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By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Fri, Oct 31st 1:12pm EDT

Tony Romo has not practiced at all this week and is a game time decision. (Source: CBS Sports)

Fantasy Impact: The back injury for Romo is a question mark for the entire Cowboys offense. For the wideouts like Terrance Williams and Dez Bryant, Brandon Weeden's appearance means that they will not be able to get their deep ball opportunities like they would with Romo. Tight end Jason Witten and DeMarco Murray may get more opportunities as Weeden will look for quick plays, screens, and hand the ball of to Murray to loosen the defense. Romo's status is something to closely watch and he would be worth a start against the Cardinals and their worst pass defense in the NFL.

By Jacob Harpel, Cowboys Correspondent, Thu, Oct 30th 6:12pm EDT

Romo has not practiced this week and it is not clear he will be able to do so on Friday. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Romo's condition has been up in the air all week, looking questionable at best. The Dallas quarterback is ranked 12th in fantasy performance so far this season, so even if he does play, owners should be very hesitant to take the risk of playing him against an Arizona team that has only given up high points against Peyton Manning. Owners should keep checking updates on Romo throughout the week but should strongly consider other options.

By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Wed, Oct 29th 11:30am EDT

Owner Jerry Jones says that Romo is a last second call even though head coach Jason Garrett says that Romo seemed good on Tuesday. (Source: CBS Sports)

Fantasy Impact: Owner Jerry Jones says that the injury is not related to his December injury that led to surgery and there is nothing medically that would keep Romo out of the game, but his status is a function of pain tolerance. Romo struggled in the Cowboys' loss against the Redskins but that may have been a result of the Redskins' relentless pass rush and outstanding cornerback play in one-on-one situations. Previous to Week 8, Romo ran off six straight games with a 65% completion percentage, 200 yards passing, and two touchdowns and he is still on a solid pace. He only has three interceptions in the past seven weeks and has the highest quarterback rating of his career. His status is a huge question for Romo owners so pick up quarterback insurance if he is your QB1.

By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Oct 28th 10:08am EDT

A lot of the Cowboys great 6-2 start has been based on Tony Romo's QB play and managing the offense, but a re-injured back may cause issues. (Source: CBS Sports)

Fantasy Impact: Romo was not having a great game before the injury as the young Redskins secondary had locked down on his receivers, particularly Dez Bryant. Romo missed two drives in the second half in which backup Brandon Weeden led two scoring drives and effectively ran the offense. This is not to say that there is a quarterback controversy, but Romo was not himself yesterday before or after the injury. In total, Romo finished with only 209 passing yards and a touchdown while getting sacked five times and fumbling in the first quarter. He also had only a 60.7 completion percentage, ending his impressive run of six games with a completion percentage over 65. His injury may have been a big reason for the weak effort and Romo owners have to worry about this injury because his back is a troublesome area. It is an aggreviated injury from his offseason surgery that still has him sit out every Wednesday practice. Monitor this situation very closely before making your lineup, particularly considering a tough matchup against Arizona.

By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Thu, Oct 23rd 2:18pm EDT

Tony Romo has been the most accurate during this six game winning streak. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Tony Romo has been very impressive during the Cowboys winning streak and much of that derives from his completion percentage being at a career high 71.6%. When combined with the fact that his yards per attempt is nearly 9 yards, this is very impressive for both the Cowboys and Romo's fantasy owners. Much has been written about DeMarco Murray's historical season, but the Cowboys would not be where they are if Romo was not as efficient as he has been. Romo is back to being a QB1 option and will continue to thrive as he plays through the Cowboys newfound success. He needs to continue to utilize the passing lanes created by Murray's rushing success.

By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Oct 21st 10:34am EDT

Tony Romo has been very solid during the Cowboys six game winning streak, possibly elevating him to the upper tier of quarterback options. (Source: CBS Sports)

Fantasy Impact: Tony Romo had a three interception performance in Week 1 and a sub-200 yard passing game in Week 2, validating fantasy owners' worries about his diminished value. In the five weeks since that win against Tennessee, Romo has 12 touchdowns and 3 interceptions while averaging 266 passing yards per game, ideal numbers for a starting quarterback in most fantasy leagues. Romo's consistency has been well marked with multiple touchdowns in each of the past five games, a 71.66% completion percentage, and 9 yards per attempt. Romo has capitalized on the passing lanes created by league leading rusher DeMarco Murray and is back to the top of his game. Unless you have a top-5 QB1 option, start Romo this week, especially against a Washington defense that is vulnerable against the pass.

By Scott Ellinwood, Cowboys Correspondent, Mon, Oct 20th 9:46am EDT

Cowboys QB Tony Romo completed 17 of 23 attempts for 279 yards, three TDs and one INT in Dallas' 31-21 win over the Giants. Romo has had a strong season, making smart plays and avoiding the critical mistakes that have plagued him in past seasons.

Fantasy Impact: Romo is a solid QB1 in all leagues and has a very favorable matchup in Week 8, facing a poor Redskins pass defense at home on Monday Night Football. Start him if you got him.

By Nick Vertucci, Cowboys Correspondent, Sun, Oct 19th 7:01am EDT

Listed with a ribs and ankle injury, Tony Romo is expected to start Week 7 against the New York Giants after practicing later in the week.

Fantasy Impact: If you didn't see it, Romo took a ridiculous hit from Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner in Week 6, but continued to play. He is all jets go against the divisional Giants and is a quality start.

By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Oct 14th 2:48pm EDT

He may have had better raw numbers in other seasons but Tony Romo may be his most efficient during the 2014 season. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: In evaluating this question, it is the balance of 2007's record breaking season with 36 touchdows, 4,200+ yards, and 7 300-yard passing games versus the five consecutive games that Romo has been over a 90 QB rating this year. Romo has absolutely been his most efficient this year; in his career, his completion percentage is nearly 65 while this year it is nearly 69. He has also worked to minimize interceptions and has his best QBR of his career this year. DeMarco Murray may be the fantasy MVP so far, which does help Romo, but very few people saw Romo as the top-10 QB that he has been so far. He has made a ton of pivotal throws this year and has made the most of the opportunities afforded by Murray. Look to add Romo if you can as the schedule for the Cowboys gets lighter as the season goes on. The Cowboys still have all six of their matchups against the pass-defense adverse NFC East remaining as well as good matchups against Jacksonville and Chicago. Romo may even have better numbers as the season goes on and continue to produce for his fantasy owners.

By Scott Ellinwood, Cowboys Correspondent, Sun, Oct 12th 8:29pm EDT

Cowboys QB Tony Romo had a good, but not great, game from a fantasy perspective Dallas earned a Week 6 victory in Seattle. Romo completed 21 of 32 passes for 250 yards and two TDs. More importantly for the Cowboys, Romo didn't throw an interception and delivered in the clutch.

Fantasy Impact: Romo isn't the top tier fantasy starter that he has been at times throughout his career, but he is certainly a capable, low-end QB1 most weeks. Romo and the Cowboys will host the Giants in Week 7.

By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Oct 7th 11:06am EDT

The league leading rushing attack of the Cowboys provides cleaner passing lanes for quarterback Tony Romo. (Source: NBC Sports)

Fantasy Impact: Tony Romo has found success this year by playing off of the strong rushing attack that the Cowboys have created, as he has averaged nearly eight yards per completion and is completing nearly 70% of his passes. He has his second highest QB rating of his career at 98.5 and has eight touchdowns and only two interceptions in the past four games. His back injury is still an issue and he has only thrown for 300 yards once this season, but Romo continues to play within the offense and build value as a secondary option. Romo may not be a top quarterback option, but as long as he plays within the offense and limits mistakes, he will still have value in two-QB leagues or as a bye week option.

By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Thu, Oct 2nd 5:26pm EDT

Tony Romo, as has become tradition here in 2014, missed practice on Wednesday, but missing Wednesday practices have kept him fresh. (Source: Dallas Cowboys)

Fantasy Impact: As noted in the article, Romo has run for 16 and 21 yard sprints in the past two weeks and has been much more mobile in the pocket; this could be a direct result of head coach Jason Garrett giving him days off during the week. Romo has looked crisp this year, without the big passing totals of the past though, and the Cowboys offense has been one of the better ones in the first quarter of the season. Even with DeMarco Murray leading the best rushing attack in football, Romo has been the ninth rated quarterback in terms of QB rating, boosted by the eighth best yards per attempt in the league through four games and a 6:1 TD:INT ratio over the past three weeks. The Week 5 matchup with Houston is a tough one though; Houston is seventh in the league in Opponent QB rating and, although they are near the bottom of the league in sacks, have former Defensive Player of the Year JJ Watt rushing the passer. A lot of the Cowboys game plan will be focused on the run and the play action passing game and Romo may be in the low-200's in passing yards as he manages the game and DeMarco Murray takes advantage of the weak Texans run defense.

By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Mon, Sep 29th 1:51pm EDT

Tony Romo's solid play over the past three weeks has kept the Cowboys rolling. (Source: Dallas Morning News)

Fantasy Impact: With the Cowboys transitioning to more of run-first offense, it is vital for Romo to make the most of his opportunities to throw the ball. Romo has answered the bell in that aspect, as he has completed 75% of his passes in back to back games for the first time since Weeks 7 and 8 of 2007. The past two weeks, Romo has also had a quarterback rating over 115, the first time since Weeks 13 and 14 of 2011 that he has been at that level in back to back weeks. Romo is making the most of his opportunities as the offense changes; he has averaged about 30 attempts per game, down from the 35 passing attempts per game in his career previous to 2014. In fact, in the Cowboys three game winning streak, Romo has been under 30 attempts in each game. For Romo, it is about quality instead of quantity, so he may not be a good QB1 in leagues where there are points per completion, but 6:1 TD:INT ratio over the past three games shows how valuable he still can be in standard leagues. That being said, the Cowboys have an interstate matchup with Houston in Week 5 before going on the road to stingy Seattle in Week 6 and playing rival New York in Week 7, so I would still be hesistant on giving Romo a chance. For Romo owners, his best value may be in the trade market. He may be able to have a good season in the long run, but if there is an owner in your league who is looking for a quarterback, you may be able to get prime value for Romo.

By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Thu, Sep 25th 9:21am EDT

For the second straight Wednesday, Tony Romo does not practice. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Tony Romo had back surgery in December and the Cowboys are being careful to maintain his body through a rigorous NFL schedule. Romo did show good signs of vigor during the Week 3 matchup against St. Louis, as he was not sacked and even had a 16 yard first down run. A lot of Romo's value is derived from his ability to keep plays alive for his accurate arm to shine through. It is well documented that the Cowboys have a mediocre offensive line and if Romo has health issues that slow him down more, his value may plummet quickly. The team is focusing more on DeMarco Murray and the running game, but there may still be weeks where Romo could play as a top-10 QB because he still has a good arm and good weapons. A week 4 matcup against New Orleans is a risky one for Romo owners; the Saints have struggled mightly against the pass thus far in 2014, but Rob Ryan's blitzing schemes and the Saints turnover hungry ways could still cause problems for Romo.

By Chris Zolli, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Sep 23rd 1:02pm EDT

Romo's struggles do not worry owner Jerry Jones. (Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Fantasy Impact: Tony Romo may not be a QB1 in a shallow league, but he is still relevant in deeper leagues or ones with two quarterbacks. His 67.4% completion rate through 3 weeks is only comparable with his injury shortened 2010 season and his yards per completion are nearly in line with the past four years of his career. Fantasy owners should worry about Romo in other ways though; he has the highest INT% of his career with 4.5% of passes ending up intercepted and is on pace for his highest sack total of his career. He also has the lowest QB rating of his career and only has four touchdowns thus far in 2014. As the Cowboys continue to move towards a more run-heavy offense, Romo needs to make the most of his opportunities to maintain his fantasy value.

By Bobby Bunch, Cowboys Correspondent, Thu, Sep 18th 10:40pm EDT

After missing practice Wednesday with tightness in his back, Romo took every snap in Thursday's practice and there is no indication he will be in danger of missing any time in Sunday's tilt with the Rams. (Source: ESPN Dallas)

Fantasy Impact: While it is good news that Romo got back to practice on Thursday, fantasy owners still have little to be excited about. In what was expected to be a bounce-back year for Romo, his performance has not lived up to the hype. In two games, Romo has completed 42 of 66 passes for 457 yards with two touchdowns and three interceptions. Most concerning of all is just watching Romo play. He is struggling with accuracy, decision making, and arm strength, all of which are somewhat important for a quarterback in the NFL. Adding to Romo's decreasing value is the emergence of the Cowboys' running game and the league's leading rusher DeMarco Murray. Although Romo has a favorable match-up Sunday against the Rams, it's best to find an alternative option if possible as the Cowboys' figure to be ahead, which translates to more running plays.

By Nick Vertucci, Cowboys Correspondent, Mon, Sep 8th 7:34am EDT

In the Cowboys opening day Week 1 matchup against the 49ers, Tony Romo completed just 23 passes on 37 attempts for a stat line of 281 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions. (Source: Rotoworld)

Fantasy Impact: We knew going into the season Romo was a late round gamble. Although being drafted late, there is some value to be had throughout the season as the Cowboys have great RB, WR and TE fantasy talent. This was not the case in Week 1 against a stout 49ers defense. What is scary about this is that in the past, we would blame the terrible play of the Cowboys offensive line. After Sunday's performance, we have only Romo to blame. In Week 2, the Cowboys will be at Tennessee, who is coming off a 26-10 win against the Kansas City Chiefs. It is noted that the Titans' defense did pick off Alex Smith three times, while giving up a total of 202 passing yards. Alex Smith is not Tony Romo, but It should be another battle for Romo, his fantasy owners, and the Cowboys. Start looking for a SOS [Strength-of-Schedule] start in place of Romo as a Plan B.

By , Cowboys Correspondent, Mon, Aug 25th 10:44pm EDT

According to Dez Bryant, Tony Romo somehow convinced the Cowboys Coaching Staff to allow him to stay in the game for an extra series against the Miami Dolphins last Saturday night. Bryant was impressed at Romo's desire to stay in the game and get extra reps. (Source: Dallas News)

Fantasy Impact: After the "Big 3" at QB, Romo has as good of a chance as anyone to finish 4th or 5th amongst QBs after it is all said and done. With an ADP of 85/QB12, Romo is a great value this year. However, due to his bad back, be sure to draft a second QB a round or two later to make sure you've covered yourself in case he gets hurt.

By Bobby Bunch, Cowboys Correspondent, Sun, Aug 24th 11:16pm EDT

In the Cowboys third preseason game against the Miami Dolphins, Romo went 10 of 18 for 87 yards but more importantly was sacked 3 times and under constant pressure. (Source: ESPN Dallas)

Fantasy Impact: Romo and potential fantasy owners need his O-line to be the best they have ever been if he is going to get through the season with his surgically-repaired back. There is massive potential for Romo and the Cowboys offense who expect to see plenty of action with a suspect defense on the field. The shaky O-line play is scary, but Romo's current ADP of 12th QB being drafted is too good to pass up, just make sure there is a solid backup option available.

By Bobby Bunch, Cowboys Correspondent, Thu, Aug 21st 11:08pm EDT

Romo returned to practice Thursday after sitting out Wednesday. The Cowboys continue to control the amount of work Romo gets week to week and he says he is ready to go despite the question marks surrounding his surgically repaired back. (Source: ESPN Dallas)

Fantasy Impact: The Cowboys will likely live and die based on Romo's back this season. The good news for fantasy owners is they don't have to live with that burden. His ADP currently sits at 85 (12th QB off the board) meaning there is little risk associated with drafting Romo. There is huge potential for Romo this season with new OC Linehan and the plethora of weapons at his disposal. Because of the low ADP, he is truly a low risk high reward QB even with the back issues.

By Graham Barfield, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Aug 5th 11:02pm EDT

Dallas Cowboys QBs coach Wade Wilson said Tony Romo has been having issues throwing the deep ball since his back surgery in December. (Source: Fort Worth Star Telegram)

Fantasy Impact: "It’s been OK. I think the deeper the ball goes down the field, it’s a little bit more inconsistent," Wade Wilson said. Romo's surgically repaired back is concerning, but it's still very early in the preseason. Romo will sit out the Cowboys first preseason game August 7 against the Chargers and will likely see his first 2014 game action August 16, against the Ravens.

By Bobby Bunch, Cowboys Correspondent, Tue, Jul 29th 10:03pm EDT

Despite VP Stephen Jones proclaiming Romo would practice Tuesday afternoon, the highly debated QB sat out. Team officials claim there has not been a setback and the rest is just to make certain Tony is ready for the upcoming full pad workouts. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Romo's back has been a concern for many this offseason and despite what team officials say, we can't be certain Romo is 100%. His status should be closely monitored until he proves he is fully healthy. Injury problems aside, with all the weapons he has around him, Romo is poised for a big season under Scott Linehan and is a steal at his current ADP of 12th QB off the board.

By Bobby Bunch, Cowboys Correspondent, Wed, Jul 23rd 3:25pm EDT

ESPN Cowboys reporter Todd Archer claims Tony Romo will be a full go at the start of training camp and will participate in all team activities. (Source: ESPN Dallas)

Fantasy Impact: This is great news for Romo's fantasy potential as it shows that last season's back surgery is currently not an issue. With new pass happy OC Scott Linehan in town and a presumably healthy back, Romo is poised for big numbers this year. Stud WR Dez Bryant, 2nd year breakout candidate Terrance Williams, TE Jason Whitten, and versatile RB Demarco Murray provide a much more all-around potent attack than what Linehan ever had to work with in Detroit. Romo is a steal at his current ADP (88 according to FantasyPros), and means redraft participants can load up at other positions while waiting for a potential top 5 QB in the later rounds.

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ESPN | Oct 31st
Tony Romo is missing his third straight day of practice with a back injury and will have to move around before Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals in order to be able to play.
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The Dallas Cowboys don't know if they'll have Tony Romo on the field against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 9. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said the QB needs to show he can move in practice.
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