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Who Should I Start in Week 1?

by dave
Sep 8, 2011

Finally, the day has come. Week 1 of the NFL starts tonight with the past two Super Bowl Champs facing off. Could the fantasy football nation ask for a better way to kick off the season than Rodgers, Brees and Kid Rock all going at it?
Week 1 also means we need to stop thinking about how good or bad our drafts turned out and start thinking about the three things that you need to do effectively during the season
1. Make accurate start/sit decisions.
2. Acquire (and let go of) the right players.
3. Avoid injuries and suspensions.
I don’t think we can help with #3, but we hope to be a reliable source of assistance for the first two items. For #2, we’ll be introducing some new features soon that we think you’ll really dig. Meanwhile, I’d highly recommend checking out a tool called Pickemfirst. It’s a browser-based product that imports your teams from all the major league management services (Yahoo, ESPN, CBS,, etc.). Once downloaded, you can surf any fantasy website and actually see which players are taken or available in your league. They do this by marking up the page with little icons that denote the players you own and those that are free agents. The best way to know if you’ll like it is to just try it (yep, it’s free). Full disclosure: We liked their team and technology enough to partner with them on a new product we’ll be releasing soon. Stay tuned!
As for making accurate lineup decisions, long time fans of FantasyPros are very familiar with the tool that created a lot of buzz for us last year. It’s not our accuracy scores, or our cheat sheet wizard, or even our consensus rankings (sorry, I couldn’t resist the list); it’s our Who Should I Start? tool, otherwise known as FAST (Fantasy Advice Search Tool). This little device instantly gives you every expert’s opinion about your specific start/sit dilemma.
Let’s take tonight’s game as an example. I doubt anyone is trying to decide between starting Brees and Rodgers, but how about one of these decisions:
Should I start Mark Ingram or Pierre Thomas tonight?
Should I start James Starks or Ryan Grant tonight?
Should I start Pierre Thomas or James Starks tonight?
Should I start Ryan Grant or Mark Ingram tonight?
OK, you get the picture. Get every expert’s opinion in a nano second, for every possible heads up lineup decision you need to make. We even provide detailed Rank data so you can see how confident each expert is (the larger the gap, the more confident), and player notes from experts to provide some of the insight behind their rankings. We think the tool is pretty sweet. We hope you do too.
Enjoy the game tonight everyone!

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