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Buy or Sell Allen Robinson?

Nov 15, 2016

Allen Robinson

How should owners handle Allen Robinson after his solid two-week stretch?

There were few fantasy owners who were as excited as I was when Allen Robinson scored that TD against Kansas City. There were even fewer fantasy owners who were as excited as I was when Robinson went over 100 yards and posted his best game this season against Houston! Robinson owners who have stuck with him despite his rough stretch of games are finally starting to see daylight. This, of course, begs the question of what do we do with him now?

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There is a bunch of evidence that suggests that now is the time to sell Robinson. For one, we’ve seen how low the floor for Robinson really is when Bortles is struggling and not connecting with him on those deep passes that we saw all last season. In case you were wondering, last season Robinson had 31 receptions for 20+ yards and this season he has a measly five. Robinson also has the worst ranked WR schedule for ROS including matchups against Denver, Minnesota, and Houston in Weeks 13-15. This is definitely a cause for concern.

But fear not, friends! I’m sticking with Robinson, and I’ll tell you why. Allen Robinson may not be living up to his expectations from last season, but he is still performing decently and is on the upswing. Compare Robinson’s stats from last season and this season up until Week 11 and you’ll see that Robinson is only about 200 yards and 2 TDs behind this season from where he was last season. Now, I realize that’s roughly 32 fantasy points depending on your scoring system, but Robinson finished last season with 1,400 receiving yards and 14 TDs, and the majority came in the second half of the season.

Another reason that I’m sticking with Robinson is because he is averaging 10.4 targets per game which ranks 5th amongst all WRs. This means that if Bortles even fixes his game a little bit, then Robinson will be the main beneficiary. Oh, and one of those “tough” matchups that Robinson has later this season is against Houston who Robinson just dominated for nine receptions, 107 yards and a TD.

Here comes the BIGGEST reason that I’m sticking with Robinson. Since the Jaguars have hired their new OC Nathaniel Hackett, Robinson has had 16 receptions for 183 yards and two TDs. This is a great sign for a struggling Bortles and Jaguars offense. All these things combined make it tough for me to part ways with the potential of Robinson, and what I expect to be a second-half resurgence.

Ultimately, the choice is yours on what to do with Robinson, but I’m staying in the flames and hanging on to him. If you can buy-low on Robinson, and I mean low, then go ahead and do it without breaking the bank. However, to all my fellow Robinson owners, ride this one out and he’ll help you win your league championship!

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Jonathan Stone is a correspondent at FantasyPros. To read more from Jonathan, check out his archive or follow him @JEStone904.

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