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By Tom Woods, Jets Correspondent, Sat, May 2nd 5:41pm EDT

The St Louis Rams have traded running back Zac Stacy to the New York Jets in exchange for the 224th overall pick in the draft. Stacy asked to be traded following the Rams' selection of Todd Gurley on Friday night, and the subsequent draft pick was used by St Louis to select Baylor linebacker Bryce Hager. (Source: Pro Football Talk)

Fantasy Impact: Zac Stacy lost his way last season after a stellar rookie campaign, but he has a chance to start over in New York. His main competition for reps will be both Chris Ivory and Stevan Ridley. Stacy has better speed than both backs, however, and so it could turn into a running back by committee with Bilal Powell also in the mix. It is unlikely that Stacy will see enough carries to have significant fantasy impact in 2015, but it could be worth keeping a close eye on him to see if he develops in his new surroundings.


By Rob Nichols, Jets Correspondent, Sat, May 2nd 5:29pm EDT

The Rams have traded running back Zac Stacy to the Jets for a seventh round draft pick.

Fantasy Impact: The Rams fulfilled Stacy's request to be traded after the team drafted Todd Gurley in the first round. After a breakout season in 2013, the Rams drafted Tre Mason in the third round of the 2014 draft, and the rookie took over as the team's starter. With Gurley now in the mix, there appeared to be no room for the former fantasy stud on the depth chart. Stacy will compete with Chris Ivory, Stevan Ridley, and Bilal Powell for a spot in the Jets backfield.


By Brian Tesch, Jets Correspondent, Sat, May 2nd 12:51pm EDT

According to multiple media reports, Zac Stacy has requested to be dealt from St. Louis rather than wait around to see what his role would be in a Rams backfield that also includes Todd Gurley, Tre Mason, and Benny Cunningham. (Source: The Los Angeles Times)

Fantasy Impact: Stacy tweeted, then deleted a simple "yikes" after the drafting of Gurley, which lays out just how he feels about his projected future with the Rams. The former Vanderbilt Commodore/Waiver Wire darling of 2013 was completely phased out of the offense after Week 4 of the 2014 season, and finished out the year with 293 yards on 79 carries. With Dallas openly needing a RB, and teams like Arizona still possibly in the market, Stacy has a glimmer of hope for fantasy relevance in 2015, but don't bet the farm on it.


By Mike Wright, Jets Correspondent, Mon, Nov 10th 10:48pm EST

Zac Stacy did not receive an offensive snap in Sunday's loss to Arizona.

Fantasy Impact: Tre Mason has fully seized the St. Louis RB position with Cunningham taking the 3rd down role. Stacy is likely done for any kind of fantasy value.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Mon, Nov 3rd 4:12pm EST

Zac Stacy did not receive as much as a touch in the Rams' upset win over the 49ers.

Fantasy Impact: If you haven't dropped Stacy yet in fantasy, feel free to do so.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Mon, Oct 27th 1:19pm EDT

Zac Stacy carried the ball 5 times for 17 yards (3.4 YPC) and caught 3 passes for 20 yards in the Rams' 34-7 loss to the Chiefs in week 8.

Fantasy Impact: After a week just playing one snap, Stacy was a member again of a full-blown committee. With rough matchups still on the horizon and 2 other backs to share touches with, Stacy, along with the other Rams' backs, can be safely relegated to the waiver wire.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Thu, Oct 23rd 12:11am EDT

Rams' coach Jeff Fisher said on Monday that the distribution of carries among the running backs will be a week-to-week thing. He mentioned that Stacy could get 25 carries this week. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Fisher is not exactly known as a committee coach, but perhaps he is trying to throw opposing defensive coordinators off...and fantasy footballers. Last week, Stacy started the game, but only played the beginning snap. Tre Mason had the "hot hand", so to speak, and Benny Cunningham was the preferred passing-down back. Stacy has been dropped in many leagues. Just keep watching, and if necessary, pick him back up in case Fisher's words ring true.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Mon, Oct 20th 1:33am EDT

Zac Stacy played one snap in the Rams' 28-26 victory over the Seahawks. He did not touch the ball.

Fantasy Impact: Remember back in the third week of preseason where the Rams started Benny Cunningham over Zac Stacy? Many asked if it was the shape of things to come. It did indeed turn out to be the beginning of the end for Zac Stacy, and about 8 weeks later he is safe to drop in all fantasy leagues. It appears Tre Mason and Benny Cunningham have the Rams' running game locked up.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Sat, Oct 18th 12:17pm EDT

Rams' offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer has confirmed that the Rams will use mulitple backs during games. "Early in the game, we try to get guys multiple touches (and) then we try to go with the hot hand late in the game." (Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Fantasy Impact: What this does is eliminate any fantasy value for all backs in this offense, except maybe Benny Cunningham due to the likelihood of his getting the goal line looks. Zac Stacy is quickly becoming irrelevant in fantasy.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Wed, Oct 15th 7:50pm EDT

Zac Stacy did not practice on Wednesday due to an ankle injury. (Source: Jim Thomas via Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: Last week a calf injury. Now an ankle injury. In between, all of 34 yards from scrimmage. Stacy has been known to get little nicks and dings during the year without major side effects. He still remains a very low-end RB3 approaching RB4 going forward. His upside is severely capped due to the Rams' usage of RB by committee and brutal upcoming schedule. His injuries and general lack of offensive production don't help his cause any.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Wed, Oct 15th 12:05am EDT

Zac Stacy rushed 8 times for 17 yards (2.1 YPC) and caught 2 passes for 17 yards in the Rams' 31-17 loss to the 49ers on Monday night. He only played on 34% of St. Louis' offensive snaps. Tuesday, Coach Jeff Fisher said that Stacy had no physical issues and the team just wanted to use 3 RBs. Fisher confirmed that the team has no problem continuing that rotation. (Source: Jim Thomas via Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: I counted four players running the ball on Monday night. And don't forget Trey Watts who ran it in previous weeks. The new trend in the NFL this year is the 4-headed RB committee monster (just ask Atlanta how that's working out). You probably drafted Stacy in the 2nd or 3rd rounds of your drafts in August, and 6 weeks in we can hear "Stacy's a bust" whispering in the cool winds of October. The 49ers, arguably the best run defense in the league, gave up 94 rushing yards and a touchdown to St. Louis running backs. Not a bad day if you have a bell-cow, but divide that 4 ways and you have a mess. Stacy's next 6 games are just brutal. He's better parked on benches until this mess straightens out, if it ever does.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Fri, Oct 10th 11:27pm EDT

Zac Stacy returned to a full practice on Friday. (Source: Nick Wagoner via Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: While this is good news, it still doesn't change my mind about Stacy being anything more than a low range flex play against the 49ers. If you have to play him then do so unless you have better alternatives. The matchup is brutal and he'll be sharing time with Cunningham and Watts.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Thu, Oct 9th 8:04pm EDT

Zac Stacy did not participate in practice on Thursday. (Source: Nick Wagoner via Twitter)

Fantasy Impact: This was expected, per Jeff Fisher's comments earlier this week. Even though Stacy has an extra day to get ready for the Rams' Monday night tilt, a RB with a leg injury playing in a timeshare against the defense giving up the least amount of points to running backs so far this season is not a successful formula. Stacy is worth nothing more than a flex play at best this week, and if you can find better options, use them. One of them might very well be his fellow Ram, Benny Cunningham, as the Rams will have to throw against the 49ers and Cunningham appears to be the preferred passing down back.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Tue, Oct 7th 1:39pm EDT

Zac Stacy ran for 42 yards on 11 carries (3.82 YPC) and caught 4 balls for 36 yards in the Rams' 34-28 loss to Philadelphia. In the third quarter, Stacy coughed up a fumble and injured his calf on the same play. He did not return, and was only in the game on 39% of the snaps. (Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Fantasy Impact: Coach Jeff Fisher is hopeful that Stacy will be available for next Monday night's tilt at home with San Francisco but has said he will miss some practice time. Several aspects are troubling here...a RB who is clearly not a featured back with a lower leg injury going up against a defense giving up the fewest fantasy points to RBs on a Monday night. In this scenario, Stacy cannot be treated as much more than a FLEX option, and a shaky one at best. I am currently looking for better flex options and so should you, as Stacy's schedule is brutal over the next few weeks. The identity of this team is also shifting towards a more pass-friendly approach, and even though Stacy does catch passes, Benny Cunningham is the team's preferred passing down back.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Tue, Sep 23rd 11:55pm EDT

Rams' RB Zac Stacy carried 12 times for 67 yards (5.6 YPC) and added 5 grabs on 6 targets for an additional 54 yards in the Rams' 34-31 loss to Dallas.

Fantasy Impact: Clearly Stacy's best effort of the year so far, he found clear running lanes and exploited them for good gains as his YPC shows. Stacy was also involved in the passing game early, and got the goal line looks on the first drive of the game. He couldn't convert though, and as such, the next time they were close to the goal, they used Cunningham and passed the ball into the end zone. St. Louis used a 3 headed committee and Stacy was out for much of the second quarter, so even though he was vultured out of 58 yards, he looked quite spry and fresh even in the fourth quarter. Continue to be wary of Stacy's usage after the Rams come back from their week 4 bye, but he remains a solid RB2 looking for his second touchdown of the year against Philadelphia in week 5.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Wed, Sep 17th 3:16am EDT

Zac Stacy carried 19 times for 71 yards (3.7 YPC), scoring one touchdown in the first quarter, and fumbling once in the Rams' second game of the year against Tampa Bay.

Fantasy Impact: Stacy ran with decisiveness and power in this matchup and got the goal line touch that produced the touchdown. The Rams appear to be leaning away from their committee approach, as Benny Cunningham got 6 carries to Stacy's 19. A rhythm developed, and positive results ensued. St. Louis takes on Dallas in week 3 and their top 10 (in fantasy points allowed) run defense. Stacy will be an RB2 for next Sunday's tilt at home.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Mon, Sep 8th 1:35am EDT

Zac Stacy ran 11 times for 43 yards (3.9 YPC) and caught 1 of 2 passes thrown his way for 8 yards in the Rams' home opener against the Minnesota Vikings.

Fantasy Impact: Though Stacy started the game and the second half, Benny Cunningham and Tavon Austin were also used out of the backfield. In fact, Cunningham matched Stacy's 51 total yards from scrimmage. Sounds like a committee to me. Until the Rams get their passing game and defense fixed, their run game will be doomed and Stacy won't be able to live up to the RB1/RB2 status he was drafted as. At this point look at him as a mid-to-low end RB2 or even flex at best.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Sat, Sep 6th 12:45pm EDT

Rams' RB coach Ben Sirmans said that he wouldn’t be surprised if Stacy took the first snaps when the Rams open the season Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings. “We have guys who can complement Zac. And push him. It’s as talented and competitive a bunch as I’ve coached, and each guy seems to bring a little something different to the table. So depending on the situation, any one of these guys could be called on." (Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Fantasy Impact: Stacy's ECR on Fantasy Pros has dropped from 10 to 12 on what is becoming a very muddied picture in the St. Louis backfield for fantasy owners. While Jeff Fisher has historically used one back, the words coming out of St. Louis seem to indicate the exact opposite. Stacy did not have the most stellar of preseasons, so maybe the words are meant to send a message to Stacy to start ramping up his performance. Or maybe they're trying to throw the Minnesota defensive coordinator and his game planning off. One thing's for sure...fantasy owners are becoming more confused and more skittish about the player they largely drafted to be an every-down high-level RB2 in the 2nd or 3rd rounds of their drafts this fall, and rightfully so. The best advice is to watch Stacy's usage carefully on Sunday, handcuff with Benny Cunningham now if at all possible, and make adjustments to your lineups accordingly as the weeks progress. My guess is that if Stacy has a big game this week, this talk will die down.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Fri, Sep 5th 12:31pm EDT

Nick Wagoner advises that Rams' general manager Les Snead said on local radio this week that he expects the offense to go with the "hot hand" in a given week at running back. (Source: ESPN)

Fantasy Impact: Uh oh. Whether this is just talk to throw off defensive coordinators remains to be seen. As a fantasy owner, if you own Stacy you absolutely MUST handcuff him with Benny Cunningham. It still appears easy to do so as Cunningham largely goes undrafted in a 12-team format and can still be found on waiver wires. Cunningham will have a role which will eat somehow, someway into Stacy's potential RB1 status. You can't trust St. Louis to stick with one back at this point.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Fri, Aug 29th 12:36am EDT

Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch reports that Benny Cunningham has been the best Rams RB on the field this preseason and is challenging Zac Stacy for playing time this coming season. (Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Fantasy Impact: If you're taking Stacy in the second or third rounds of your 12 team draft, consider handcuffing him with Cunningham in the last round given that he virtually goes undrafted. That way you're protected against the fallout, whatever it may be.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Sun, Aug 24th 12:37am EDT

After tonight's victory over the Browns, Rams coach Jeff Fisher said, "We just gave [Cunningham] a chance to run behind the first offensive line. We know what Zac can do." (Source: Nick Wagoner)

Fantasy Impact: Really? Is Fisher another coach who likes to play with fake footballers' minds? If you're to believe Fisher, read nothing into this. Stacy is the starter, Cunningham the backup. Given that Cunningham has been twice as productive as Stacy in the preseason, I would be happier if Stacy's ADP were a round lower. As is, he is going in the 3rd round in most 12 league drafts, so take your chances...Stacy may or may not be the "bell-cow" we've been led to believe.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Sat, Aug 16th 5:30pm EDT

Zac Stacy rushed 6 times for 6 yards and caught one pass for 10 yards in the Rams' second preseason game against Green Bay.

Fantasy Impact: The Packers' defensive line was consistently winning in the trenches against the Rams' offensive line who were without two of their starters for this game. The good news is Stacy mostly stayed in the game on third downs except on pass plays when they substituted in Benny Cunningham. For right now, keep considering Stacy a RB2 for your mock and real fantasy drafts as the Rams continue to work on their offensive line.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Sat, Aug 2nd 7:54pm EDT

Rams head coach Jeff Fisher said, "We're going to be a run-oriented football team." (Source:

Fantasy Impact: Jeff Fisher may be getting his wish to be fielding a run-first team and what appears to be a high-powered defense. If you can't beat Seattle, then join them and beat them at their own game. With Benny Cunningham and Tre Mason considerably behind Zac Stacy in the pecking order, a big season from the sophomore back is definitely not out of the question.


By B.J. O'Rourke, Jets Correspondent, Mon, Jul 28th 9:57pm EDT

Chris Wesseling of reports that Zac Stacy is the clear favorite for the Rams' RB job as Coach Jeff Fisher has referred to third-round draft pick Tre Mason as a "change-of-pace" back. (Source:

Fantasy Impact: It doesn't look as though Stacy will have much competition for the running back job in St. Louis in 2014. Stacy was the bellcow in the games he started in the second half of last season, and barring injury, that should continue. With talk of Tre Mason taking away carries, Stacy's stock has been falling of late, which might make him a very good value as a mid-to-high end RB2.


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