Peyton Manning
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Breaking Football | Jul 22nd
Manning won't go breaking records again in 2014, but that's not to say he can't come close.
The New York Times | Jul 22nd
A regression from his record-setting 2013 is inevitable, but the floor will still be top 3.
Hatty Waiver Wire Guru | Jul 21st
Setting the record for TD in a season means he is the #1 QB in 2014. He won't repeat that many TD's but he will still be extremely solid.
ESPN | Jul 21st
After studying the tape from 2013, Jaws ranks Peyton Manning No. 1
ESPN | Jul 21st
After studying the tape from 2013, Jaws ranks Peyton Manning No. 1
Fantasy Football Maniax | Jul 15th
I have three concerns about Manning duplicating his 2013 season. 1) At 38-years old, will he be able to take the pounding of a 16-game season and put up historic numbers for a second consecutive year, 2) Can RB Montee Ball replace RB Knowshon Moreno as a pass blocker and receiver and 3) Can Denver duplicate that offensive success against a much tougher schedule? Manning is still a QB1, but I think his stats dip significantly from last year.
Fantasy Team Advice | Jul 15th
It will be incredibly difficult for Peyton and the Broncos to reproduce their 2013 season. While his numbers should still be eye-popping don't expect the nearly 5500 passing yards and 55 TD's again this year
Dynasty League Football | Jul 3rd
Peyton Manning and Montee Ball are just two of the players we discuss in our final installment.
Fantasy Knuckleheads | Jun 23rd
Fantasy Football Draft Strategies: Is It Time For A Change? With the running back position losing its value in the NFL.  Is the quarterback position more important in todays fantasy football? My first fantasy football draft ever was in 2001. I drafted Peyton Manning with my first pick and then selected Marvin Harrison with my next pick.  Everyone in the draft laughed at me and […]...
Fantasy Knuckleheads | Jun 22nd
2014 Fantasy Football: QB Rankings And Draft Strategy Pressure is something you feel only when you don’t know what you’re doing.” – Chuck Noll The recently deceased Hall-Of-Fame Coach originally made that statement, which also happens to be one of Peyton Manning’s favorite quotes. He has taken that to heart, and used it as a resource in his relentless efforts tow...
Fantasy Knuckleheads | Jun 18th
Drafting A High-Value Quarterback and Running Back in 2014 Every year I get asked when the best time to draft a quarterback is. Fantasy owners want a good quarterback, but often they don’t want to spend a first, second, or third round pick necessary to grab Peyton Manning or Drew Brees off the board. It is possible to get a good, reliable quarterback in […] Original Source
Fantasy Knuckleheads | Jun 2nd
2014 Fantasy Football: Top 100 Players It is that time of year where fantasy football rankings come out for the upcoming season. There will be many discussions about where players are on a particular top 100 list. Every expert has their own opinion of how highly thought of someone like Demaryius Thomas or Peyton Manning is. Could Manning be the No. […] Original Source
Fantasy Knuckleheads | May 29th
Should Peyton Manning Be Taken In First Round Of 2014 Fantasy Football Drafts? It is getting closer and closer to the beginning of the 2014 fantasy football season. There have been discussions about whether or not Calvin Johnson should be picked with one of the first two overall picks. Another non running back that is getting a lot of attention for first round selection is Denver Broncos quarterba...