RotoBaller | Sep 29th
Nope, Robert Griffin III hasn't been able to overtake Kirk Cousins as the Washington Redskins starting quarterback just yet, but he has surpassed Colt McCoy as the teams No. 2 quarterback least temporarily. According to the Washington Post, McCoy has suffered a cut on his foot which will keep him out of practice for... Read More
RotoBaller | Sep 1st
Supposedly, according to Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden, the words “we completely stand behind Robert Griffin III as starter” is code for “we’re lying straight through our teeth and totally know you’re not buying it, lol”. But anyone who has been paying attention to the unfolding debacle in Redskins territory could have told you that.... Read More
Breaking Football | Aug 19th
If you’re a Washington Redskins fan you probably have ever single finger and toe crossed that Robert Griffin III can return to how dynamic and…