inevitable, but the floor will still be top 3.
The Football Girl | Aug 23rd
Freak season at age 37 makes it hard to triangulate his overall fantasy value.
Legion Report | Aug 22nd
“Maybe I can’t throw the 100 MPH fastball anymore, but I can still strike you out, picking my spots, working the plate,” Manning said. “I don’t make the same kind of throws I used to make, I try to use the cerebral part and use my experience.” Manning erupted in 2013 with a record breaking season for 55 TDs, 5477 Passing Yards and 450 Completions on 659 Passing Attempts. Denver led the NFL last season with 72.1 plays per game. After losing Eric Decker to the New York Jets, the Broncos swiped Emmanuel Sanders and will add him to a core of options such as: Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas. The Denver Bronco’s had one of the easiest schedules in the NFL last season which resulted in great success. This year they’re rated as having the 2nd hardest schedule in the NFL, which is a factor in 38 year old Peyton Mannings #2 rank, even with their Top 5 Offensive Line.
The Fake Football | Aug 22nd
We know what Peyton can do with these weapons in Denver. They lost Decker, but added Sanders and Lattimer and he still has Thomas, Welker and Thomas again.
Fantasy Team Advice | Aug 21st
It will be incredibly difficult for Peyton and the Broncos to reproduce their 2013 season. While his numbers should still be eye-popping don't expect the nearly 5500 passing yards and 55 TD's again this year
The Fantasy Fix | Aug 21st
Note: This piece was originally written on July 15th by Jake Ciely and is one of many unique pieces that can be found in our 2014 fantasy football draft guide. None of this information has been updated since it was originally published. Wes Welker (25th among WR/62nd overall) – Everyone knows Peyton Manning is still the quarterback right? […]
Breaking Football | Aug 21st
Manning won't go breaking records again in 2014, but that's not to say he can't come close.
Hatty Waiver Wire Guru | Aug 21st
Setting the record for TD in a season means he is the #1 QB in 2014. He won't repeat that many TD's but he will still be extremely solid.
FFLockerRoom | Aug 20th
Manning is the consensus #1 because of the talent around him, his consistency from year-to-year and he leads the pool in FFLockerRoom's True Proficiency Game Average.
Fantasy Football Empire | Aug 20th
Career high with 659 passing attempts and 55 TDs. Manning had not broken 40 TDs since 2004. Manning will be the first QB drafted this season, but I don't see how he can put up the great numbers that he did last season. He is a great QB, but not worth a 2nd round pick. In 2004, Manning threw for 49 TDs in 2004, but only 28 TDs in 2005, so there is precedence for regression.
Yahoo! Sports | Aug 19th
Have to expect regression from record-breaking '13, but that could still be 5k pass yds, 40+ TDs
Fantasy Football Maniax | Aug 19th
Manning is still an elite fantasy quarterback, but here is the stat that concerns me the most about Manning duplicating his 2013 season. Of the 16 games he played in 2013, nine of them were against teams that finished 25th or lower in pass defense and only 2 were against Top 10 pass defenses, the Houston Texans & NY Giants. This year they play the tough NFC West instead of the NFC East and the AFC East instead of the AFC South. Plus their division is tougher this year. Much tougher games and Manning is now 38 years old; he should not come close to duplicating his 2013 season.
Breaking Football | Aug 11th
Peyton Manning sand Eli Manning going viral is nothing new. The two brothers share four trips to the Super Bowl and three combined Super Bowl rings. Peyton Manning might end up putting the best stats the game has ever seen at the quarterback position, and might even go down as the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. Eli Manning won’t, but at least he’s won some titles and was i...
Breaking Football | Aug 10th
If you end up with the 5th-9th pick in your draft, you’re probably considering drafting a quarterback in the first round. While you may try to hold out and draft a QB later, opting instead for a stud workhorse running back which seem to be becoming more and more of a novelty in today’s NFL, grabbing one of the top QBs could be even more important. Unless you’re some diehard ...
Rotoprofessor | Jul 27th
by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor) No one is going to argue against Peyton Manning as the top fantasy quarterback for the upcoming season. However, two things can be questioned: 1) Can he repeat his 2013 numbers? 2) Is he worth a first round pick?
FantasySharks | Jul 25th
How often does a truly epic season actually occur? Would Peyton Manning’s season last year be considered one? Will one happen again soon? Come check out the analysis.
Dynasty League Football | Jul 3rd
Peyton Manning and Montee Ball are just two of the players we discuss in our final installment.