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2020 Fantasy Football Rankings: Most Accurate Experts

2020 Fantasy Football Rankings: Most Accurate Experts
camera2020 Fantasy Football Rankings: Most Accurate Experts

Above all else, one question dominates fantasy football managers’ minds as they head into their weekly matchups: Who should I start? Ultimately, each fantasy manager makes his or her own decision before kickoff, but almost none do it alone. Instead, they often do hours of research, poring over as much news and information as they can find to try to gain an edge.

And, of course, they consult expert rankings.

At FantasyPros, we want to provide you with the most information to help you make the best decisions for your fantasy team, and part of that is showing you which experts have been the most accurate with their rankings. To be among the most accurate experts among 140-plus in even a single week is an accomplishment. To be among the most accurate experts after a full season is, to put it plainly, a remarkable achievement.

With the 2020 fantasy football season now closed, and the accuracy results finalized, the full accuracy leaderboard (150+ experts) is available. Here are the 10 most accurate season-long experts:

*View full list of 150+ experts

Each of the analysts listed above had an incredible 2020 season. To finish as one of the most accurate experts in the industry over the course of a full season requires not only excellence but consistent excellence. In a year full of uncertainty in the NFL, these analysts offered some stability with their repeatedly on-target fantasy rankings every week.

But what makes their achievement even more impressive was that this was the first appearance on the final top-10 most accurate experts list for exactly ZERO of these analysts. Not one. Each one of them has been here at least once before.

That, of course, begins with 2020s most accurate expert, Pat Fitzmaurice (The Football Girl). Fitzmaurice has been one of the most consistent rankers in the game for more than a decade, having never finished outside the top-21 since the competition began in 2009, and finishing second twice. That’s to say nothing of his record in the draft accuracy competition, where he finished second in 2019. He was consistent in every position: 1st at quarterback, 3rd at running back, 25th at wide receiver, and 15th at tight end, and he topped off his year by finishing 11th in Week 16. After a decade-plus of consistency, Fitzmaurice finally climbed the mountain this year and deserves all of the many accolades that he is sure to receive.

Although Fitzmaurice may have been 2020’s most accurate in-season ranker, he had stiff competition. Indeed, the next four finishers, Nathan Jahnke (Pro Football Focus), Joe Bond (Fantasy Six Pack), John Paulsen (, and Justin Boone (theScore), were each among the top-five most accurate experts last year, too! As the cherry on their 2020 accuracy sundaes, Jahnke and Bond finished 1st and 2nd in accuracy for Week 16, surely guiding their readers to championships.

As consistent as Fitzmaurice, Jahnke, and Bond have been, few can match Paulsen’s and Boone’s sustained level of success. This is Paulsen’s 11th year competing in the accuracy competition, and it is the ninth time he has finished as one of the six most-accurate rankers. His only two finishes beyond the top six were 12th in 2018 and 16th in 2013, two results that put him among the elite in those seasons.

And, of course, although Boone wasn’t quite able to pull off the repeat for the season’s most accurate expert, he nevertheless completed his fourth straight top-five finish. Boone has never finished outside the top-11 and remains one of the most accurate experts in the competition year-in and year-out.

The other top-10 finishers may not have quite yet seen Paulsen’s and Boone’s level of consistency, but they’re not far off.  Jeff Ratcliffe (FTN) not only finished within the top-10 for the second straight year, but it’s his sixth top-10 finish in the eight years that he has been in the accuracy competition. And he has never finished outside the top-15.

Patrick Thorman (Establish the Run) moved into the top-10 back in 2018 and appears to have no intention of leaving. He has finished sixth, 10th, and now eighth in the last three seasons, not to mention two other top-six finishes on his ledger. Andy Holloway (The Fantasy Footballers) has finished in the top-11 in four straight seasons, Kevin Hanson (EDSFootball) has six top-20 finishes, including third back in 2011, and Jared Smola (Draft Sharks) finished third overall as recently as 2018.

In short, each of this year’s most-accurate experts wasn’t just at the top of his game this year, but he has been there for several years. If you follow any of these experts on Twitter or subscribe to his content, you’re setting yourself up for fantasy football success.

Congratulations to everyone in the top 10 and the year-long positional accuracy champions:

Quarterbacks: Pat Fitzmaurice (The Football Girl)
Running Backs: Jared Smola (Draft Sharks)
Wide Receivers: Sean Koerner (The Action Network)
Tight Ends: Chris Raybon (The Action Network)
Kickers: Ben Wasley (The Fantasy First Down)
D/ST: Nick Mariano (RotoBaller)
IDP: Ryan Sitzmann (The IDP Guru)

We’ll be back again next season with a new competition to track the most accurate predictions. Until then, be sure to check out BettingPros to help with your post-fantasy football decisions.

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