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By Scott Ellinwood, Redskins Correspondent, Wed, Aug 27th 1:02pm EDT

Redskins QB Robert Griffin III has had an inconsistent preseason. At times, he has looked like an improving player and at other times he has seemed overwhelmed and displayed poor mechanics. In a column for the Washington Post, Rick Snider attributes the inconsistency to low confidence. (Source: Washington Post)

Fantasy Impact: RG3 did look horrendous against the Ravens, but fantasy owners need to take this with a grain of salt. He was running a vanilla offense against one of the better defenses in football. Furthermore, he narrowly missed one big play to DeSean Jackson and had another to Jordan Reed nullified by a penalty. It's too early to for the Redskins or for you to pull the plug on RG3.

By Jonathan Ebanks, Redskins Correspondent, Sun, Aug 24th 1:34am EDT

Despite the Ravens not having any of their three best corners on the field, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III threw a near pick-six on his first play in the second half. Tight end Jordan Reed was wide-open on the play. He also took three sacks and only amassed 20 yards through the air.

Fantasy Impact: This is undoubtedly concerning. In practice, Griffin displayed a Jekyll-and-Hyde-like inconsistency, stemming from his lack of understanding the new scheme. However, he has been consistent in failing to inspire confidence in his abilities to command the offense. Griffin looks more "bust" than "boom" at this point. He is going through some growing pains and will need a lot more time to learn the offense.

By Scott Ellinwood, Redskins Correspondent, Sun, Aug 24th 12:09am EDT

Redskins legend Joe Theismann provided color commentary for the team's 23-17 loss to Baltimore on Saturday night. Theismann is quoted by the Post's Dan Steinberg as saying "If there was a quarterback competition, it wouldn't be a competition. Kirk Cousins would be the man." (Source: Washington Post)

Fantasy Impact: There is a long history of colorful QB controversies in Washington. In the 70s, it was Jurgensen and Kilmer. In the 80s, we had Jay Schroeder and Doug Williams. In the 90s, it was Heath Shuler vs. Gus Frerotte. If RG3 lays an egg against Houston on opening day, you can add RG3 vs. Kirk to the list and the noise won't go away until RG3 is dominant and winning consistently.

By Scott Ellinwood, Redskins Correspondent, Sat, Aug 23rd 10:33pm EDT

Redskins QB Robert Griffin III had a very poor game against the Ravens, going five of eight for 20 yards and an INT for a dismal 27.1 quarterback rating. RG3 also added three yards rushing on three carries.

Fantasy Impact: RG3 looked very tentative against an active Ravens pass rush. On several occasions, he hesitated and was late with his throws. While it is likely that he is still absorbing the offense and terminology, it is troubling that his dress rehearsal was so underwhelming. We likely won't see RG3 again until opening day.

By Jonathan Ebanks, Redskins Correspondent, Wed, Aug 20th 10:54pm EDT

Redskins coach Jay Gruden confirmed on Wednesday that he plans to have his starters play for at least the first half of Saturday's preseason tilt against the Ravens. He is also considering playing the offensive or defensive starters in the second half if one or both sides don't see enough action in the first half. (Source: CSN Washington)

Fantasy Impact: The third preseason game is always referred to as the "dress rehearsal" game. This will give a good indication at who our third down back will be (although the smart money is on Roy Helu), and we get a true sneak peek on Gruden's offense and how his schemes will impact the players in game action.

By Scott Ellinwood, Redskins Correspondent, Wed, Aug 20th 9:25am EDT

Redskins QB Robert Griffin III has had trouble in his first two seasons judging when to slide, duck out of bounds or throw the ball away. In Monday night's win over Cleveland, RG3 again took a couple of awkward hits because of his reckless style. (Source: Washington Post)

Fantasy Impact: Fantasy owners have to be encouraged by RG3's progress with footwork and pocket presence. However, if he doesn't learn to slide, use the sidelines or throw the ball away, tantasy owners will likely see RG3 miss games for the third straight season.

By Scott Ellinwood, Redskins Correspondent, Tue, Aug 19th 1:08pm EDT

Redskins QB Robert Griffin III was six of eight for 112 yards and an interception against Cleveland on Monday night. He also rushed four times for 24 yards. The performance highlighted some real progress from the Redskins signal caller but also showed areas where work remains. Griffin III displayed an improved pocket presence, trusting in the offensive line to deliver strikes downfield - an important development. However, he also showed poor footwork on his interception, throwing the ball off his back foot. Additionally, RG3 must learn to slide properly and show better judgement when able to duck out of bounds.

Fantasy Impact: With RG3 learning a new offense and adjusting to new teammates, some hiccups are to be expected. His next outing, Saturday night in Baltimore, will be key in measuring his progress. Owners should be encouraged by his performance Monday night and regard RG3 as a low-end QB1 with excellent dynasty value.

By Jonathan Ebanks, Redskins Correspondent, Tue, Aug 19th 12:00am EDT

QB Robert Griffin III went 6-for-9 for 112 yards and one pick on Monday night against Cleveland. He also ran for 24 yards on four carries.

Fantasy Impact: His runs were scary to watch and he still has not perfected his slide. Griffin failed to get out of bounds on his runs, leading to unnecessary hits. His combination of good throws and interceptions is making him into a boom-or-bust draft choice. The boom would be the 4,000 yard, 30-TD breakout. The bust would be something only slightly better than what we had last year. Either way, he'll improve, the question is how much?

By Scott Ellinwood, Redskins Correspondent, Sun, Aug 17th 2:38pm EDT

Redskins QB Robert Griffin III will get more leeway this season to audible at the line. New OC Sean McVay wants Griffin to have the freedom to read and adjust out of plays as needed, something that could accelerate the mental side of the game for him. (Source: Washington Post)

Fantasy Impact: Both GM Bruce Allen and HC Jay Gruden have done their best to temper expectations as RG3 adapts to a new system and new responsibilities. With a new set of weapons and a healthy knee, RG3 has the potential to exceed his rookie performance, but should be dropped on your draft list to reflect the potential risks and rewards this season.

By Jonathan Ebanks, Redskins Correspondent, Mon, Aug 11th 6:52pm EDT

Griffin displayed a quicker release today and responded better to how the defense operated. He was able to keep the offense moving the chains and released the ball before defenders could pick up receivers. Reporter Mike Jones defended Griffin today, saying Griffin is unquestionably better than backup QB Kirk Cousins. However, he admitted that the gap between the 2012 second overall pick (Griffin) and the 2012 fourth rounder (Cousins) isn't as far as it should be. (Source: Washington Post)

Fantasy Impact: Griffin is one of the best in the NFL at making a play work after it has broken down, but he is less than impressive as a dropback, pocket passer. He hasn't learned how to make good reads at the NFL-level yet. Griffin is just not as consistent as the team would like him to be, but they acknowledge how hard he works at improving his craft and understand that his transition from a great collegiate QB into a professional one will take some time. Today, the organization threw their support on him and will ride on his shoulders this season, no matter how bad things may get. Fantasy owners should do the same.

By Jonathan Ebanks, Redskins Correspondent, Sun, Aug 10th 11:55am EDT

Reporter Mike Reiss and members of the Patriots organization believe that Redskins QB Kirk Cousins consistently performed better than Griffin during the Redskins-Patriots joint practices. Cousins displayed better throwing mechanics, decisiveness, and command of the offense. (Source: ESPN Boston)

Fantasy Impact: Interesting. Considering that Cousins is more of a pocket passer, he would be a better fit for Jay Gruden's offense. However, he lacks the raw talent and athleticism that Griffin possesses, and the added rushing threat from Griffin will help free up the passing game and keep defenses honest. Perhaps Griffin looks like more of a boom-or-bust candidate heading into the season than we thought, but don't fret fantasy owners. If Andy Dalton could adjust to Gruden's offense and have great success, then I'm very sure Griffin will be able to get acclimated to it sooner rather than later. He's still poised to have a great year. As far as his chances for understanding the offense goes, just give it time.

By Jonathan Ebanks, Redskins Correspondent, Fri, Aug 8th 8:03pm EDT

Griffin was two for four with nine passing yards on Thursday night against New England. He had a would-be 16-yard touchdown pass to Aldrick Robinson ruled incomplete because Robinson couldn't stay inbounds.

Fantasy Impact: There really isn't anything to take away from this game since Griffin didn't do much. Just be glad that Griffin avoided injury and hold off your fantasy judgments for Week 3 of the preseason at least. I still think he is poised to post the best passing numbers of his career this season. He is currently the seventh-ranked QB according to FantasyPros' ECR. Expect him to be drafted during Rounds 5-7 in standard leagues on Draft Day.

By Jonathan Ebanks, Redskins Correspondent, Tue, Aug 5th 9:49pm EDT

The Redskins failed to convert on all seven redzone plays they had against the Pats defense during Tuesday's joint practice. DeSean Jackson couldn't separate from Darrelle Revis, and a huge hit from Jerod Mayo stuffed Alfred Morris for no gain and Morris got swarmed by tacklers at the two-yard line. (Source: Washington Post)

Fantasy Impact: The Patriots figure to have a top-10 defense this season, especially because of the huge improvement at cornerback. Regardless, failure to score when you enter the redzone will severely limit fantasy production for everyone except the kicker. Don't put too much stock into this since the Patriots are an elite team and the Redskins are clearly overmatched, need a lot of work, and have not quite found their rhythm yet. Just keep this in mind.

By Eric Snyder, Redskins Correspondent, Sun, Aug 3rd 2:31pm EDT

Robert Griffin III is excited to get an up close and personal look at future Hall of Fame QB Tom Brady. On the verge of practicing with the Patriots Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in Richmond, Griffin said, "If I get the chance to sit down and talk with him, I'd love to, just to pick his brain." (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: It is wise for RGIII to seek knowledge from an all-time great. If he can improve his pocket passing, especially with all the offensive weapons at his disposal, Griffin could duplicate, if not improve on his stellar 2012 rookie campaign. His ADP of 55 seems about right, but his stock is rapidly ascending. Griffin is firmly in the mid-high QB1 range.

By Jonathan Ebanks, Redskins Correspondent, Thu, Jul 31st 8:38pm EDT

Jay Gruden decided to cut practice short by 15-20 minutes to ease the aches and soreness many players were dealing with today. Instead of having players wrap up their workouts though, he had the team run the width of the field back and forth five times. Griffin outran everyone else on each run. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: As training camp progresses, it becomes more obvious day-by-day that Griffin seems to be back to full health. His speed is back, and while he's not projected to run as much as he has in the past, Gruden's scheme should maximize his passing opportunities. 30 passing TDs is not out of the realm of possibility for Griffin this year.

By Jonathan Ebanks, Redskins Correspondent, Wed, Jul 30th 9:28pm EDT

Redskins coach Jay Gruden was quoted saying his team would only use the zone read "maybe three or four times in two games". Gruden wants to protect Griffin while forcing defenses to prepare for plays instead of focusing on the zone read. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: A good chunk of Griffin's rushing stats came from zone reads in his first two seasons (344 out of 815 rushing yards in 2012, and 202 out of 489 rushing yards in 2013), but fewer zone reads are not something that should alarm fantasy owners. Gruden's system will utilize other designed runs to get Griffin rushing down the field and he can still scramble whenever he chooses. Cutting down on the zone read will force defenses to focus on a wider variety of plays and the revamped passing game. Expect RG3's passing numbers to improve nicely this season under Gruden, whose scheme turned Andy Dalton into a 4,000 yard, 30-TD passer last season

By Scott Ellinwood, Redskins Correspondent, Mon, Jul 28th 7:43pm EDT

After five practices, Redskins QB Robert Griffin III sees steady progress from his offense and new OC Sean McVay agrees. “I think he’s done a really good job of working on his mechanics, his footwork and his delivery, being able to have more of a compact release where he is able to change his arm angle up, kind of feel those soft spots in the pocket,” McVay said. (Source: Washington Post)

Fantasy Impact: The optimism in the Redskins camp is almost palpable. If RG3 is able to return or improve on his rookie form, the team will be well positioned to challenge for the title in a very mediocre NFC East. However, looking good in shorts is far different than in game situations and there are still questions about the Redskins offensive line. Griffin III is worth scouting in the preseason and you should be prepared to move him up your draft board as a low-end QB1.

By Scott Ellinwood, Redskins Correspondent, Sat, Jul 26th 3:51pm EDT

Former Raiders and Bucs coach Jon Gruden paid a visit to brother Jay's Redskins squad and observed practice on Friday morning. 'Chucky' also offered his thoughts on the progression of QB Robert Griffin III: “This could be a period of a couple years where he transforms his game to a different level, hopefully,” Jon Gruden said. “But I think he’s coming along quickly. … This is going to be a process that’s going to take a little time, but the kid clearly has the aptitude, the intelligence and the talent to be a great quarterback in this league no matter what offense you run." (Source: The Washington Times)

Fantasy Impact: While RG3 has been learning a new offense and this may take time, he has also lost the bulky knee brace that he wore throughout the 2013 season and has been able to fully participate in offseason work. Griffin III should be viewed as a high-risk, high-reward proposition for the 2014 season. If healthy and comfortable in the offense, he should approach 4,000 yards and 25 TDs.

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